Sunday, August 13, 2017

Open House 2017

Friday night we headed up to school for Open House!
Our family is SO VERY EXCITED that the Lord saw fit for us to return to the school that we were originally a part of. Last year the Lord led us away and we became a part of a new school community never thinking we would be back! It was a bittersweet time for us, but as time went on we committed to make the best of the time the Lord gave us at our new school. However, after a very CrAzY summer with several unknowns for our family, we were finally able to make the last minute decision to return! My heart was SO full walking through those halls! Seeing so many familiar faces made my heart so happy!
Jake will start 3rd grade (the grade I taught there for 3 years)! He was hoping to be in my old classroom, but is right down the hall:)
His teacher is new this year, but we know her a bit already from playing sports with her family. She is returning to the classroom after several years on the mission field. I am hoping she is able to share lots of cool stories with the kids from her time overseas!
Jake already knew several kids in his class and will definitely be a champ in third grade! I am SO excited for what is in store for him this year!
Brooklyn will be in 1st grade this year! She is in for such a fantastic year! We have known her teacher for years and she is such a special person to our family. Jake had her back in 1st grade, so we already know about the sweet year that is ahead! She is one lucky girl to be in this class!
We love being a part of a school that partners with us as we lead our family to Christ!
We are looking forward to a WONDERFUL school year ahead!

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