Thursday, August 10, 2017

A Sweet and Soggy Day In Belmont

These last few days of our summer break have been a bit dreary, but we have tried to make the best of it and have as much fun as possible!
Despite some drizzle, we headed up to Belmont the other day to do some exploring and to make a few fun stops!
We definitely wanted to check out this "sweet" place!
Everywhere you turned there was something sweet to see! It was like Willy Wonka's Factory!
I'd have to say Jake's favorite treat is a good ol' piece of bubblegum!
This giant machine was pretty cool to see! The factory actually had to remove the window pane just to get in inside the store!
 This girl loved filling up her bucket with a few treats!
Since we did drive to the Cotton Candy Factory we had to get some to try!
There were actually twenty-five different cotton candy flavors already made, but we wanted to try to make our very own! We chose to make blue raspberry!
We were all going to share our treat, but Parker pretty much ate the entire thing all by himself!
 After we finished up at the Cotton Candy Factory we visited Goat Island Park. I have been wanting to visit this park since it opened and even though it was soggy, we really enjoyed it!
There is a really neat playground that is made up of a bunch of different rope courses!
The kids loved it!
 As we were heading back to the car, Brooklyn spied a special rock. This is a really big thing in our area right now. People paint rocks and hide them around the area for others to find. If you find one, you rehide it for someone else to find!
We took it back with us and will find the perfect spot to put it!

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