Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The Sunflower Challenge

Towards the end of Brooklyn's school year, her class did a unit study on plants! They learned all about what plants need to grow and how plants provide food for people and animals. They did several hands-on experiments and even received a take home assignment too...
Brooklyn was challenged to grow her own sunflower from a tiny seed to a blooming plant at home! It was all part of the "Earth's Birthday Project's Sunflower Challenge". We both knew exactly who we needed to help us with this dad! He was more than willing to help us with her fun homework assignment!
Several weeks have gone by since we first planted the seeds and little by little her sunflowers grew! Every time we stopped by for a visit Brooklyn would check on her sunflowers! She had several that took off and some grew close to eleven feet tall!
We took her picture by one of the flowers and we will be sending it off to Santa Fe, New Mexico! She is supposed to receive a special surprise in the mail for participating!
It was such a fun project for her to do and something extra special that she did with her Puppa!

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