Tuesday, July 25, 2017

A Summer Week at Surfside Beach 2017

We just got back from our annual family vacation to Surfside Beach!
This was our 28th year making memories at this beach! I can't imagine a summer without a visit!
(This year we were lucky enough to see a huge rainbow over the entire ocean! It was gorgeous!) 
Every year is much of the same...sun, sand, swimming and lots and lots of smiles! That's what makes it so great! We have lots of sweet and simple traditions that were started years and years ago and we love experiencing them every summer!
Here's just a bit of what our week looked like...
Jake loves the beach! I love watching him just doing his beach thing!
He got a new boogie board last summer and couldn't wait to pull it out again. 
He rode so many waves that by the end of the week Matt had to duct tape it together to get him through!
He also tried a little skim boarding. This is still super tricky for him, but I LOVE watching him try!
And my dad brought his metal detector again this year, so Jake spent some time one afternoon treasure hunting up and down the beach!
Brooklyn is a beach bum too! She played hard all week and was completely worn out by the end!
Her eyes were red and her cheeks were sun kissed!
She spent some of her beach time playing in the sand...
but really LOVED the ocean this year!
She spent hours in the ocean each day and had fun boogie boarding too!
 I have to say though, her most favorite part of vacation is just playing with her cousins!
She loves to be with them and they all just have the best time together! So glad they are not only cousins, but the very best of friends!
Parker played hard all day long and slept hard each night! He was also worn out by the end of the week from all of his beach fun!
He got a gift card for his birthday that he had been saving so that he could buy a boogie board for the beach this year! He couldn't wait to try that thing out! 
(Love that big grin!)
Parker definitely wanted to keep up with the big boys!
I really had to watch him out in the ocean! He wanted to go as far out as he could to catch the biggest wave out there! Once he would ride one into shore, he would run back out for more!
When he wasn't in the ocean, he had fun digging in the sand. My brother Steve would dig a DEEP hole for the kids to jump and play in and Parker would hide out in there and play for a good long time!
Parker also loved hunting for shark teeth! He found a couple this year and thought that was so cool!
I have to say though he always loves to catch minnows! 
That's probably his most favorite beach activity! 
The boys love to see how many minnows can be caught during the day!
My sweet Emery did such a great job this week! She was so sweet each day on the beach! We only took her in one afternoon for a nap! She was a beach champ!
She loved to splash in the ocean, find angel wings with Al, and play in the deep hole!
Her fun sandy shoes...
The best thing though was watching this girl boogie board!
After watching the big kids for several days, she decided that it was her turn to ride! She took her board out and after a few tries she turned into the boogie board queen! She just kept going back for more and more!
She honestly couldn't get enough!
She did not want my help and kept telling me to move so that she could get ready for the waves!
I think she's a beach bum like the rest of us!
We usually get to the beach each morning around nine and stay out until supper time! It's an all day event for our crew! Everyone can enjoy the ocean, the shady umbrellas, or pool as much as they want!
My kids love the pool just as much as they love the ocean!

They are such good swimmers and got even better throughout the week...especially Emery!

There is always plenty to keep everyone busy throughout the day! Because there are so many of us, there is always someone around to play with!

And there is always a good game of cornhole, spike ball, or bocce ball going on...
Of course we took a few silly photos!
Our bucket picture...
And this is a favorite...
After a FULL day on the beach, everyone is content to just stay close to the condo each night.
We only make one exception when we head to the Yum Yum Shop for ice cream...
and to the pier to shark watch...
(We saw LOTS of sharks this year! Yikes!)
It's such a wonderful week and a very special summer stop for us! The memories made and the time spent with each other are true treasures for sure!

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