Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The Sunflower Challenge

Towards the end of Brooklyn's school year, her class did a unit study on plants! They learned all about what plants need to grow and how plants provide food for people and animals. They did several hands-on experiments and even received a take home assignment too...
Brooklyn was challenged to grow her own sunflower from a tiny seed to a blooming plant at home! It was all part of the "Earth's Birthday Project's Sunflower Challenge". We both knew exactly who we needed to help us with this dad! He was more than willing to help us with her fun homework assignment!
Several weeks have gone by since we first planted the seeds and little by little her sunflowers grew! Every time we stopped by for a visit Brooklyn would check on her sunflowers! She had several that took off and some grew close to eleven feet tall!
We took her picture by one of the flowers and we will be sending it off to Santa Fe, New Mexico! She is supposed to receive a special surprise in the mail for participating!
It was such a fun project for her to do and something extra special that she did with her Puppa!

Monday, July 10, 2017

Cousin Camp 2017

This past Friday we held our 3rd Annual Cousin Camp! This has become a summer highlight and something we look forward to each and every year! We love to be together and make memories that will last a lifetime!
We began Cousin Camp a bit different this year. I thought it would be fun for us to find a place to do a service project together. I ended up getting in touch with the gentleman that runs the food pantry at our church and he was so excited to put our cousin crew to work!
We helped Mr. Charlie clear out the pantry and get things organized. Then we divided the kids up and each cousin had a station to work.
We ended up filling over one hundred bags full of food to help feed the people in and around our community!
It was the perfect service project for us to do and I loved that every cousin (biggest to littlest) could participate! It was my most favorite part of camp!
After we finished up at the food pantry, we headed to Mimi's for a picnic lunch! We filled our bellies and then got ready for some CrAzY FuN!
We started this year's game time with the tricky lifesaver challenge...
Each player placed a toothpick in their mouth and had to pass their lifesaver down the line of cousins!
After all of the lifesavers were eaten up, each cousin got a Fruit by the Foot. On the whistle, each player raced to open their wrapper and eat their treat without using their hands:)
Then we moved things to the "Big Backyard"!
We pulled out the parachute for a bit...
And then did a few relay races with watermelons...

Then things got a little bit messy!!!
Each cousin had to try and open a banana...using only their feet!
And everyone always loves getting Mimi and Grandma in on the action!
This year everyone got a few spoonfuls of chocolate pudding to either catapult or paint on Mimi and Grandma! 
They are such good sports and the kids think this is THE BEST EVER!
We finished up game time with a few water games...
 Each cousin had a t-shirt frozen and then had to race to thaw it out anyway they could and be the first to put it on! I think Brooklyn might have been the winner for this game!
The grand finale was SO MUCH FUN!
The cousins weren't quite sure why we had a kiddie pool filled with water...until we brought out LIVE minnows and dumped them in it!
It was boys vs. girls as they raced to catch as many as they could with their hands!
This game was so much fun, and while the minnow count was close, I think the boys pulled out the WIN!
We finished up camp with a favorite summer treat of ours...
and some refreshing pool time...

My kids are lucky to have MANY cousins! We are so thankful that some of them live close by and that we can have a full day of summer fun together!
We hope that more cousins will be added throughout the years and that Cousin Camp will be a tradition that we can celebrate for many summers to come!

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Red, White, and Blue!

I love the 4th of July and to make things even better this year we were able to celebrate my brother's graduation from Boot Camp! He is now officially a Marine! We are so proud of him and are so thankful that he is here with us to celebrate for a few days before heading out again!
We started out our day with our town's annual parade!
I LOVE taking the kids each year and making sweet memories with them!
We always get there early to set things up and then we wait until the parade makes its way down to us!
We sit with so many of our friends which makes things so much more fun!
It was a hot morning, so as soon as the parade wrapped up we headed home to grab our suits and head over to my parents for some pool time and a cookout!
We always love our time together! We had a wonderful afternoon filled with swimming, cooking out, playing games and doing sparklers (in between rain showers)!
We finished up the evening by heading down the street for the fireworks show!
We are thankful for our freedom and for a wonderful day to celebrate it!