Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Summer Lake Life...

The kids and I went to Ramsey Creek Beach last week. We made a stop there last year and knew we wanted to visit again this summer too! We like to go before everyone gets out of school because it is way less crowded. We picked a BEAUTIFUL day to visit! The sun was shining and the water felt SO nice! I absolutely LOVE the lake!
The kids swam for hours!
We were the first ones in the water and the last ones out at the end of the day!
We only took a little break to eat our lunch!
We packed a picnic lunch to enjoy on the beach and then got right back in the water!
Parker swam SO hard! He hardly got out of the water the entire time!
His favorite thing to do was to try and catch the fish that were swimming by his feet:)
Emery did great too! She wore her floaties a little bit, but enjoyed swimming without them too! 
She thought it was fun to see the fishies in the water too! There were lots of them:)
I love the lake life! Ramsey Creek is one of my most favorite summer stops!
So glad we had a fun (and sun filled) day!

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