Monday, June 19, 2017

A Homerun Father's Day

The kids and I decided to give Matt a very special gift for Father's Day this year!
We found out that the Kannapolis Intimidators were doing a Father's Day promotion for the game and we knew that our baseball loving dad would love to participate!
We had to arrive extra early for our fun (and VERY HOT) day at the fields...
While everything was getting set up and ready for the dads, we got to hang out on the field and in the team's dugout!

Finally, the time came for the fun to begin!
Matt got to take some batting practice on the field! The hitting coach for the Intimidators pitched to him. Matt did really great! It was fun to watch him hit!
We had fun cheering him on!
After Matt hit several balls, the kids got to join him on the field and play catch with him!
We wrapped up our time on the field and headed back upstairs for some lunch, autographs,
and to watch the game...
All three big kids caught foul balls and Parker even scored us a free pizza!
We had a GREAT day celebrating such a GREAT daddy!
I am so thankful for Matt and the daddy that he is to the kids!
I love having a day that we can love on him and celebrate all he is to us!
He loves us so well and works so hard to provide for us! I don't know how he does all that he does! He is a one of a kind dad and we are so thankful that he is ours!
My kids are lucky to have him as their daddy!
We love you, Matt and we hope you know just how much!

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