Friday, June 9, 2017

A Cool Summer Day at Dan Nicholas Park...

Our summer plans had to be a bit flexible this week. The week started out rainy, so some of our water plans had to be made for other days. The end of the week was gorgeous and even a little on the cooler side!
Since it was so pleasant outside, the kids and I went to Dan Nicholas Park. This is such a fun place! It is super cheap and has something for everyone! I feel like it's a little hidden gem in our area!
We did SO many FUN activities!
My sweet Emery was SO excited to ride the carousal! She had such a sweet smile on her face the entire time!
She actually leaned over and told me that she should have worn her "yeehaw boots"! Ha! I guess she was feeling like a cowgirl on that horse!
There are also so many animals to see at the park!
We thought this alligator was pretty cool, but not quite as cool as the REAL one on the other side of this fence:)
Here is Parker checking out his wing span!
We finished up our day mining for gems!
I think this was my kids favorite part of the day! We bought one big bucket and everyone found tons of special treasures!
Our day ended on the super fun playground right before it got too hot!
The kids ran and climbed and until they were spent! 
Another summer day having fun!!!

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