Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Getting Summer Started at ImaginOn...

While I LOVE getting out of school a few weeks before everyone else, it's a bit tricky filling our time because most summer activities haven't kicked up yet. I am having to be a bit creative this week!
Yesterday I took my kids to ImaginOn. It's one of our most favorite (free) places to visit and it was a great way to start off our first (gloomy) day of summer!
They have a new Tinkertoy exhibit, so we thought we would check it out...
Of course there is plenty to do there to keep everyone busy and happy for a while...

After we explored the library for a bit, we headed across the street to First Ward Park for an outside story time and scavenger hunt.
We finished up our morning with a picnic snack by the fountains!
It was the perfect morning to ease us into SUMMER!

Monday, May 29, 2017

The Last Day of School!

Last Friday my big kids finished up their school year! We have been counting down for weeks and we finally made it to SUMMER TIME! 
Brooklyn finished up her kindergarten year and loved every minute of it! She learned so much! She started the year not knowing how to read and can now read SO MANY books! She made sweet friends and just SOARED each day! Her teacher was AMAZING and one of our favorites! She loved Brooklyn and helped her to grow in so many areas this year. It was fun to watch!
On the last day of school several awards were given out and my Brooklyn made me proud! She not only received a PERFECT ATTENDANCE award but also received an Art Award. Her art will be on display over the summer at the local library! 
And while both of those were great, my favorite by far was when her name was called to receive the Citizenship Award! This is a HUGE award to receive! Only one boy and one girl receive it from each class and MY GIRL got it! This award is given to someone who is always ready to learn, displays kindness in the classroom, is a sweet friend to others, is obedient in the classroom and who is overall a wonderful student role model! WOW! What an achievement!
Jake just wrapped up his second grade year! It was fun to see him go through this year since I have taught second grade it the past! Jake really enjoyed being in Mrs. W class. He always tried to please her and make her laugh:) Mrs. W taught Jake so much this year. He has beautiful cursive writing because of her and has fallen in love with reading even more. She made time each day to read to the class and Jake would come home and check out the books from our local library just so he could read ahead! Ha! She planned some fantastic field trips and made learning fun with many hands on activities!
Jake was sad to hear that she won't be coming back to teach next year. 
He will miss seeing her in the hallways!
This year has been a growing year for us all as we worked though the transition of attending a new school. We had days we loved it and other days that were just hard. We have slowly met new friends and are continually working on getting plugged in to a new school community!
We continue to trust that the Lord has great things for our family!
As soon as school let out on Friday, we were ready to start our SUMMER!
We found a fun little restaurant to eat lunch at and then stopped at the creamery for a little treat!

This girl has been a trooper over the past few weeks! We have been so busy and she has just gone with the flow! She got her very own chocolate ice cream and loved every bite of it!
Happy summer to US!

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Parker Graduates and Celebrates!

After two very sweet preschool years, my Parker is officially a graduate!
This year in particular I have seen so much growth in him and much of it has to do with his AMAZING teacher, Mrs. B. She loved my Parker and would gently push Parker to become the best little boy he could be! She actually won teacher of the year and there is no doubt why! 
Thursday evening we headed to the preschool for the BIG night! 
We heard sweet songs and got a glimpse into his preschool days.
Each class lined up and got ready for their name to be called!
My Parker did so good! Being on stage is NOT his thing, but he did his best to hold back his tears and we even saw a few smiles:)
We are SO proud of Parker! 
We had fun cheering him on as he grew and learned so much this year!
We were excited to share the night with Grandparents...

We can't believe how fast he is growing up!
I LOVE this boy of mine and am thankful that he is not going off to Kindergarten quite yet!
We get one more year together! I know it will be a very special year for us!
The party continued the next morning with a picnic at the park! We didn't get to stay long because we had SO much going on to wrap up the school year, but we dropped in long enough for one more hug (and picture) from Mrs. B!
So long preschool...TK here we come!!!

Friday, May 26, 2017

More of our May...

May has continued to move very fast!
I am behind on our May happenings, so I will try to catch up!
Matt and I celebrated our 11th anniversary last weekend and I wanted to remember our special day! We had a date night Friday night and enjoyed our time together. It is so hard to make "us" a priority with all of the things we have going on, but I am always so glad whenever we do! I am thankful for him and all that he does for our family!
My sweet baby girl got a "Big Girl" bed last weekend! She has been ready for a while, but we needed to buy a mattress before we were able to get things all set up for her. She has done so great and hasn't gotten out of her bed at all! She is getting so big and I am not sure how I feel about that:)
Parker finished up preschool this week! It hasn't set in yet that I won't be making the trip to preschool next year! I LOVE the preschool years! Parker has grown so much this year! Mrs. B has been so good for him! She encourages him to be all that he can be and she does it in such a sweet and gentle manner! She is one of the best and I am so thankful for the year that he has spent with her!
Brooklyn finished up her last week of kindergarten by having a luau/beach theme day!
 She was really looking forward to dressing up for this day! She was ready to PaRtY!
Mrs. F has made this year so fun! We will miss her!
Jake had his end of year party yesterday after school to celebrate his second grade year!
They were having a carnival style party and it was AMAZING!
 They had all of the fair food that you could think of, several carnival games to play, and even a DUNK TANK (which all of the boys loved)!
Mrs. W also gave out awards to her students. Jake received the "Helpfulness Award".
I am so proud of my boy and all that he has learned this year!
It was a GRAND ending to Jake's second grade year! 

Saturday, May 20, 2017

A Little Field Day Competition...

Yesterday my big kids had a BLAST at their school's field day!
All students in grades K-8 were divided up into teams for some fun competitions! Teams earned points as they rotated around several different stations and at the end of the morning, the big winner was announced!
Jake was placed on the Light Blue team!
And Sis was on the White team!
Jake was such a good teammate! 
He played hard and had so much fun competing with and against his friends!
 His team actually placed second out of all of the teams there!
Sis enjoyed her morning as well! I loved watching her compete in her first field day!
She jumped right in and helped her team to several victories!
It was a beautiful morning to be outside cheering my kiddos on!
They played hard, cheered loud, got soaked with LOTS of water 
(and at times, looked very silly doing it all:)
It was a fun day coming together as a school community and celebrating a wonderful school year!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Making A Mess!

My kids have just a few more school days left before summer and we can't wait!
My Brooklyn is finishing up her Kindergarten year and it has been SO GOOD! She has grown so much and has learned so many new things! It's been fun to see her SOAR this year!
This week she celebrated the end of the school year with a "Messy Day Party"! 
Everyone met at the local park and enjoyed a fun day together.
 There was finger painting...
And a pie eating contest...
(Brooklyn doesn't even like whipped cream, but she dove right in this time! 
She did not want to disappoint her team! She was such a good sport!)
Even Parker got in on the action...
Since they were a bit sticky, a few water games cleaned everyone up and cooled everyone off...
Once everyone had rotated through all of the stations, Mrs. F passed out some very "sweet" awards to the class.
Sissy received the "Almond Joy" award for being a joyful learner everyday!
 I loved spending the morning with my girl! I am proud of all that she has done this year!
Watch our FIRST she comes!!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Parker's Preschool Water Day!!!

Today was preschool water day! One of the best days of the school year!
It was HOT and SUNNY... and just perfect for getting WET!!!
There were several water stations all set up around the field for the kids to play at!

Emery joined in on the fun! She absolutely LOVED it!
She can't wait until it is officially her turn to go to preschool!

After everyone played for a while, we were ready for some lunch!
We found some shade and all the little ones filled their bellies with a McDonald's lunch!
Our fun day ended with a special sweet treat to cool off with!
Everyone got to pick their favorite treat to enjoy!
Water day means that summer is JUST around the corner!!! We can't wait!!!