Sunday, April 30, 2017

The Little Things of April...

I can't believe how fast April has flown by! It was a month full of fun and anticipation for summer's arrival! In between some of our BIG April fun, we had days that were just spent having fun close to the house.
Here's a peek at some of our April Days...
We were finally able to get back to art class! Mrs. Kathie took a few months off to care for her husband, but she is back and we are LOVING being in her home again for class! It's one of our most favorite after school activities ever!!! She even insisted that Parker join in on the fun now, so he started class last week too! He of course LOVED it!

And this is happening in just a few short weeks...
Even though he is not headed off to kindergarten quite yet, his sweet preschool days are coming to an end. He is growing up so fast! This boy will be FIVE in just a few days (and we can't wait to party)!

I surprised the little ones the other day with a trip to Sweet Frogs!
I found out that they were giving away FREE ice cream to all the little ones that dressed up like superheroes!
Ice cream...loaded with sprinkles and gummy worms...for lunch? Yes, please!!!!
Matt and Jake camped out at church the other night! It has become an annual event for our church and is always a big hit! These boys set up their tent and got ready for a fun night with some great friends!
While the boys did their camping thing... Brooklyn and I had a little girl time! We met up with friends for supper and then enjoyed seeing the play Cinderella together! These girlfriends of ours are some of the BEST! Emily is a true treasure and I am so thankful for her! She is a true friend and I just love that we can be ourselves around each other! We laugh with each other and sometime at each other;) She would do anything for me and is just the kindest person ever! I am thankful for the blessing that she is to me!
(And I just love that our girls have each other and are sweet friends too!)
We finished up April on the ball fields watching our favorite player in action...
Jake's team is still going strong! They haven't lost a game yet and each player is getting better each week! Go Diamondbacks!

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Spring Break at the Zoo!

After spending a few days at home recovering from the GWL, we were ready to have some fun as we wrapped up this years spring break.
Something about spring break always makes me want to visit the zoo, so that's just what we did!
We went to the Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia, SC.
Our family was given zoo passes for Christmas and I am so excited to put them to good use over the next year!
I had not been to this particular zoo in a while and SO much has changed! It was amazing!!!
They of course had all of our favorite animals...
But, they have also added Sea Lion Landing which was SO fun to see...
 And there is now a splash pad to get wet in and an entire children's garden area to explore!
We got to the zoo just after it opened.
We walked around for a bit and then found a shady place to picnic.
Then we went back in for round two:)
We cooled off in the splash pad and saw the last few areas of animals.
We hate to see our spring break come to an end, but only 25 more days of school and then we will be enjoying FULL TIME SUMMER!!!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

A BIG Spring Break Surprise!

We just got back from a very special SURPRISE get away to the Great Wolf Lodge...
I don't usually like to travel over spring break, so this was the perfect place to go!
It's pretty much in our backyard:)
It's been several years since we visited and we were SO excited to go back!
We checked in on Monday afternoon and got busy exploring the lodge...
There is SO much to see and do!
Of course we couldn't wait to hit the water park! It is AMAZING!
We actually wore our bathing suits to check in so we could "dive" right into the fun!
We rode water slides, got buckets of water dumped on us, and played in the wave pool (probably the favorite of my kids)!
Crossing the lily pads is always a challenge...
but these two did great!
We swam and played for several hours until we got hungry for supper! We ate a quick dinner up in our room and then went back for round two!
After we finished up for the night at the water park we decided to do a little pajama bowling where Sissy walked away with the WIN!
Since it was getting late, we headed back up to the room for a good night sleep...we had another big day of fun ahead of us!
We woke up Tuesday morning and ate a YUMMY breakfast at "The Loose Moose Cottage"!
It was so good!
Look at my little wolf pup:)
We wanted to get to the water park right when it opened so we could get right to the fun...
We played for several more hours until we just needed a break. 
We actually headed home to rest for a bit and then took the three big kids back (while my mom watched Emery). We wanted to finish our time with as many water rides as we could squeeze in (and Emery was just a bit too little to keep up)!
It was a wonderful and memory filled get away! No one wanted to leave:)
But...more fun is coming up as we continue to enjoy our break!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

He Is Risen Indeed!!!

This past Sunday was Easter! I love so many things about Easter! I love that we have such a wonderful reason to celebrate such a special day! Jesus rose from the dead and HE IS ALIVE! 
Thankful for the HOPE that He gives us!
Our family began the day with going to church! We worshiped with our friends and family and it was a wonderful time together.
After church we headed to my parents house to enjoy a late lunch...

While lunch was getting ready...the cousins had fun hunting for all of the eggs that Mimi hid around the yard! 
They filled their baskets once again with plenty of Easter treats:)
It was a BEAUTIFUL day to celebrate the Resurrection! 
~Happy Easter 2017~

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Our Visit to the National Whitewater Center

Friday was the first day of our spring break and we didn't waste anytime time finding something fun to do! We went on a new adventure and had one of the best days ever!
We met some friends up at the National Whitewater Center and is was AMAZING!
We really just planned to do lots of exploring since this was our first visit.
We ended up finding PLENTY to do to keep all of us busy and happy for several hours!

We found a really cool (free) obstacle course for the kids to do...

There was a ropes course right at the beginning, which was one of the best parts...

Parts of it were a bit challenging...
but everyone made it though!

We also found an area just for kids with lots of climbing rocks...

My favorite part of the day was just walking on some of the trails and watching all of the boats (and kayaks) rafting (and sometimes tipping) down the rapids...
I could have stayed ALL day!
It was definitely a fantastic way to kick off our break!

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Easter Parties!

This week Emery and I were BUSY running from Easter party to Easter party!
Our first stop was on Wednesday for Jake's!
His class enjoyed an egg hunt and then had fun playing some silly games...
(I see some cheating going on...)
 and doing a few egg relays...
Then on Thursday we celebrated first thing in the morning with Sis!
Her class also had an egg hunt...
They played a few games outside and then headed in for some Easter crafting (Brooklyn's favorite)!
They also had several Easter themed centers for the kids to rotate through...
Her Easter celebration finished with a picnic lunch outside!
After we ate a bit with Sis, Emery and I scooted to Parker's preschool party...
We made it just in time to see his egg hunt...
And have (the rest of our) picnic lunch with him!
Look at these sweet bunny cookies that were made for dessert:)
As soon as he finished up, we raced back to the school to hear the big kids sing in their school's Easter program! They did a wonderful job! I love hearing them sing about our RISEN SAVIOR!
So thankful for a school that celebrates the Resurrection! 
Now, we are ready for a much needed SPRING BREAK!