Saturday, March 4, 2017

A Field Trippin' Kind of Week

This week both of my big kids had school field trips!
Matt took the day off of work and joined Sis on her field trip! They were off to enjoy a day at Discovery Place together! One of our favorite places!
 They enjoyed several of the exhibits that we normally get to see....
But also got to participate in a teaching time and learn all about rain forests!
They loved their special time together and even stopped for a pizza lunch on the way home!
I got to join Jake on his class field trip later on in the week. We went to a really cool place that I have been wanting to visit! It is called Atomz Lab. It's a fun science place!
It is not a very big place, but it is definitely packed with TONS of science fun!
The kids learned SO much from the instructor and then got to participate in many hands on science activities! They loved it!
It was definitely a fun week of learning! 

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