Friday, February 24, 2017

Winter Break Blues and the Rest of our Week...

My kids just finished up with their winter break. They had a few days off of school and I had some fun things planned. However, that ALL changed when Jake started to not feel good last Thursday night! He was sick for several days and hardly moved off the couch! He had a low fever, but was achy and just miserable. He finally perked up Monday night and was much better Tuesday. He was able to complete his make up work from school and was finally able to return to class yesterday! 
I think he was ready to go back:)
 Everyone was finally back to their regular routines! 
Parker had an exciting day at preschool yesterday! It was his Trike-A-Thon!
 Each preschooler was asked to bring their bike and helmet to school and enjoy riding around a super cool course! Emery and I had fun cheering him on as he rode:)
Our week ended with a lunch stop at the big kids school. The little ones and I volunteered for lunch duty this week so that means a FUN lunch time for us all! It's always a treat to get to see them in the middle of a school day:)
After school, since the weather was AMAZING, we made a stop at a new park not too far from the school! It was a beautiful afternoon to be outside!
So glad that the weekend is HERE!

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