Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Hugs, Kisses and Valentine Wishes

We had lots of Valentine fun around here! Last Monday the little ones and I hosted a play date for the moms in my SS class. We invited any mom with little ones at home for a morning of Valentine crafts, books, and sweet treats! We had such a great time together and I was able to meet some of the newer moms in our class!
Then yesterday we had a BUSY day! Emery and I started off by heading to Parker's preschool class to celebrate Valentine's Day. I signed up to be the party mom for this celebration and it was a "lovely" time:) We played games, passed out valentines, enjoyed a pizza lunch and read some valentine books!
LOVE my Parker!
My timing worked out just perfect because as soon as we left there, we headed straight for the big kids school! 
I popped in Jake's class for just a second. They were having fun snacking and playing games! We headed to Sissy's class next where I jumped in and helped them play a sweetheart relay game!
The kinders made some fun valentine crafts and enjoyed some snacks too!
It is also spirit week at their school which has added even more craziness to our week! Ha!
On Monday these two dressed up like Batman and Robin!
(Last night Matt and I got them all registered for school next year! 
I can't believe they will be in first and third! Wow!)
Matt and I didn't really do too much for valentine's day. He brought me home some pink roses and we enjoyed a nice family dinner together:) We watched a favorite show of ours on t.v and just enjoyed being together! Thankful for my man and the love that he shows me! I'm a lucky girl!

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