Sunday, January 29, 2017

January Days...

January has just been moving right along. We have had some busy days and then some days to just enjoy some BEAUTIFUL weather right here at the house!
Here is a little of what we have been up to...
I took the kids to Discovery Place a few weeks ago. We hadn't been in a while, so it was fun to visit!
We have also been to a few Charlotte basketball games. We have been able to use some tickets that belong to friends of ours. The tickets are on the second row and we get to enjoy a free dinner before the game! We have had so much fun taking the kids!
Last week I took the little ones for a swim at Ray's! 
Swimming in January is such a treat! We miss our hot summer pool days!
This girl went down this slide no less than a hundred times! Ha!
We were all SO exhausted after our time in the water! Whew!
We have had some BEAUTIFUL weather here lately which means lots of outside time!
Emery got a new bike a few weeks ago and she took right off on it! She rides it around the cul de sac like a pro! She seems too little to be riding a bike, but off she goes!
Brooklyn got a new bike for Christmas and has FINALLY learned to ride with no training wheels!
I worked with her a few days and now she is all over the place! So proud of my girl!
Anytime these two don't have to wear their uniforms to school, they are EXTRA happy!
Friday they were able to show some spirit and wear their favorite college t-shirt!
A fun way to end the week:)
February is looking to be super busy! Can't wait to share!

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