Saturday, December 30, 2017

The Best Things of Christmas

One of the best parts of Christmas was seeing my brother! He was able to get away for a few days and we loved getting to spend time with him!
Matt treated him to the Panther's game on Sunday afternoon! They had great seats and had a fun time cheering the Panther's to a big win!
While they were at the game, I took the kids to the Christmas Eve service at church.
Here is my sweet Emery at the service! She was so sweet holding her candle!
Monday morning my kids were up just before 6! This was actually the first year that they woke up really early! Usually Matt and I are waiting on them:)
It was hard to get pics of Christmas morning because they were so excited and they were moving so quickly...but here are a few to help me remember the day!
Jake didn't ask for many specific things, so he had a bunch of surprises! He still loves Dude Perfect, so this t-shirt was pretty cool! He also got the games Clue and Stratego (we have played both a ton already) and new video game to enjoy.
Brooklyn really wanted a Polaroid camera! She was thrilled to find this one under the tree for her! She also got a mermaid tail blanket, a new softball bag, and a few girlie gifts like make-up and nail stickers:)
Parker didn't have a long Christmas wish list either, but he ended up getting some special things! He got Monopoly Jr., batting gloves, police handcuffs, and some new Charlotte Hornets gear!
Emery LOVED opening her gifts! She would tear one open and then be ready for the next!
She wanted two special things from Santa this year and she got both! She really wanted a new baby doll stroller and a Barbie fishing pole! She also got a Peppa Pig puzzle and art book and a new seek and find book:)
We also got the kids a few family gifts for us to enjoy throughout the year! 
Can't wait to cash those in!
After we unwrapped everything we got ready for Poppa and Memaw to come over. We always have them over for Christmas breakfast.
We exchanged gifts, ate breakfast, played games, and built a gingerbread house together!
"Christmas is the Son of God expressing the love of God to save us from the wrath of God so we could enjoy the presence of God."
-John Piper

Merry Christmas 2017

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Christmas Eve Joy!

Christmas Eve is when my entire family gathers together to celebrate Christmas!
We always go to my parents house and enjoy appetizers after the Christmas Eve service at church.
Another tradition that we've had for a LONG time:)
 There is always so much joy, excitement, and anticipation throughout the night!
The little ones can't wait to get into all of the gifts, so as soon as everyone is finished eating, the party moves upstairs where the real Christmas chaos begins:)
We try to keep some sense of order, but sometimes things get a bit CrAzY! Ha!
Several gifts this year were already preparing us for the beach!
These brand new boogie boards will most definitely be put to good use by these boys this summer!
After all of the gifts are opened, we move back downstairs for cookies! We always have a lot of Christmas cookies, but this year we had TONS!
(Both my mom and I love to bake! We both have our favorites that we like to make!)
When everyone has had their fill of Christmas treats, we begin to pack up to head home!
The cousins change into their Christmas jammies, so they can go straight to bed and Santa can stop by to make his deliveries!
It's such a FUN night spent together making Christmas memories:)
We LOVE Christmas time!!!

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Last week the kids and I signed up to help serve with the Salvation Army and ring the bell at our local grocery store! I thought this would be a fun and simple way that we could help others and have some Christmas fun! We had never done this before, but had a fun time and got lots of donations in the short time we were there!
Thursday night we got together at my parents house for a special Christmas surprise!
Santa was stopping by for a visit!
Everyone got a chance to have a quick chat with him and to let him know exactly what was on their wish list this year!
My big kids were so excited to see him, but Emery was not! She held me so tight and DID NOT want to sit on his lap:) She kept her distance, but did let him know what was on her wish list:)
(Jake says that Santa is a mystery and that he is 50/50 on it this year:)

Friday afternoon we met back up with our cousins for our annual cookie baking day!
 Mimi makes the cookies and all her little "elves" help her decorate them!
 Red and green frosting is always piled high on each cookie and sprinkles are everywhere, but it is such a sweet Christmas tradition that we have had for MANY years now (since I was a little girl)!
Such a great day being together and getting ready for Christmas Eve night!

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Christmas Around Town

Tuesday the kids and I were busy doing Christmas! We started off the day at the Rec Center. I signed the little ones up for a Christmas party and since the big ones were out of school, they got to come too! They crafted, heard stories, ate Christmas treats and visited with Santa!
(Emery was NOT to sure about him!)
 Then we headed downtown to do some Christmas exploring! Since my sister lives downtown now, she showed us all around!
Our first stop was the Singing Bears!
 Then we took a peek at the giant gingerbread house at the Ritz Carlton:)
We walked on over to Romere Bearden park...
 and took a walk through the Charlotte Christmas Village!
We did LOTS of walking (on a 70 degree December day)! 
It was so much fun exploring our downtown during Christmas!

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Christmas This and Christmas That!

December has been filled with all things Christmas!
A few weeks ago the kids performed in our church's Christmas program called "Christmas in Snowflake County". They did an amazing job! I was so proud of them!
It's a BIG kids choir and we loved being a part!
My sweet boy, Parker, had been practicing for several weeks with the preschool choir to sing right before the big kids performed. When the big night came though, he just couldn't make it through. He had the biggest tears rolling down his face and came off the stage to sit with us. Poor Parker;)
Jake and Sis had Christmas/Grandparents chapel at their school a few weeks ago. It was a BEAUTIFUL service and I am so glad we had lots of special company able to join us.
After the kids got out of school for Christmas break, we took them to see "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever". We saw it last year and loved it so much that we wanted to see it again! And it was just as good this time:) It was a fun night spent downtown!
We have enjoyed a few Christmas parties as well! Matt and I got to go to a GRAND one on Saturday night! I didn't get any pics, but the family that hosted was expecting 400 guests in their home! We always love going and we get to catch up with some great friends of ours:)
Monday night we were invited to Ms. Kathie's for a Christmas Arty Party! 
We love Ms. Kathie and are so thankful for the blessing that she is to our family!
We still have lots more Christmas fun to go this week!

Friday, December 15, 2017

Christmas Party Time!

Our house is officially on CHRISTMAS BREAK!
The kids dismissed at noon today after everyone had their fill of Christmas parties!
Brooklyn had her sweet party yesterday! It was a true celebration honoring Jesus and his special birthday!
They started out with a birthday lunch...
And then the class played some games and crafted together!
One of the best things about Christmas in first grade is that each student memorizes Luke 2:8-14! 
I am SO proud of my girl and LOVE listening to her recite it! The true meaning of Christmas has been hidden in her heart!
Jake partied with his class this morning. He got to enjoy a chick-fil-a breakfast with his buddies and then they played some silly Christmas games together!
 It was a CrAzY fun morning celebrating with all the third graders:)
We have a TON of Christmas fun to fit in over these next few day!
I am so glad my big kids are now home with me to celebrate with! It's the best time of the year!

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Party Time in the SNOW!

This weekend Brooklyn celebrated her 7th birthday with some of her best friends and cousins!
She wanted to have an "Arty Party", so that's just what we did!
We made some of the cutest crafts! I didn't get any pics because I was SO BUSY helping all of the little girls put theirs together! Whew!
After we crafted a while, we enjoyed some yummy snacks which included pink snowflake donuts...the birthday girl's special request:)

And this girl couldn't wait to open her gifts!
She has some of the sweetest friends and they were so kind to give her all sorts of fun treasures!
These were just some of the sweet girls that came to celebrate! 
Some left before we snapped this picture.
And one of the BEST parts of the day was that it was SNOWING on party day 
(even though you can't tell from the picture:)
We don't usually see snow flurries this time of year, but it made a special day even more special!
It was the PERFECT party for my girl! She loved being with her friends and celebrating her GOLDEN DAY with them!
Happy 7th Birthday, Brooklyn!

Friday, December 8, 2017


Yesterday my sweet Brooklyn turned SEVEN! It was an EXTRA SPECIAL birthday because it was her GOLDEN BIRTHDAY! She turned seven on December 7th!
Matt took the day off of work because we had a very special day planned:)
We joined her for some Christmas activities at school in the morning and then got to go back and have lunch with her. She got to order from the "snack shack" which is a big deal when you're in first grade:) She had a pizza lunch and then we brought some cookies to share with her classmates!
As soon as the school day was done we raced home and got ready for a big birthday night out!
We had early dinner reservations at Nellie's Southern Kitchen in Belmont. We had never been to this restaurant before, but heard good things, so we thought we should try it out! They have live music in the evenings and they were so kind to sing a special version of "Happy Birthday" just for my girl!
After we finished supper, we drove right down the road to enjoy our most favorite Christmas tradition...Christmas Town, USA! Matt and I had our first date here 18 years ago and we have been every year since! It is so fun bringing the kids here and listening to their Christmas excitement! So magical!
As soon as we finished walking the streets, we packed back up and headed home!
It was such a special day for my girl and we LOVED celebrating her!

Happy GOLDEN Birthday to a very special SEVEN year old!
You have such a kind heart and are a precious friend to so many! I am so grateful you are OURS!
You are loved more than you know and we hope you had a sweet, sweet day!