Monday, June 19, 2017

A Homerun Father's Day

The kids and I decided to give Matt a very special gift for Father's Day this year!
We found out that the Kannapolis Intimidators were doing a Father's Day promotion for the game and we knew that our baseball loving dad would love to participate!
We had to arrive extra early for our fun (and VERY HOT) day at the fields...
While everything was getting set up and ready for the dads, we got to hang out on the field and in the team's dugout!

Finally, the time came for the fun to begin!
Matt got to take some batting practice on the field! The hitting coach for the Intimidators pitched to him. Matt did really great! It was fun to watch him hit!
We had fun cheering him on!
After Matt hit several balls, the kids got to join him on the field and play catch with him!
We wrapped up our time on the field and headed back upstairs for some lunch, autographs,
and to watch the game...
All three big kids caught foul balls and Parker even scored us a free pizza!
We had a GREAT day celebrating such a GREAT daddy!
I am so thankful for Matt and the daddy that he is to the kids!
I love having a day that we can love on him and celebrate all he is to us!
He loves us so well and works so hard to provide for us! I don't know how he does all that he does! He is a one of a kind dad and we are so thankful that he is ours!
My kids are lucky to have him as their daddy!
We love you, Matt and we hope you know just how much!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Swimming POOLooza!

This week we have pretty much stayed close to the house. My van was in the shop for a few days, so we spent several hours at the pool each afternoon since we couldn't go too far! Easy summer fun!
Our neighborhood pool is usually pretty quiet, so we usually have the pool to ourselves!
My kids are great swimmers and are already getting stronger...especially Parker!
Emery LOVES to swim with the big kids. She loves to jump in the water and loves it when she is allowed to go to the deep end! Swimming wears this girl OUT! By the end of the day, she can barely hold her eyes open! Ha!
We have loved our week in the water!

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Summer Lake Life...

The kids and I went to Ramsey Creek Beach last week. We made a stop there last year and knew we wanted to visit again this summer too! We like to go before everyone gets out of school because it is way less crowded. We picked a BEAUTIFUL day to visit! The sun was shining and the water felt SO nice! I absolutely LOVE the lake!
The kids swam for hours!
We were the first ones in the water and the last ones out at the end of the day!
We only took a little break to eat our lunch!
We packed a picnic lunch to enjoy on the beach and then got right back in the water!
Parker swam SO hard! He hardly got out of the water the entire time!
His favorite thing to do was to try and catch the fish that were swimming by his feet:)
Emery did great too! She wore her floaties a little bit, but enjoyed swimming without them too! 
She thought it was fun to see the fishies in the water too! There were lots of them:)
I love the lake life! Ramsey Creek is one of my most favorite summer stops!
So glad we had a fun (and sun filled) day!

Monday, June 12, 2017

Baseball Champs!

Jake just finished up a GREAT season of coach pitch baseball!
I LOVED watching my big boy play ball! He loves to play all sports, but this one is his best (and my most favorite to watch)!
 He started off the year playing first base, but then moved to pitcher where he played so well!
They only lost one game this season and then began tournament games this past week. They played for the CHAMPIONSHIP this past Saturday! They played the undefeated team and after six nail biting innings, the Diamondbacks pulled out the BIG WIN and became CHAMPIONS! (19-15)
He had some very special coaches this year...
his Daddy and his Poppa!
What a great season, Diamondbacks!
Congratulations on being CHAMPIONS!

Friday, June 9, 2017

A Cool Summer Day at Dan Nicholas Park...

Our summer plans had to be a bit flexible this week. The week started out rainy, so some of our water plans had to be made for other days. The end of the week was gorgeous and even a little on the cooler side!
Since it was so pleasant outside, the kids and I went to Dan Nicholas Park. This is such a fun place! It is super cheap and has something for everyone! I feel like it's a little hidden gem in our area!
We did SO many FUN activities!
My sweet Emery was SO excited to ride the carousal! She had such a sweet smile on her face the entire time!
She actually leaned over and told me that she should have worn her "yeehaw boots"! Ha! I guess she was feeling like a cowgirl on that horse!
There are also so many animals to see at the park!
We thought this alligator was pretty cool, but not quite as cool as the REAL one on the other side of this fence:)
Here is Parker checking out his wing span!
We finished up our day mining for gems!
I think this was my kids favorite part of the day! We bought one big bucket and everyone found tons of special treasures!
Our day ended on the super fun playground right before it got too hot!
The kids ran and climbed and until they were spent! 
Another summer day having fun!!!

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Summer On...

We have tried to stay busy these last few days. With our pool having some crazy hours this year, we have tried to be out and about having fun since we can't be there as much as we would like to be!
Here's what we have gotten into...
We found a new park to explore last week. It was a bit of a drive, but totally worth it, especially for the little ones! It had a great playground and a mini splash pad to cool off in...
We also went strawberry picking (for the 3rd time this season) with some friends of ours. Strawberry season is just about over, but we filled one last bucket FULL of fresh berries! SO YUMMY!
Friday was National Donut Day, so of course we CeLeBrAtEd by going to KK for our FREE treat!
Saturday we were out at the ballfields as this boy played in his last regular season game. 
We cheered loud and LOVED watching him play! 
His tournament games begin this week! 
We hope to make it to the CHAMPIONSHIP! Let's Go Diamond Backs!

We have TONS of summer fun coming up this week (hopefully the weather will cooperate)! 
Can't wait to share about what we get into!

Friday, June 2, 2017

Believe It or Not!

This week the kids and I spent an afternoon up at Discovery Place!
We really wanted to see the new Ripley's Believe It or Not exhibit!
We saw SO many cool things! It is totally worth checking out! I don't want to spoil it if you go, but here are a few of our favorite displays:)
Here is a picture of Einstein made out of TOAST!
And a robot made out of car parts...
Sis thought is was pretty cool to sit in this set of jaws...
Parker thought this giant chair was pretty fun AND he touched dinosaur poop:)
But our most favorite display was seeing the tallest man ever! He was 8' 11"!
After we finished up the Ripley's exhibit, we enjoyed the rest of the museum and did several of our favorite activities!
The Air Chair...
And of course the Bed of Nails!
We had a great time and pretty much had the museum to ourselves!
We are loving our summer afternoons!

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Getting Summer Started at ImaginOn...

While I LOVE getting out of school a few weeks before everyone else, it's a bit tricky filling our time because most summer activities haven't kicked up yet. I am having to be a bit creative this week!
Yesterday I took my kids to ImaginOn. It's one of our most favorite (free) places to visit and it was a great way to start off our first (gloomy) day of summer!
They have a new Tinkertoy exhibit, so we thought we would check it out...
Of course there is plenty to do there to keep everyone busy and happy for a while...

After we explored the library for a bit, we headed across the street to First Ward Park for an outside story time and scavenger hunt.
We finished up our morning with a picnic snack by the fountains!
It was the perfect morning to ease us into SUMMER!

Monday, May 29, 2017

The Last Day of School!

Last Friday my big kids finished up their school year! We have been counting down for weeks and we finally made it to SUMMER TIME! 
Brooklyn finished up her kindergarten year and loved every minute of it! She learned so much! She started the year not knowing how to read and can now read SO MANY books! She made sweet friends and just SOARED each day! Her teacher was AMAZING and one of our favorites! She loved Brooklyn and helped her to grow in so many areas this year. It was fun to watch!
On the last day of school several awards were given out and my Brooklyn made me proud! She not only received a PERFECT ATTENDANCE award but also received an Art Award. Her art will be on display over the summer at the local library! 
And while both of those were great, my favorite by far was when her name was called to receive the Citizenship Award! This is a HUGE award to receive! Only one boy and one girl receive it from each class and MY GIRL got it! This award is given to someone who is always ready to learn, displays kindness in the classroom, is a sweet friend to others, is obedient in the classroom and who is overall a wonderful student role model! WOW! What an achievement!
Jake just wrapped up his second grade year! It was fun to see him go through this year since I have taught second grade it the past! Jake really enjoyed being in Mrs. W class. He always tried to please her and make her laugh:) Mrs. W taught Jake so much this year. He has beautiful cursive writing because of her and has fallen in love with reading even more. She made time each day to read to the class and Jake would come home and check out the books from our local library just so he could read ahead! Ha! She planned some fantastic field trips and made learning fun with many hands on activities!
Jake was sad to hear that she won't be coming back to teach next year. 
He will miss seeing her in the hallways!
This year has been a growing year for us all as we worked though the transition of attending a new school. We had days we loved it and other days that were just hard. We have slowly met new friends and are continually working on getting plugged in to a new school community!
We continue to trust that the Lord has great things for our family!
As soon as school let out on Friday, we were ready to start our SUMMER!
We found a fun little restaurant to eat lunch at and then stopped at the creamery for a little treat!

This girl has been a trooper over the past few weeks! We have been so busy and she has just gone with the flow! She got her very own chocolate ice cream and loved every bite of it!
Happy summer to US!