Friday, August 26, 2016

Cleaning Up Preschool!

Earlier this week Parker and I (and Emery) went to the preschool to get it all cleaned up and ready for the year! I always love taking the kids to help out! It gives them a chance to see some old preschool friends and hopefully gets them excited to head back to such a fun place!
We pulled tons of weeds, cleared out all of the big sticks and washed off and sorted toys!
Parker was such a big help!
I am so ready for this boy to head back to school! I LOVE the preschool years and can't wait to watch him learn and grow!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

School Check Ups

This post is pretty much just for me to have so I can keep track of how my kiddos are growing!
Brooklyn had to have a kindergarten check up before she started school. She was a bit nervous because she knew that she was going to have to get a shot:(

Brooklyn weighed 46.2 lbs. (70%)
 She was 46.25" tall (85%).
Dr. B came in and did a full check up. Her hearing and vision were awesome and she is right on track for where she needs to be. She is looking good and totally ready for kindergarten!
Parker also needed a four year check up for preschool this year.
He was SUPER shy, but did just fine:)
He was 43 lbs. (90%) and was 43.5" (92%) tall !
 He was THRILLED he didn't have to get any shots during his visit;)
Now we are all set and ready for a great school year!
Thankful for healthy and growing kids!

Friday, August 19, 2016

First Days...

Well, this week meant BIG changes for us! Jake started SECOND grade and my Brooklyn went off to KINDERGARTEN! Our family made a change in schools this year and while we know we are exactly where we are supposed to be, the days leading up to this week were hard. There were lots of tears (mainly from me!) but after we got through the first few days, we are very excited about what is ahead for our family. God is so good!
I was most nervous for my Jake, but he was very brave on the first day. Matt and I walked him to his class and after a giant hug goodbye (and a little "jitter juice" from his teacher), we left him to have a great day! 
His teacher is so sweet and after meeting her at Open House, I can tell we are really going to like her. I really like the way she does things! She also loves science and has some fun field trips planned!
I have prayed and prayed for her as she invests in my Jake this year! I know they will have a great year together!
This girl is SO ready to tackle kindergarten! I am so excited for her and all the ways that she will learn and grow this year! I know that she is plenty ready, but I will miss this girl more than she knows (and Parker will miss her too)!
Last week was Brooklyn's Open House. She got to meet her teacher, Mrs. F! I observed the school a few months ago and I was SO impressed with Mrs. F. I was thrilled when we found out we got her!
Then on Thursday she went to school for the first day! Mrs. F met her at the door and helped her get her things organized! She was ready for a great first day! No tears from this girl, just a few butterflies in her tummy:)
Watch out kindergarten here she comes!!!
I love these two so much and I am so proud of them both! I miss them each day while they are gone, but know they are in good hands! Thankful to have found a wonderful school to partner with us as we lead our family towards Christ!
Here's to a wonderful school year ahead!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Good Bye Summer 2016

Well, all of our summer days have dwindled away! We have LOVED every minute of them and are so sad to see them go! We have definitely been busy getting ready for school (more on that later), but not so busy to miss out on the last bit of summer fun! Before I start posting about heading back to school, I have to share what we did as we wrapped up summer 2016!
These last few days brought some last minute summer smiles! Oh what fun we've had!
We visited the water park again...
We enjoyed soaking up some summer sun at our neighborhood pool...
We have LOVED watching the Olympics these last few weeks!
This boy is such a good swimmer and has really had fun watching Michael Phelps this year! When we go to the pool now, you can find him swimming laps! Maybe a future Olympian???
And for our summer finale, we made a visit to Cane Creek Park!
Matt took the day off of work which made our day extra special!
The kids played on the playgrounds...
Did some fishing (and caught several fish)!
Played a round of mini golf...
Where this girl scored a HOLE IN ONE!
We enjoyed having the day together as a family celebrating such a wonderful SUMMER!
We are so grateful for a summer FILLED with sweet memories!
A new school adventure beings for us tomorrow and we are looking forward to a wonderful Christ centered year!

So long summer 2016!

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Hello Florida!

Last week our crew loaded up the car again and headed south to visit our Florida family!
We haven't seen them in a really long time and wanted to make time this summer for a visit!
It was such a great trip! We squeezed in tons of fun and were completely exhausted by the end!
We started off our trip by heading to Tampa to visit Jimmy, Kelly and their kids!
We enjoyed going to church with them on Sunday and then doing some swimming in their neighborhood pool.
On Monday we headed to Pass-a-Grille Beach. It was absolutely gorgeous!
We had never been to the Gulf before, so it was a real treat!
Since there are not many waves (it's like a giant pool!), the kids enjoyed just floating and swimming around!
Parker and I had fun finding sand dollars!
The little ones enjoyed playing in the sand...
After a fun day in the sun, we decided to stop for a treat!
No one seemed to mind having ice cream for dinner!
The day didn't end there though...
The boys decided to get tickets to the Tampa Bay Rays game!
They had a GREAT time, but had a very late night! Whew!
Tuesday we decided to have another water day! Best way to stay cool in Florida!
We found a splash pad to take the kids to!
There was a shady park right near it, so the kids ran back and forth for several hours!
The boys brought their fishing poles and did a little fishing too!
Wednesday was one of the BEST days of our vacation!

It was the day that EVERYONE was meeting at Lake Santa Fe to spend some time together! Such a special day!
This boy LOVED his time there! I don't think this smile left his face the entire day!
He absolutely LOVED riding the jet ski!
This girl LOVED riding it too! 
We also got to do some tubing...
 I even took Emery on the tube. She was very unsure, but Matt went slow and she did great!
We did lots of swimming in the lake and had fun jumping off the dock:)
And of course the day wouldn't be complete without a little fishing...
Sweet cousins reunited!
After a full day on the lake, we headed to Jacksonville to spend a few days with Josh, Katie and their kids!
We did more swimming with them...
And enjoyed a day exploring the city!
We rode the Sky Way to the Jacksonville library...
Playing in the fountain...
We visited Sweet Pete's, a HUGE candy store! We got to watch them make chocolate which was fun!
After we walked around a bit (and sampled a few things) we ate at Candy Apple, a restaurant right in Sweet Pete's! It was delicious! I think everyone cleaned their plate!
Saturday was beach day again!
We went to Hanna Park and spent the day skim boarding, riding waves and building sand castles!
The clouds and rain cut our beach time a bit short, but it was fun while it lasted!
After we washed off a bit, we decided to head on back to NC! We were ALL so tired and needed our own beds!
It was a super special trip spending time with some of our most favorite people!
So glad we made it happen!