Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Sunshine Rays and Ocean Waves!

Our family just got back from BEACH WEEK 2016!
We spent the week at our most favorite spot...Surfside Beach! 
The week always goes by way too fast, but we did squeeze in as much swimming, sand, smiles, giggles, and fun as possible!
My Jake is such a beach bum!
He was so excited as our beach countdown got closer and closer! 
Matt bought him a shiny, new boogie board as a surprise this year and he LOVED it!
He also tried a little skim boarding one day again this year. 
It's still pretty tricky for him, but I love watching him try! 
He also LOVED using Puppa's metal detector! 
He ended up finding a few precious treasures along the beach!
He had such a great time playing with his cousins all week! He loved walking to the "minnow pool", playing boccie ball, and having late night swims in the pool! At the end of our week he told me that he wished that there was a "reset" button so he could start the week all over!

Brooklyn loved her time in the sun too!
Once again this year her most favorite thing was to just sit and play in the sand!
She did a little boogie boarding...
And baked lots of sandy treats in her "bakery"!
She LOVED playing with Sophie and Addy Kate and even walked to the pier with me a few times! Love my girl!
My sweet Parker loved everything about the beach! He played hard all day and slept hard each night!
He did a little bit of everything all week. He enjoyed the sand, the ocean, the pool, walks to the pier and even relaxing under the umbrella!
But I think his most favorite thing was catching minnows with Uncle Steve!
He loved making a little pool for them and then seeing how many minnows they could fill it with!
And look at these sweet sandy toes...
Emery was my beach buddy this year. It was no surprise that she pretty much just wanted me. 
She is such a mommy's girl!
She loved splashing in the ocean and running from the waves as they crashed on the shore!
She had fun playing in the sand...
But LOVED when Puppa would build her a swimming pool...her favorite place to play!
She also enjoyed riding in the stroller to the pier and the cool shade of the umbrella!
Each day was filled with the best company...
Most days everyone was out on the beach and ready for fun around 9:00!
 There is not much sleeping in with our crew!
Having so many good buddies around means there is always something fun going on!
There was lots of wave jumping...
Boogie board riding...
Sand digging..
Umbrella Sitting...
And Spike Ball playing...
We would all be out on the beach until dinner time and we all loved every minute of it!
We never wanted the day to end!
We all spent lots of time on the beach, but we all enjoy the pool just as much!
It's always nice to have a place to rinse off!
Because we stay right on the beach, we get to go back and forth all day long!
Our evenings are usually very low key. Most nights we stay around the condo and sit on the balcony or play games. This year we had lots of laughs by playing Beanboozled!!! Jake and Sophie were the CHAMPS at this game!
We do always make time to enjoy a night out at the Yum Yum Shop!
We pretty much take up every seat in the shop...
but it's such a SWEET tradition that we have!
We always enjoy a walk out on the pier after we finish our sweet treats!
We like to do a little shark watching:)
And of course we always have to snap a few of our silly pictures!
Our yearly bucket picture...
Puppa eating a little snack on the beach...
We built some amazing sand castles this year:)
And this one makes me laugh! Ha!
What an AMAZING time we had being together as a family!
Surfside Beach is such a special place!

Friday, July 15, 2016

Summer At Its Best!

Summer is rolling on and we are still having plenty of fun! (Although thoughts of back to school shopping have started to enter my mind! Yikes!)
This week we have enjoyed some awesome pool time with friends. 
We enjoyed swimming with our good buddies Tucker and Wyatt for several hours one morning. 
We had the pool to ourselves which was great!
So thankful for their sweet friendship!
We also hit up the water park one day with some favorite friends of ours...

The FIVE water slides kept this crew busy and HaPpY!
We LOVE doing summertime with these guys!
The end of our week slowed up just a bit as we prepare for some BIG summer fun!
We did some cleaning, baking, and a little packing:)
Getting ready for a week of FUN in the SUN!!!

Thursday, July 7, 2016


Last night we took the kids into the city for some great fun! 
I LOVE going uptown and spending time there! There is so much to see and do!
We decided that it would be fun for us to park our car and ride on the light rail for the evening! 
The kids loved it!
We rode to Brixx Pizza where we ate our supper. I won a $100 giftcard a few weeks ago, so we decided to use some of it and go out for pizza!
 We then hopped back on the light rail and rode it to the ball park! We were meeting our SS class there and all watched the game together!
This was our first time going to a game and we had such a great night!
We were a little worried about it being too hot outside, but it ended up being a BEAUTIFUL night to watch the game!
My boys were SUPER excited to be going to the game, especially because they were playing the Red Sox!
They brought their gloves, and while we didn't catch any fly balls, Jake was given a baseball by one of the workers and he thought that was just AWESOME!
 Everyone snacked on peanuts and snowcones and enjoyed the game!
It was a wonderful, memory filled, summer "KNIGHT" for sure!