Thursday, June 30, 2016

Cousin Camp 2016

This week our entire crew of cousins got together for our second year of Cousin Camp!
Y'all, it is so much fun and such a highlight of our summer! It is such a fun tradition that I hope we carry on for years to come! Here is just a peek at some of our fun!

There are lots of ways to do Cousin Camp, but spending the day together laughing, playing games and swimming is just the way we like it!
We began with the "Fruit Loop Face Off" challenge. Everyone had to dip their bowl of fruit loops into marshmallow cream and stick as many as they could to their face! 
Jake totally dominated this game:)
Next up was the "Happy Camper" game...
Each player got a handful of MandM's. They had to use a straw to suck them up and move them to a plate. They had to arrange them in a happy face as quickly as they could. Corban was super quick and finished first!
We then all moved to the "Big Backyard" for some parachute fun...
And a few silly hoola hoop games!
We then all paired up for some relay races...
We completed a few three legged races...
and then competed in some balloon relays...
The cousins raced down to a chair, sat on their balloon, and raced back. The first set of balloons were just filled with air...the second set was filled with water!!!
Next up were the messy games...a definite favorite!
We played "Slimey Spaghetti"...Ewww!
The kids also had fun playing "Fill the Cup". Mimi and my sister Jenny got covered in whipped cream while others got covered in chocolate syrup!
As you can see, this game got SUPER messy! Hudson was SUCH a good sport though!
We even had a pie eating contest! Each pie was filled with gummy worms. These four raced to see who could get them all out first! KK won!
We all packed a picnic lunch to eat during they day and then enjoyed a favorite summer treat of ours for dessert...
After a full day of games...
everyone was ready to cool off (and rinse off) in the pool...
 The kids swam for a long time and just enjoyed being together!
I hope that as our family grows and more cousins are added throughout the years, we will always find time for a fun filled summer day of Cousin Camp!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

More Summer Fun...

Last week our family participated in VBS at our church!
Matt and I served while my three big kids went to their classes. (Emery stayed with me and helped in my area. She is NOT a fan of nursery! Ha!) VBS makes for a BUSY week, but I am so thankful for my church and for the volunteers who poured into my kids! We all had a great week!
We of course enjoyed the pool as much as we could!
And even made a trip to the "dinosaur" museum as my kids call it!
Then this week Jake and his buddy Hayden are back at camp!
They are enjoying a few days at Kayak Camp! They got to kayak all by themselves around the lake today! I am proud of them for trying something new! It's been great fun for them!
Summer is just so AWESOME!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Wing Haven Gardens

The kids and I decided to spend yesterday morning at Wing Haven Gardens. We had never been before, but wanted to check it out! They were doing a children's story time, so we were looking forward to being a part!
The kids heard a few stories and then crafted a bit too...
Then they had some fun getting a bit messy and wet!
They dug for worms...
And watered the garden,,,
Jake even got to hold and feed the chickens!
After the program was over, we explored more of the gardens. Jake and I took the "Tulip Poplar Challenge" and actually got INSIDE this HUGE tree! It is hallow on the inside (from being set on fire years ago) for about 18 feet up! 
We finished up our morning by finding a pretty picnic spot and enjoyed our lunch!
A perfect way to celebrate the first full day of summer!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Summer Is Heating Up!

We have had some really hot days here lately! 
There is no other place we would rather be than sitting right by the pool and that is just where we have been...A LOT!
Emery LOVES the water and says "hi pool" every time we drive by it!
She swims all over the place and even jumps in and goes under like a champ! 
So glad she loves the pool like the rest of us!
Jake LOVES the pool too and does TONS of swimming, but he has also enjoyed just sitting under the umbrella reading a good book! Magic Tree House are his FAVORITE these days!

We also have done a few other fun things over the last week or so...
I took the kids to the airport to watch the planes and have a picnic lunch one day.
We invited some friends to go with us and had sweet afternoon together!
Last week Jake spent a few days at Adventure Camp too! We invited his buddy Hayden to join him and they had an absolute blast! They did paddle boats, putt putt, archery, a creek stomp, disk golf, and even did a little fishing! They were wiped out each afternoon when I picked them up, but had such a great time!
We even made time for a stop at the ice cream shop...
There is no question how much we LOVE our summer days!

Friday, June 17, 2016

Hear Me ROAR!

Today the kids and I spent the morning at Tiger World!
We had never been before, but I saw a groupon for it a while back and I have been saving it for a good summer day!
We got there right when it opened because I didn't want the day to get too hot!
All of the animals were up and walking around, so we got to see a lot!
We actually got there just in time to see them feed the animals! 
This was by far our most favorite part! 
We also got to do a little feeding of our own! The boys and I fed these Macaws! 
And Jake tried to feed this peacock, but he wasn't that interested.
Brooklyn enjoyed walking through the butterfly garden (I think because it was so shady! Ha!).
We also saw ducks, swans, turtles, and fish in this pond and even got to feed them too!
After walking around for a while we decided that it was time to eat ourselves! One of our most favorite animals were the white lions, so we ate our lunch right by them!
We finished up our lunch and walked around just a bit more before heading home to jump in the pool and cool off!
It was a WILD summer adventure!

Monday, June 13, 2016

Championship Saturday!

Jake just finished up his first year playing coach pitch baseball!
This was probably one of my most favorite seasons to cheer him on in! 
He had a great coach, a great team and a GREAT season!
His team has played so well all season long. They only lost one game!
His team made it all the way to the CHAMPIONSHIP game and played it this past Saturday morning.
It was super hot, but they were ready to go!
They all looked so good out there and played super hard!
We were so proud of the Warriors as they pulled out the BIG WIN! 
What a great season out on the ball fields!
It's one we won't forget!
Go Warriors!