Sunday, May 29, 2016

Congratulations Brooklyn!

Last Thursday night my Brooklyn graduated from preschool!
She is officially off to kindergarten in the fall!
She had a WONDERFUL year with Mrs. Bernie and learned so many things along the way to help her get set for school!
 Her little preschool had a super sweet graduation ceremony for them to participate in.
Here she is with Mrs. Ann getting ready to walk down the aisle!
She was the very last graduate to be called:)
 Off to get her diploma!
My favorite graduate... 
 We are all very proud of her for working so hard these last two years!

Brooklyn had lots of people at her graduation cheering her on!
Papa, Memaw, Grandma and Mimi!

 And even KK got to come!
 My favorite pic from the night...this sweet girl and her Daddy:)
I have LOVED these last few years at home with my girl! I am lucky to be her mommy!
 After snapping lots of pictures, we went back in for punch and cookies... 
And Mrs. Bernie had a few gifts and last words before she sent them off...
 Here is my girl with her OFFICIAL diploma:)
Congratulations Brooklyn Bear!
We are so proud of you and know you will make a fabulous kindergartner!
(When you woke up Friday morning I said, "Good Morning preschool graduate"! You told me that I couldn't call you that any more. I had to call you a kindergartner!)
We love you!
Daddy, Mommy
Jake, Parker, and Emery
Today is your day.
You're off to Great Places!
You're off and away!”  
-Dr. Seuss

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Water Day and a Preschool Finale

This past week was FILLED with end of year fun! 
We had so much to celebrate as this very special year of preschool came to an end! My very favorite thing about this preschool year was that Sissy and Parker were there together! I LOVED that they got to experience these sweet days together and become the best of friends!
One of the highlights of these last few days was water day (and Emery and I got to join in the fun)!
It was actually scheduled for a few weeks ago, but the rainy weather got us, so it was rescheduled for this past week! 
Sissy and her preschool BFF...
Parker had the best time running around with his friends too!
My Parker in action:)
Our WET morning was followed by a picnic lunch on the playground!
And some Popsicles to cool us off!
Then on Friday, the entire preschool (and all of the families) got together at the park for one last hoorah! The kids played one last time together before saying goodbye for the summer and gave their teachers one last hug around the neck!
Sissy has LOVED Mrs. Bernie this year! (I think Parker will have her next year, so I am thrilled about that!) Mrs. Bernie loved Brooklyn too:). She has grown up so much this year and is completely ready to tackle kindergarten! (I'll post about her graduation later!)
This was our third year with Mrs. Shana! She loved on Parker each day and always did the sweetest things with her class. I hope she is still teaching when Emery gets big enough for preschool:)
I love these two preschoolers with ALL my heart! 
It's been a very sweet year watching them grow!

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Celebrating First Grade!

Yesterday marked the end of Jake's first grade year. What a fabulous year it was! We were blessed with sweet friends, special memories, and a teacher who invested so much in my boy. My heart is so full knowing that he was in such precious hands all year long. Those sweet hands taught him, encouraged him, loved him, challenged him, and pointed him towards Christ each and every day. Both Matt and I are so thankful to have had a wonderful school to partner with us as we lead our family!
Our end of year celebration was a beach theme this year!
We ate snacks and played games...
And just had a good time being a "Busy Bee"!
Each of the students were encouraged to "Have A BALL This Summer" and went around autographing beach balls for everyone to use at the pool this summer!
Our time ended just the way Mrs. C began the reading one of her all time favorite books (and that the kids have just about memorized)!
This is one very special lady! She has poured so much into my Jacob and has impacted his sweet little heart in so many ways. She has ignited a love for God's Word in his heart and has prayed for him to fall in love with Jesus more and more. I am so amazed at how he has grown this year! 
We will miss her dearly!
Our day was filled with lots of joy knowing that summer is here as well as all of the excitement that summer brings, but our hearts are hurting because our family will be moving to a new school next year. We are very excited about our next chapter and we know that God has big plans for our family, but we will miss the school that we have been apart of in one way or another for many many years. 
HG will always be a special place and we are so thankful for the part that it has played in our lives!

We are so thankful for a wonderful Christ centered school year!
To God be the Glory!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Game On!

Well, we are in the last few days of first grade! This year has flown by and the end of the year always means BIG fun...FIELD DAY! It was an absolutely gorgeous day to celebrate! It was bright and sunny but pleasantly cool!  
Jake missed a few days of school last week because he was sick, so I was hoping that he would be well enough to join in all of the fun! I was so thankful to finally see a big ol' grin back on his face! He had an absolute blast with all of his friends!
 The football field was lined with several different game stations that his class rotated around.
Jake was awesome at "Jump the Brook", but his favorite game was "Drip, Drip, Pour"!!!
 The little ones and I had a fun morning watching this boy and cheering him on!
Mrs. C has made this year so special! She is a true treasure! 
Such a grand day celebrating such a wonderful year!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Celebrating 10 Years!

This past weekend Matt and I got to get away for a night to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary!
I can't believe it's been 10 years!
We decided to head up to Boone and enjoy a little time alone! We left early Friday morning and came back on Saturday afternoon! A quick but very refreshing trip!
The weather on Friday was pretty cool and dreary, but definitely not a wash out!
We made a fun stop at the Mast General Store...
And then toured Linville Caverns...
where we explored the cave...
And then we hiked to see the Linville Falls. We definitely got some good exercise!
We decided to stop at Foggy Rock for supper! It was recommended to us and we really enjoyed it!
The next morning we ate at the Daniel Boone Inn for breakfast! Their breakfast did not disappoint!
After we finished up, we slowly headed back for home...
I am so glad that we took a little time to invest in us this past weekend!
We had some good conversations and are excited to see what the Lord has in store for us!
I am so thankful for the wonderful man God gave me and for the family that we have built together. He loves me for who I am and takes such good care of the kids and I. He works hard to provide for our family (all while going to school) and has such a heart for others. He is kind, generous, passionate, loyal and smart and I am blessed that he is mine!
He's a good man and I love him!

Happy 10th Anniversary!

Monday, May 16, 2016

Strawberries Galore!

We had been wanting to get to the strawberry patch for a few weeks now, but a busy month of May and lots of rain showers kept us from getting there! Finally, this past Friday it worked out for our gang to go and we had a fantastic day!
We always make it a fun day out with our cousins and this year Mimi, KK, and Al got to join us too!
We all met after school and enjoyed the afternoon together!
We LOVE going to Hall Family Farm because there is just so much to do there!
It keeps all the little ones busy as they run from one thing to the next!
After everyone played for a while, we decided we better get to picking before our "help" got too hot and tired!
Jake loves to go off and pick berries with his big cousins!
They hunt for the best ones and always come back with their boxes FULL!
Sissy enjoyed walking up and down the rows with Addy Kate!

The girls are always good at finding the yummy ones too:)

This girl could have picked all day and was super proud of the box she got!
Love my big girl!
Parker stuck close to me and did a great job helping me pick only the BEST berries to bring home!
He is a strawberry lovin' boy and he knew exactly the kind he was looking for! The bigger and more red...the better:)
My Emmylou caught on quick to what we were doing!
She loved carrying the bucket for us as we filled it up!
She found several good ones...
and tasted a few too:)!
After we got all we needed, we rewarded ourselves with a refreshing strawberry slushie!
Another perfect year of picking!