Monday, April 25, 2016

The Little Mermaid

This weekend all of the girls got together for a fun afternoon out!
We met for lunch at Pie Five!
Everyone had fun making their very own tasty pizzas!
 After we finished up lunch, we headed over to the playhouse to see "The Little Mermaid"!
 The girls were so excited to see such a special show!

 The girls loved seeing Ariel and Prince Eric and of course singing to all of their favorite songs!
Such a fun day to be a girl!

Friday, April 15, 2016

Week of the Young Child

This was such a GREAT week for my two preschoolers!
The preschool celebrated "The Week of the Young Child" which meant lots of fun at school each day!
On Tuesday, Brooklyn's class had to dress up as their favorite book character.
 She chose to be Fancy Nancy!
She looked fantastic! 
And then on Thursday, they had pajama day! Mrs. Bernie even made them a yummy waffle breakfast:)
 Parker's class had a sweet Teddy Bear (indoor) picnic on Tuesday... 
And had "Pete's A Pizza" day on Thursday! They did lots of pizza crafts and activities...
 And then everyone got to make their very own pizza to enjoy for lunch!
On Friday, we finished up the week with a little in house field trip to hear a special guest story teller.
 We heard stories, sang sweet songs and played instruments!
What a FUN filled week we had!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Full Swing in Spring...

We have had some busy days around here over the last little bit!
Everyone had spring pictures last week. These two gave me a sweet smile before heading in for their official spring pictures at preschool:)
 Jake had his Spring Musical and Art Show last week.
He did such a great job performing with all of the other elementary students! (Except he told me that he really wasn't singing...he was lip syncing!) That's so my Jake! Ha!
Here he is with his art teacher showing off his art work.
 Our church held a Father/Child campout last weekend and Matt and Jake got to go!
They had the best time and sent me this sweet picture of them in front of their tent!
It was a bit chilly, but they made it though the night and had a blast!
 Saturday afternoon we headed to the ball fields for Jake's season opener!
It was chilly and windy, but they pulled out a big win!
He is playing coach pitch this year and did such a great job in his first game!

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Emery's 18 Month Check Up...

My sweet Emmylou had her 18 month check up last week (even though she is almost 19 months now)! She pretty much cried from the moment we got called back until we left! She cried with the nurse and then again when the doctor came in!
She is still growing strong and healthy! I can tell she has thinned out some! She is looking a lot longer and taller to me! She is saying some words, eating lots of different foods, and is sleeping great!
She did have to get three shots (which was no fun), but the nurse was super quick! She cried for a bit, but was just fine after a few minutes!
We love our sweet, healthy girl!

Saturday, April 9, 2016

No More Broken Bones!

Yesterday was a BIG day for this boy!
Parker was scheduled to have his arm x-rayed again to see how it was healing and we were
REALLY HOPING for good news!
He has been in his BIG, RED cast for almost 4 weeks now and we were ready for it to come off!

After they took it off, they did a few x-rays and found that it had healed perfectly!
No more cast!!!
He was super nervous for anyone to come near his arm or touch it (I was too) even though the doctor told us that it was now just as strong as his other arm! They gave us a little brace for him to wear until he feels comfortable going without it. 

We decided that we needed to celebrate such a HaPpY DaY, so the little ones and I made a trip to TCBY for a little sweat treat!
Both Matt and I were super excited to get a BIG, STRONG hug from Parker with BOTH of his arms wrapped tight around our necks!
Best part of our day!

Monday, April 4, 2016

Going to Greenville!

Wednesday we spent the day in Greenville, NC and it was definitely the highlight of our spring break!
There was a zoo and some parks and other fun things that we wanted to check out so we decided to take the day and explore a new city!

The zoo was a bit on the smaller side, but just perfect for our crew!
There was plenty of shade to keep us cool as we made our way around!

Everyone loved seeing the giraffes, monkey's, snakes, toucans, and a rhinoceros iguana :)
Our final stop at the zoo was the (stinky) petting zoo! Parker and Emery LOVED it!
Sweet Emery loved watching all of the chickens walk around! She didn't want to leave! Ha!
After we made our way through the zoo, everyone was getting hungry.
We decided to head into the downtown area and explore a bit...
We packed a picnic lunch and found Reedy Falls Park (which is gorgeous) to eat at!
It was the perfect place for a picnic and some playing! 

We finished up our day by heading to Main Street to do "Mice on Main".
This is a scavenger hunt based on a favorite book of ours, "Goodnight Moon".
We found 8 out of the 9 mice that are hidden based on the clues that were given to us! 
It was such a perfect day with my family! Lots of sweet spring break memories were made!


Saturday, April 2, 2016

Spring Break Shenanigans...

 We are just wrapping up our week of Spring Break!
We have enjoyed the perfect mix of fun and rest, which is just the way we like it!
We have enjoyed lots of playtime outside and have had several park play dates and picnics with friends!
We took a day and explored a new city! We found a zoo, a beautiful park, and had fun doing a hidden scavenger hunt (more on all that later)! 
We finished up our week by trying out a new (to us) donut shop called "Duck Donuts"! I heard these were some of the best donuts in our area! They did not disappoint! If you are local, you should definitely give them a try!
We are not looking forward to Monday morning when alarms will be ringing early again, but at least we know that the countdown to SUMMER is ON!