Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Easter 2016

This past Sunday we all gathered together to celebrate Easter!
We celebrated with all of our family and several friends too!
It was a houseful, but one of the best Easter celebrations yet!
My handsome boys and my sweet girls...
The weather was a bit dreary, so we decided to let the kids do the egg hunt first, just in case it started to rain!
These two cousins (both in casts) needed just a little extra help this year finding their eggs!
HUNDREDS of eggs were filled and hidden all throughout the backyard!
Everyone raced around the yard and found as many as they could!
It didn't take long for baskets to be filled!
Even little Emmylou found a few!
I LOVE this sweet pic of my girl and I!
After the yard was all cleaned up, we enjoyed a delicious Easter lunch.
We all brought a little something to share, which made things easy!
 The girl table...
Of course a few family pictures are a must (my bothers love it)! Ha!
My parents and brothers...
 And all the girls...
 It was a beautiful day celebrating our RISEN LORD!
"He is not here; he has risen, just as he said. Come and see the place where he lay".
Matthew 28:6

Friday, March 25, 2016

Easter Party Hopping!

Yesterday was a super busy day celebrating Easter with my kids at their schools!
Emery and I were up and out the door early yesterday morning so that we could join Jake's class for Easter chapel and his party!
The kids crafted and snacked...
And then headed outside for their special egg hunt!
Mrs. C had a special way of doing the egg hunt and it worked out just perfect!

The kids had so much fun with her added challenge!
As soon as the party was over we rolled out of there and headed to the preschool!
Jake was thrilled to officially be on SPRING BREAK!
Brooklyn's preschool class was also having a special party and I was the party mom!
The kids were going to have an egg hunt and then enjoy a picnic lunch on the lawn!
(It was a GORGEOUS day to be outside!)
Mrs. Bernie had a fun little game to play to finish up the day!
 My Brooklyn with Mrs. Bernie celebrating her last preschool Easter party...
 My timing didn't work out for me to make it to Parker's party this time, but I saw him playing on the playground after his egg hunt and he was all smiles after a great day!
I was so worn out by the time we got home yesterday afternoon!
We are all looking forward to a FUN FILLED and RESTFUL spring break! I can't wait to share what we get into!

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Broken Bones

So, this time last week we had quite the scare!
Parker was outside playing on the neighbors swing set and took a pretty bad fall on his arm. Matt came running in with him and said he was going to head to the ER to get it looked at. We could tell something wasn't quite right! I stayed back to get my other little ones in bed and then my parents came over to stay with them so I could join Matt and Parker at the ER. After taking some x-rays, it was clearly broken. His radius bone was completely cracked and he had a buckle fracture to his ulna. The ER needed to transport him to the children's hospital so that he could be seen by a pediatric doctor.
Parker and I rode in the ambulance to the hospital while Matt followed...
 My poor Parker was in SO much pain! It was awful!
We finally got settled in there around 11pm and then waited for more x-rays to be taken. It wasn't long after that when the team of doctors came up with a plan and took him back to set the bone. (We were so thankful that surgery was not needed!) He wasn't fully put to sleep, but he was out of it for sure! I was so glad once he got the cast on. It was still super sore and he didn't want anyone to come near his arm, but it did help with him with the pain a good bit.
After making sure he was going to be ok, we were FINALLY discharged around 2:30am!
Eight hours later! Whew!
 We were all exhausted! It was a LONG night!
There were not many smiles for several days, but I did manage to capture this one:)
Each day got a little better. The pain let up some and the swelling was going down.
Smiles were still hard to come by though. He would have good moments during the day and then moments where he was just hurting and frustrated! However, Tuesday afternoon we had a surprise visit from the HFD! The men on the truck pulled right up to our house and asked him if he wanted to hop on the truck and look around! They were so kind to him and he was thrilled to see the truck up close!
They asked him if he wanted his picture taken with the truck and this boy gave me the biggest grin I had seen in several days! It made my heart so happy to see him smile so big!
This past Friday we had our first follow up appointment and things are looking great! Because he is so little, his arm should heal quickly and with no problems!
The doctor took a few x-rays to check up on things.
He will have to wear his cast a bit longer than we thought, but we are thankful we are headed in the right direction!
 His swollen little fingers are MUCH better and he could wiggle them and give a "thumbs up" to the doctor which was great!
They also re wrapped his cast for him. He doesn't necessarily have to wear his sling anymore if he doesn't want to. Only if that big red cast begins to feel too heavy for him:)
We are so thankful that our sweet Parker is on the mend and are so grateful for our family, friends and neighbors who have loved on him this past week!
We appreciate each and every one of you! Thank you!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

A Leprechaun On The Loose!

Today I was "LUCKY" enough to spend my morning at preschool with this handsome boy!
His class was all set to have some fun celebrating St. Patrick's Day!
 The kids got right to work this morning by building a leprechaun trap to see if they could catch that silly little guy! Ms. Shana had all sorts of green and shiny items for them to use...and maybe a few lucky charms:)
Now, they just had to wait and see if their trap would work!
They went on about their day and then came back to their classroom to find that their room had been destroyed by this silly little leprechaun...
...AND that he had gotten away! Such a stinker!
 Ms. Shana gave them each a net and magnifying glass so they could search the school for him!
They searched high and low. They searched inside and outside...but he was no where to be found!
 That silly little Liam got away this time, but he did leave them a few RAINBOW Skittles to enjoy!
Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Friday, March 11, 2016

MARCHing On...

It's that time of year again when we spend more time outside than in!
It makes us all feel so much better when we can get a little fresh air!
This past Monday Jake had the day off of school!
 I was trying to find something fun for us to get into, but we decided to stay close to home and hit the park instead! I am SO glad we did...
We had THE BEST time!
(It was one of the best days ever with my kids!)
I thought we would be home after an hour or so, but we ended up staying well into the afternoon!
The kids found a fort in the woods and played there forever! Then, we did a little exploring and found a creek which provided even more fun!
 Every day this week, we have spent hours outside!
This girl loved every minute of it! (She figured out how to swing on her belly and LOVED it! Ha!)
 Then the little ones and I had a fun day planned for today...
We headed up to the preschool for a little in house field trip. Today we got to see a magician preform! The kids were so excited to go! They LOVED it!
 (The best part was when my Parker got the giggles SO BAD while watching the magician do a silly magic trick! He couldn't stop laughing! It was great!)
After the show, we made a fun little lunch stop together!
We NEVER go out for lunch, so it was a real treat!
We had some time before we had to grab Jake, so of course we made one last trip to the park to wrap up the week.
 The kids played so hard! Their sweet little cheeks turned bright red!
Only a few more days until it is officially Spring and we can't wait!