Saturday, February 27, 2016

Farewell February

I am so glad that we are finally wrapping up the month of February!
February was a bit of a hard month for our family. On top of the stomach bug hitting us last week, it has been a BUSY month with lots of BIG decisions that had to be made (more on that later).
With much of that behind us now, it was nice to get back on track this week as we get ready to welcome in the month of March!
These two had a great week back in preschool after missing a few days last week due to sickness.
They even got to go an extra day this week to enjoy a little in house field trip from the dentist office!
(Love Parker's sweet smiling face in this pic and why does Sis look so grown up to me?)
We also made it back to ART class after missing last week!
It's one of our most favorite activities of the week (especially for this girl)! She would totally move in with Mrs. Kathie if I would let her!
Matt and I got to go on a fun date night this week too! I asked Matt's parents to come and help with the kids so we could have a night out. Matt's basketball season wrapped up last week so it was nice to FINALLY get some time with him! (We don't see much of him during the season!)
We had some free passes to the Mint Museum uptown and then we used a gift card to Outback Steakhouse!
Sis drew this sweet picture for us before we left...
This is Matt and I holding hands as we stroll through the art museum looking at all of the paintings and statues!
Out of all the art work we saw last night, it was by far our most favorite!

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Not Our Best Week...

This past week has been a bit rough!
It started out with this little guy getting sick on Tuesday. He was totally fine one minute and sick the next. It took him SEVERAL days to finally feel better. It was terrible! didn't stop there! Three more of us went down after him and let's just say it wasn't very pretty over here! Ugh! It is extremely hard to take care of sick kids when you are sick yourself! I did the best I could and was so thankful when Matt adjusted some plans and came home to help. He kicked it in high gear and took such good care of us! He stuck all of us sickos upstairs while he cleaned, changed sheets, did loads and loads of laundry, and Lysol sprayed just about everything...all while taking care of Emery Caroline so she wouldn't get sick!
Needless to say the few plans that we had this week got scratched. By Sunday though, we were ready to get some fresh air and lucky for us it was a Spring like day outside!
We went out and found a new park to play at and to walk around!
It did us ALL some good to get out and get some fresh air!
We are hoping for a HAPPY and HEALTHY week coming up!

Sunday, February 14, 2016

My Favorite Guy

I am so thankful to be able to spend each Valentine's Day with this guy!
It is so hard to make time for each other between work, kids, and just the day to day stuff, but he is my absolute favorite person and my best friend. I really couldn't ask for anything better!
He works so hard for our family, is passionate about so many things, is kind, gracious, and sensitive, handsome, smart, a good cook, and can fix pretty much anything around the house!
He loves the Lord, loves others, and desires to lead our family well!
He is a wonderful daddy and husband and I love him to pieces!
I don't always make loving me easy, but I am thankful he does it anyway!
We couldn't be more opposite in so many ways, but somehow we make it work!
I love you and Happy Valentine's Day!

My Littlest Love at 17 Months

My little LOVE is 17 months now and is my sweet sidekick!
We are always together and I love every moment with her!
You are growing every day in so many ways!
You wear size 2T clothes, a size 4 or 5 shoe, and a size 5 diaper.
You are still a GREAT sleeper! You go to bed with no problems and sleep until I wake you in the morning when we take Jake to school. You nap each day when you can. Some days we are home and other days you just nap in the car!
Most of the time you eat like a champ, but we do have days where you just kind of snack.
You LOVE to eat Cheerios with a tiny bit of milk on them for breakfast. You also love mandarin oranges, yogurt, spaghetti, mac and cheese, and all things sweet:)
You can say a few words...Dada, Mama, Sis, snow and we even heard you say GO Steelers (I'm totally serious)!
You LOVE your baby dolls and really enjoy playing with Sissy's Barbie dolls and princess castle!
You love to be outside whenever you can! I can't wait for the days to warm up again so we can be out more!
You still prefer me over pretty much everyone, but you are getting better at letting others hold you.
You HATE the church nursery, HATE being buckled up in your carseat, and you are NOT the best shopping buddy:) are my sweet girl and I love you to pieces!
Emery Caroline, you are LOVED sooo much!
Happy 17th Months!

Friday, February 12, 2016

A LOVELY Day in First Grade

This afternoon I headed up to Jake's school to celebrate Valentine's Day with his class!
(Valentine's Day Party #4 for me this year! Whew!)
I was asked to head up this sweet party for his room and I was so excited!
 I kept things simple and sweet and I think everyone had a good time!
I saw lots of smiles and heard lots of giggles!
Valentine's Day is just the BEST!
We started off the PARTY by playing a few games!
We played the "Cookie Game" (which was hilarious) and then played "Heart Stack Attack" with conversation hearts!
Next, we enjoyed a few snacks! Cookies, fruit, pretzels and Valentine M&M's!
After snacking a bit, the kids all got out their fancy, decorated Valentine boxes and got ready to exchange their sweet cards!
By the time everyone finished passing out their treats, each mailbox was overflowing with love from all their friends!
We have LOVED our year with this AMAZING teacher! She is absolutely wonderful!
It was a SWEET day in the First Grade!

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Preschool Valentine Parties

Today Emery and I got to celebrate with Parker's preschool class at their Valentine's Day Party!
We met this sweet little boy and his friends just in time for a very special candlelit lunch!
After everyone finished up their lunch, I read the class a Valentine story while Mrs. Shana got things ready for them to pass our their Valentine cards and treats to each other!
 The afternoon ended with the kids eating the Chocolate Lava Cake they baked in the crockpot all morning! Parker cleaned his plate:)
 While we were partying down the hall, Brooklyn was having her Valentine party with her friends!
They each had to bring in a decorated box to collect their cards and treats in which my crafty girl LOVED doing! Her class enjoyed a pizza lunch with plenty of sweet treats to go with it!
 It was a BUSY day of celebrating, but I "HEART" special days like this with my middle LOVES!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Panther Pride!

The weeks leading up to the Super bowl were very exciting around here!
Our entire city was ready to cheer on our Carolina Panthers to a victory!
The kids had several Panther Pride days at school and were encouraged to wear back and blue to show their team spirit!
Even my Steeler lovin' family traded in their back and gold for a few weeks to cheer for the home team!!!
We got together with several friends Sunday evening and watched the game with them until half time. At that point we headed home so the little ones could get to bed. Jake ended up staying awake for the entire game, while Sis and I watched it snuggled in bed...until we just couldn't keep our eyes open any more!
The game didn't quite end the way we wanted it to, but what fun we had watching our Panthers this season!
Keep Pounding!

Sunday, February 7, 2016

For the LOVE!

I LOVE so many things about Valentine's Day!
I LOVE all of the simple and sweet ways to show others how much we LOVE them!
This year Brooklyn and I thought it would be fun to have a night out together with some of her best girlfriends and their moms (who just so happen to be some of my best girlfriends too)! Most of these little girls are from our church and they are all such sweet friends!
 We asked everyone to meet us at the Olive Garden for supper (one of our favorite dinner spots)...
And had all of the girls bring Valentine's to exchange with each other! 
It's CrAzY to think that all of these pretty little girls will go off to Kindergarten in the fall!
I hope that they will all stay sweet friends for a very long time!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

100 Days Smarter!

Yesterday was the 100th Day of School!
I asked KK to snap a fun picture of her and Jake celebrating!
She teaches Kindergarten and had to dress like a 100 year old lady. Jake's first grade class had to decorate t-shirts using 100 items!
I am so thankful for 100 GREAT days in first grade at such a GREAT school!
Jake is officially 100 days smarter! Whoo hoo!