Friday, January 29, 2016

Celebrate Good Times!

Yesterday was a very special day for my kids!
We had a big morning and lots of things to celebrate!
My day started out by heading to Jake's school for chapel. He was chosen to represent his class as Student of the Month and Matt and I were super proud of him! He works hard each day not only at his school work but also by making "ROARing" good choices!
Emery Caroline and I were there to cheer him on! His Poppa got to come too!
What a special morning with my awesome first grader! Way to go, Jake!
While we were celebrating with Jake, Matt was celebrating "Donuts with Dad" with these two at preschool!
The special morning had a super hero theme this year, so everyone had to dress up in their best super hero gear!
The classes sang some sweet songs to their very important dads and then presented them with some precious handmade treasures!
(On a side note: Matt said Brooklyn started to tear up when the morning was over and it was time for the students to head back to class. When I picked her up later on in the afternoon I asked her why she cried. She told me that they were happy tears. I asked her why she was so happy then when daddy left. She told me that she was so happy that he works so hard for us everyday to make money for us. She said he was so nice to do that! Ha! Love her!)

Monday, January 25, 2016

A Southern Snow!

Well, we got our first BIG snow this past weekend! It was actually lots of ice, freezing rain, and sleet but we did end up with a few good inches of snow to have fun in! We were hoping for a snow day from school and when we woke up we were so excited to see what was out our window! Just about everything was shut down for the day! Whoo hoo!
 After we ate a BIG breakfast (monkey bread, eggs, and bacon) everyone was ready to head outside and play!
We all bundled up (the best we could) and had a blast slipping, sliding, and sledding!
We found lots of fun things to do in the snow...
The big kids loved hanging out with the neighborhood kids on the "Big Hill"...
and spent the longest time taking turns sledding down it!
Emery liked the snow...she didn't love it:) She didn't mind walking around a little bit and seemed to enjoy me pushing her in her car around the cul de sac.
We were in and out all day long. We loved being outside, but had fun inside snacking, reading, playing games, and watching movies (so glad the kids and I stopped by the library earlier this week and stocked up)!
 Saturday morning we were up and ready for another day of fun in the SNOW!
 The kids went back to the "Big Hill" for more sledding.
Emery and I went too, but as you can see she was done, so we headed back to the house for grilled cheese sandwiches!
The best news that we received over the weekend was that our FLORIDA cousins were coming up to enjoy the snow with us! Because of the icy roads we didn't get to see them until Saturday afternoon, but we had so much fun with them!
We started off by building this fun snowman in our backyard...
But had much bigger plans for the one that was going in our front yard!
The snow was a bit icy and hard to make snowballs with, but my SIL, Katie and I worked really hard and we ended up building this fun friend...
I am so glad that they came up for a fun weekend in the snow!
Sunday we watched church from home as the icy roads continued to melt and this morning we are enjoying a 2 hour school delay!
It was a fun weekend to be around the house and to just enjoy being together!
It was "SNOW" much fun!

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Just Doing January...

Last week Jake brought home this little worksheet that he completed at school. His teacher asked us to hang it on the fridge as a little reminder of the things he has committed to work on!
My favorite one is the picky eater resolution! Jake is a very picky eater, but just recently we have made some big strides! Thank goodness! Ha!
Jake was able to celebrate Carolina Panthers Day a few days at school this week. Everyone was supposed to wear their Panthers gear to school. He wore a Panthers t-shirt on Monday, but when Panthers day rolled around again on Friday, there was no convincing him!
This is the picture that his teacher sent me the other day...Ha!
His teacher is a HUGE Steelers fan too!
Matt always says we LIKE the Panthers, but we LOVE the Steelers!
I got a call around noon on Tuesday from the kids preschool. Parker took a pretty bad fall on the playground. His teachers thought he might end up with some black eyes because of where he hit, but he ended up with a just a bruised and scratched up nose! I picked him up a few minutes early and we had a picnic lunch in the car while we waited for Sissy to finish up her day!
 Meanwhile, Brooklyn had a very fun day at preschool this week!
Her class celebrated "Wacky Tacky Tuesday"!
The kids were to dress in their wackiest and tackiest clothes and be ready for a very silly day:)
She said that Mrs. Bernie made them walk backwards around the classroom and even had them eat their dessert before the rest of their lunch!
Brooklyn loves to do art and she painted this picture for me at school the other day. She told me it was her and I carrying our pocket books! I LOVE it!
Speaking of art...
Jake and Sis started back to art lessons this week!
We were so ready to get back and craft away with our friends!
And one more fun thing this week...
This girl turned 16 months! Whoo hoo!
This girl still has a very serious side, but is definitely getting a little more personality!
She loves shoes, loves lollipops, and loves playing outside! She is getting more and more independent and is learning new things every day!
If you ask her to show you her best smile, this is what we get...
I am so lucky to be your mommy!
Happy sweet 16 months Emmylou!

Friday, January 8, 2016

Hello January!

 We had a wonderful Christmas break. It was truly a break and I was so thankful! We didn't have anything on the calendar for the entire week after Christmas which led to many days of sleeping in and staying in our p.j's just a bit longer than usual. I loved being able to just be home and to let the kids play and enjoy a slower pace!
However...all of that came to a screeching halt Monday morning! Ha! Matt took a wonderful, new job a few months back which was going to make his schedule change just a bit. Matt has always been the one to take Jake to school each morning, but that is now my job! Getting all four kids up and out the door (all by myself) by 7:00 is not the easiest, but it's what we do now! We all have early bed times and early mornings now (my alarm is now going off at 4:30! Yikes!).
Emery has been such a trooper as we try to figure out some sort of new schedule now!
Bless her heart, some days Emery and I do EIGHT trips back and forth from home to schools!
 Jake wasn't the only one that headed back to school this week!
These two headed back to preschool!
I know I have said this before, but I LOVE their preschool.
I wish they could be in preschool forever! I just love this age and am so glad they get to be in preschool together this year!
 By Friday the little ones and I were ready for a little adventure. We had pretty much been around the house all week getting used to our new schedules, cleaning, and organizing a bunch of things. So, I surprised them with a fun trip to DPK! It is such a fun place to go and the kids really do a good job of staying close to me, but it is always so crowded in there and that makes me a little nervous! Whew!
 We managed to stick together and made our way around and played all morning!
Look at this little (left handed) artist!!!
 This was the first time that Emery was really old enough to enjoy her time! She loved each area and would cry when we would move to the next one...until she got caught up in all of the fun that area offered! Ha!
It's such a great place for the kids to use their imaginations! My kids always have the best time!

Now, I am looking forward to a low key weekend and NO alarms set for the morning!