Friday, October 30, 2015

Pumpkin Patch Photos

Last week I took the kids to a little pumpkin patch that is super close to our house to get a few fall pictures!
We had fun walking around, seeing some of the animals, jumping on haystacks and snacking on popcorn!
I love how they turned out...
My handsome big boy...
He looks so grown up to me!
 My Brooklyn Bear...
These two are so sweet together! They are such good buddies!
And my sweet girls...
Love the sister picture! Sisters are the best!
Oh my, how I LOVE this silly boy!
He brings me so much joy!
And this is the best I could get of my serious girl!
This is just so her personality most of the time! Ha!
Happy Fall, Y'all!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Teacher Work Day Fun!

Earlier this week Jake had a couple of teacher work days! I was so excited for him to be home! I wanted to plan a few fun things for us to do, so we enjoyed a visit to the local fire department while they taught some kids in the community about fire safety. We also got to meet Matt for a pizza lunch one day too! The weather was pretty cold and rainy these days, so we also just enjoyed some time around the house. We watched some movies and played a few rounds of Jake's new birthday game, Operation!
I loved the sweet time with my big boy!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Fall Ball...

Jake just wrapped up his second season of soccer. I love watching him play this sport!
I think it's my favorite!
He is becoming a great player and improves each season that he plays!
You played some AMAZING games, Jake!
Way to go!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Art Lessons!

I love the many arts and crafts that my kids make at home and at school! I save as many of them as I can and have several displayed throughout our house!
Brooklyn's teacher this year at preschool LOVES to do such cool projects! Brooklyn loves that and so do I. 
This self portrait that Brooklyn made was displayed on her school bulletin board for a few weeks. Parents had to guess which portrait belonged to their child by reading the clues and finding the one that looked most like them!
Brooklyn's was pretty easy to figure out. The hair bow in the hair and the clue about sloppy joes being her favorite meal totally gave it away:)
 Jake has the opportunity to enjoy an art class each week as one of his specials at school.
He had a project displayed in the hallways a few weeks ago too!
 Since my kids love art so much, I had been wanting to find a class that they could take one day after school. I ended up connecting with an old teacher friend of mine and got them all signed up for one of her classes! She just teaches a few kids out of her home each week and it was just what I was looking for!
 She is just the sweetest lady and my kids LOVE...I mean LOVE going each week!
I love watching my kids really enjoy taking part in such a fun activity each week!
We always look forward to our afternoon of ART!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Bernie's Buddies PINK Out!

Brooklyn's preschool teacher, Mrs. Bernie, is a very special lady! She is such a wonderful teacher and challenges my girl to grow in so many areas each and every day...AND she is SO creative! I LOVE all of the fun things that Brooklyn comes home and tells me that they did!
We have loved getting to know her this year!
We also recently found out that Mrs. Bernie is a breast cancer SURVIVOR! She is celebrating her five year mark of being cancer free.
The sweet preschool has really rallied around her and has shown her lots of love and support. Over the last few weeks the kids have been collecting "Coins for a Cause". The money will be given to a local hospital that provides mammograms for women that cannot afford them.
Today all of the students and parents were encouraged to wear as much pink as possible! It was called "Bernie's Buddies Pink Out"!
It was a very special week for our preschool and a fun way to celebrate such a special lady!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Birthday #7

Earlier this week the little ones and I met up with Jake at his school to celebrate his upcoming birthday #7! We have BIG plans for his actual birthday, so we decided to celebrate a little bit early with his school buddies:)
We got there in time to enjoy lunch together and to share a birthday treat. His special request this year was donut holes from Dunkin Donuts! Such a FUN choice!
We loved being able to celebrate this special boy's upcoming birthday!
You only get to turn seven once, so...let the many birthday CELEBRATIONS begin!!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Emery's ONE YEAR Check Up...

This morning I took Emery to the doctor for her 12 month check up!
She is looking good and growing into such a sweet big girl!
She did have to get some shots today! She actually had to get 3 shots and a finger prick! Our nurse is super fast with them though, which always helps. Emery cried, but only for a moment!
The doctor came in and asked me all sorts of questions and went over a few things with me!
She checked Emery out and looked at her stats. This was the first time that Emery was actually ON the charts! Up until this point she has been off of them! Ha! I think she is really burning up some calories with all of that walking she's doing:)!
(Look at that sweet little band aid finger! Poor Emmy Lou!)
I am thankful that you are growing big and strong!