Monday, September 28, 2015

We've Got Spirit!

Last week Jake's school celebrated Spirit Week! Each day had a certain theme, so we had fun coming up with different costumes!
Some of the themes last week were Old vs. Young...
Jake dressed up like an old man:)
Professional Business vs. Professional Athlete...
This was probably Jake's favorite day! He was Lebron James and he was SO excited to dress like him! Ha!
They also had dress like your favorite Movie Character vs. Book Character day.
We had such a hard time picking out who Jake should be! There are so many characters that we LOVE, but we decided to keep it simple and do Flat Stanley! KK was Pete the Cat, a HUGE favorite of ours!
The celebration ended with everyone wearing BLUE and GOLD and enjoying a rainy day parade!
We had such a FUN time being a part of Spirit Week and CHEERING for our LIONS!

Saturday, September 26, 2015

An Afternoon At American Girl...

This afternoon the girls in my family all met up at the American Girl store for an afternoon of fun!
We were all there to celebrate cousin Sophie's 7th birthday! We thought it would be fun to browse the store and then enjoy a little birthday treat!
The store is just incredible and so much fun to walk through! The little girls were in heaven!
 My sister Jenny made all of the girls matching dresses and even made their special dolls a dress too!
They looked precious!
After we finished looking around a bit, the girls scheduled an appointment at the salon so that their dolls could get their hair done! While we were waiting we decided to go grab a birthday sweet treat in the food court!
 When we arrived back at the store, the girls got to pick out a new hair do and ribbons for their doll!

Sissy did not want to leave the store! She kept asking if she could shop around some more! She was having the best time making a wish list and finding the dolls that looked like her!

The little girls were just so sweet and loved their very special day out!
 It's always fun to have a little girl time! Thankful for sweet afternoons just like this!

Monday, September 21, 2015

When the Fair Comes to Town...

Each September, when the fair comes to town, the kids and I get so excited! We have gone several years now and it is probably one of my most favorite things that I get to do with my kids!
This year we invited my sister and Addy Kate to come with us which made our day extra fun!
We love going to see all of the animals and of course...Robinson's Racing Pigs!
This year I was SO VERY excited because Jake had a teacher work day scheduled at school,
so he got to come with us!
Sissy likes to look at all of the farm animals, but definitely keeps her distance. She is NOT an animal lover and thinks that they smell bad:) Ha!
My Parker had the BEST time!
He loved seeing the animals up close, but his favorite part was sitting on the tractors that were on display:)
 After we explored everything inside the arena, we headed outside to check a few more things out!

Since it was preschool day, the rides were not open, but we did get to walk around the midway and see some of the fun fair sights!
We didn't have too long before we had to find our seats for the racing pigs!
 The kids cheered loud and enjoyed watching the pigs run (and even swim) around the track for their Oreo cookie prize!

We had the BEST time at the fair! It was such a fun day and I am so glad that I got to spend it with my ALL of  my kiddos!

Friday, September 18, 2015

Grandparents are Special!

My kids are so lucky to have all of their grandparents close by!
We get to see them all quite often and get to make special memories with them!
Last week Jake's school had a very special Grandparents chapel. It's a special time to honor them and to let them know how much they are loved! This week Brooklyn and Parker's preschool also celebrated by having a Grandparents breakfast! I still remember my Grandparents coming to my school on Grandparents Day and I know my kids will remember theirs being a part too!
Matt's parents live right down the road from us. They are always making my kids feel special!
They are always there for my kids and love them unconditionally.
They cheer for them ball games, take them on special outings, and always treat them each year to a FUN night at Chuck E. Cheese!
  My parents are also close by! My kids always love to go to Mimi and Puppa's house for family parties, fishing, swimming, and fall bon fires!
Of course our very special time with them is our week at the beach!
 And Mimi is always good at finding a treat (or two) for her little friends enjoy:)
They pray for my kids and encourage them and are always willing to help out when they can!
I am thankful for the sweet relationships that my kids can experience with their grandparents
(and for all the help that Matt and I get with babysitting)!
Thank you for the special role you play in their lives!
 We love you and appreciate you!
Happy Grandparent's Day!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Big Party!

In honor of our upcoming Disney trip, I thought the perfect theme for Emery's first birthday would be a Minnie Mouse party! We had a super sweet celebration with our families and I absolutely LOVED how it all turned out!
We kept the celebration simple, but I did love adding a few special touches here and there!
It's always so fun planning for such a special day!
We are lucky enough to have so much of our family close by to help us celebrate such a special (and still very serious) little girl! We all enjoyed the evening by just hanging out in our backyard.
It was such a beautiful evening to be outside!
We had birthday snacks and treats for everyone to enjoy. We served Chip and Dale's Bean Dip, Mouse Ears (oreo cookies), Pluto's Popcorn, Donald's Cheese and Quackers, Hot Diggity Dogs (pigs in a blanket), Minnie's M and M's, and Chocolate E-Clarabelle (eclair).
After everyone snacked a was present time!
Emery got several sweet outfits (which she needed) and a few Minnie Mouse things for our trip!
(My sister Allison made her oh so precious Minnie shirt!)
I thought it would also be fun to plan a little birthday game, so we played pin the bow on Minnie!
(Sissy INSISTED on wearing her Minnie dress, which was just perfect for the party! Ha!) 

 We finished up our celebration with CAKE TIME!
It took Emery just a second to figure out what to do, but once she got that first taste, she didn't waste any time shoving it in! We all loved watching her enjoy her birthday cake (especially Parker, ha)!
 She ate  a good bit of cake before deciding that she was finished!
It was such a sweet night celebrating my girl!
Happy 1st Birthday, Emmy Lou!

We love you!
Daddy, Mommy, Jake, Brooklyn, and Parker

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Emery Caroline Is 12 Months!

Wow! I cannot believe that it has been an entire year since you joined our family!
This year has flown by! It has been so exciting to watch you grow! We are ALL so in love with you!
 You are a super sweet little girl with a very serious personality. You are more relaxed when it's just us around the house, but when others are around, you tend to only want me and you will not smile very easily...unless they take you outside;)!
 (This month I had the hardest time getting you to be still and to smile, but I did get a few precious pictures!)
You are wearing mostly 18-24 month clothes. You wear a size 4 shoe and a size 5 diaper.
You have 8 teeth. You have your two front teeth with two big molars popping in towards the back and then four teeth on the bottom!
You are still a great sleeper. You go to bed between 7:30 and 8 and wake up around 8 or so the next morning. You take one really good nap a day. It's usually around 11, but it does change sometimes because of all the drop off's and pick up's that we do:)
You are still a great eater! You do get a bottle several times throughout the day, but love to eat regular food too. You eat just about anything that we are eating and do a really good job at feeding yourself. I would say your favorite foods are spaghetti, mandarin oranges, melon, cheese quesadillas, pizza, French fries and grilled cheese or jelly sandwiches:) You love to snack on goldfish and love any kind of cookie:) You still don't care for scrambles eggs very much though!
On this particular day that I took your picture, you would only take it with your baby! If I took away your baby, you would pitch a fit! Ha!
You love baby dolls (especially if they make noises)! If I ask you to find your baby, you always bring me back one! You will cuddle them and be so sweet with them! I love it!
The biggest news this month is that you started WALKING! Just after you turned 11 months you really started taking some good steps. You got better and better and then just last week started to walk more than you crawl! You are getting pretty good now! It's so much fun to watch you go! We all cheer for you when you make it a good distance!
 You still LOVE to be outside and will often get super upset if we don't let you go! You love to ride in the Barbie Jeep with Brooklyn or in the little car that I push you around the cul-de-sac in.
You also love to push your grocery cart, but get very frustrated when you run into the wall or the furniture! Ha!
One of my favorite things that you do is to look around the dinner table and find everyone that I say. If I say, "Where's Daddy?", you look right over his way. You can find everyone in our family! Your brothers and sister love it too!
You HATE getting buckled up in your car seat. You throw a fit every time:)!
You still put everything in your mouth! I am constantly picking things up off of the ground because I know that you will stick them in your mouth!
And for some reason you like to play in the bathroom! If the door isn't shut you will be in there pulling off the toilet paper and messing with the potty! Ugh! You have also been found in the pantry several times pulling out baggies and throwing them on the floor or upstairs in our bathroom throwing cotton balls all over the floor! Oh, Emery Caroline:)!!!
Here are all of your monthly pictures from this year! Look how big you grew! 
What a sweet, sweet girl you are and I am so thankful that you are mine!
 Happy 12 months, Emmy Lou!
We love you sweet girl!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The First Day of Preschool

Yesterday I dropped these two precious ones off at preschool! They were a little nervous about the first day, but ended up having a fantastic time! I am so glad that they are able to enjoy being at preschool together this year! They are just right down the hall from each other! 
Brooklyn teared up a bit when we dropped her off, but she did her best to be brave! She has some familiar friends in her class and knows the preschool routine already, so I know that helped!
When I picked her up she was all smiles and had a book bag full of crafts, so I know it was a good day!
 Parker was definitely nervous about going to preschool! I was so excited for him to be going, but my heart broke when I saw the tears running down his cheeks as we dropped him off. It didn't take long for him to get comfortable though and he was just fine when Matt peeked at him through the classroom window moments later! He was playing playdough and Legos and his good buddy Wyatt was close by!
When I picked him up he came RUNNING out with a HUGE smile on his face and gave me the BEST hug ever! He had a super day with Ms. Shana and all of his friends! He played on the playground, read "The Kissing Hand", ate his lunch, and even helped Ms. Shana during calendar time!
 Boy, did I miss these two while they were gone! My house was way quieter than normal!
I am so glad that they had a great first day!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Apples, Apples, Apples!

 This past Saturday we took a quick day trip up to the mountains to go apple picking!
 Last year we went a little too late in the season (we were a bit busy with a new baby) and missed all of our favorite kinds of apples, so we made sure to make our trip a little earlier this year. We had no trouble finding our favorites! The trees were covered with them!
Jake is really good at climbing high up in the trees and picking some of the yummy ones from the very top! He is not really an apple fan, but definitely found some sweet ones for us to eat!

Sissy is really good at finding the best apples too! She ran from tree to tree with her buddy Ty and was super quick at filling her bucket up!
Parker is an apple LOVER! He probably ate three or four while we were out in the orchard! Ha!
He also had fun picking the rotten ones up off of the ground and throwing them at Jake:)! Stinker!
It was so fun to take this sweet girl with us this year! She was just a teeny tiny baby when we went last year!
Emery loved riding on the wagon with the apples! She likes to eat apples too! Her buddy Parker would sneak her a few bites of his apples every now and then:)
Because the trees were so full it didn't take us long to get all of the apples that we needed!
We made sure we got all that we needed to enjoy with our homemade carmel dip and for my Grandma to make us some applesauce! (She makes the BEST!)
We finished up in the orchard and then headed back up to eat our picnic lunch!
And of course we saved room for some apple donuts!
Our day finished up with a hayride around the orchard. It was such a pleasant day to be outside and to take a ride on the wagon!
After such a fun day, we are excited that fall is right around the corner!
We have so many more fun fall things to look forward to!