Friday, June 26, 2015

This Weeks Summer Stops

This week has once again been filled with some good SUMMER FUN!
We've kept ourselves busy and have even managed to cross off a few items on our bucket list!
The biggest thing that we had going on this week was VBS!
Jake and Sis were able to be a part of such a fun week and I got a chance to spend some sweet time at home with just Parker and Emery! Matt also had a huge part at VBS each night. He was over all of the game time at our campus. It sure made for a busy week, but it was well worth it for sure:)
We also made time to enjoy some summer fun with a few of our friends...
We met up one morning with Holly and her crew at the Duke Energy Explorium. We enjoyed a quick picnic lunch and then took a good little hike (whew!) around the lake. The highlight for the kids came at the end of our hike though! We found a great little spot for them to get a bit wet and then they had fun searching for empty clam shells in the water:)!
We also had a pizza party one afternoon with some of our best buddies (Brady, Cooper, and Ruby) at their pool!

We ate and then swam for a few hours together! It was a great way to beat this summer heat wave that we are having:)

 We finished up this week with some more swimming at our pool...
 and just a little playtime and relaxing around the house!
We are definitely looking forward to the weekend ahead!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Happy Father's Day 2015

There are SO MANY things that I LOVE about this picture...
My kids are extra lucky to have a daddy like him!
Matt is a one of a kind daddy who leads well, loves well, and serves us well.
He tries to make each one of our kids feel extra special and important. Jake and Parker look up to him and always want to do exactly what he does. They LOVE to tag along with him on his errands or spend the day with him at the ball fields. Brooklyn definitely has her daddy's heart:). She is a daddy's girl for sure! She loves to cuddle with him and have his undivided attention! Emery loves her daddy too! She is getting to the age where she will interact and play with Matt. He will throw her up into the air or play peek a boo with her...and she loves it:)!
We love having a day that we can celebrate one of the BEST daddy's around!
We love you, Matt!
After we got home from church on Sunday, we had Matt's parents over for a Father's Day lunch.
Matt loves and cares about his Dad very much. They are super close and are great friends.
I'm so thankful for the Godly man that they raised for me to love!
Sunday afternoon we headed over to my parents to celebrate MY dad!
The SIX of us are super lucky to have a Dad who loves us, cares for us, prays for us, and was a Godly leader and example in our home growing up.
We ALL LOVE him very much and are thankful for him!

Happy Father's Day to THE MOST IMPORTANT men in our lives!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Emery Caroline's 9 Month Check Up

This little one went for her 9 month check up today!
Dr. B said that she is looking great and is growing into a healthy little girl!
There were no shots today! Yay! We just chatted about some of the fun things that EC is doing these days!
Her next check up is at 12 months!

Friday, June 19, 2015

Cousin Camp 2015

Our family just completed our very first year of "Cousin Camp"!
Everyone was such a good sport and had a blast spending the day together!
All NINE cousins got together for a very hot, very fun, very wet, and VERY MESSY day of camp!
We started our day by getting a little bit sticky...

The goal was to eat the donut off of the string without using your hands, but as you can see from the pictures there was a little cheating going on:)

The cookie game is always a big hit with the little ones!
It's a bit challenging, but somehow the entire bag of Oreos were eaten all up:)

We then moved things to the big backyard!
We cranked up the music and had some fun with the parachute!

While we were out there we decided that some relay races would be super fun!

The kids raced around cones with tennis balls between their knees and then did a few races with a cousin buddy!

After several relay's it was time to cool off in the shade.
We read a fun book called "The Marshmallow Incident" and had a little down time building with toothpicks and marshmallows.
I mean, what's camp without marshmallows???

Next up was everyone's favorite!!! It was time to get MESSY!
 These games were absolutely hilarious!

First up was the pudding game!
The cousins were paired up and blindfolded. They had to see how quickly they could feed their partner a cup of chocolate pudding!

Everyone was CHEERING and LAUGHING so hard! It was GREAT!

This next game was my favorite!
The cousins looked hilarious in their shower caps:)

The goal was to get as many cheeseballs as you could to stick in the shaving cream that was on top of your head! Such a great game!

Mimi and Grandma were champs at this game! Ha!

By this time everyone was getting HOT, so we brought out the water games to cool things off!

Water was going everywhere, but no one seemed to mind too much:)

Our day of camp finished up with a hot dog lunch and a slice of this yummy dessert...
And of course a BIG SPLASH in the pool to cool us down AND to clean us off:)
There were so many smiles and giggles throughout the day!
The kids were asking if we could have "Cousin Camp" everyday!
I think we have started a new SUMMERTIME tradition:)

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

When You're On Your Own...

The kids and I have been on our own for the past few days while Matt has been out of town.
We have tried to keep ourselves busy until he gets back home later on today!
We decided to do a few of our favorite summer things to make the time pass quicker!
We took a class one morning at the Nature Museum and then played on the super shady playground!

We had a fun time until we saw a BIG black rat snake slithering around the park! YIKES!

We also headed to ImagionOn to see the new Clifford exhibit and to catch the FIRST Terrific Tuesday of the summer! The kids LOVED it and sat so good through the entire performance, even Emery did fabulous!
This is always one of our favorite places, but it was a bit crowded. We would like to go back again because we really didn't get to see all that we wanted to.

We also made time for a little swimming! We have had some HOT weather around here (several days close to or in the 100's), so there is no place we like better!
(This might be one of my favorite pics of EC! So glad she loves the pool like the rest of us!)
She was having the BEST time!

 We have one more fun thing to do before Matt gets home later on today and it might just be the HIGHLIGHT of our summer!
I can't wait to share!!!

Friday, June 12, 2015

Emery Caroline is 9 Months!

And just like that Emery Caroline is 9 months old!
She's been here as long as I carried her! Just crazy!
We love having her as part of our family! She is such an easy going and sweet girl!
She is growing up so fast! We go for her check up in a few weeks, so I'm not sure of her stats.
She is wearing mostly 12-18 month clothes, a size 2 shoe and a size 4 diaper.
You are still drinking several bottles throughout the day, but you do pretty well at eating table food too!
I always give you a little bit of what we are having. You've had noodles, bread, green beans, cheerios, puffs, applesauce, yogurt, and jelly sandwiches, and whatever else Parker has given you;)
You are still taking one or two good naps a day, but are pretty flexible where and when you nap, especially since we are on our summer schedule:)
You go to sleep around 7:30pm and will sleep until about 7:30 or so the next morning!
I love rocking you at night before bed! You drink your last bottle and always snuggle right in with me. I love looking at you and seeing how sweet you are! Your little fingers and toes are SO precious:)
You still sleep on your back with your arms up by your head.
You usually stay in that position all night!

 You are crawling all over the place and are pulling up on everything!
We had to lower your crib mattress a few weeks ago because this is how we were starting to find you in the mornings and after naps!
You also put everything in your mouth! I am always having to keep an eye out for things on the floor!
You say Dadda sometimes and Mmmm (which I say is Mamma). Ha!
You have two top teeth and two bottom teeth with a few more starting to pop through!
You LOVE to go to the pool with us! Sometimes you like to splash and swim and then other times you sit in your stroller with your feet up on the tray and just watch us! Ha!
(This was how you were really feeling about taking your picture on this particular day!)

You are still a pretty serious baby. You still make us work hard for a smile or a giggle.
You LOVE to be with me. You will go to other people (sometimes), but will always look for me:) 

 And just for is Brooklyn at 9 months wearing the same outfit as EC was wearing in some of her pics from this month:) I think you girls look a lot a like!
(Everyone says though that you look just like your daddy and I do agree with them!)
Happy 9 Months Emery girl!
We love you!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

A Favorite Week of Summer

This is one of my most favorite weeks of summer. Most kids are still in school or just finishing up, and no one is really taking any field trips, so we get to enjoy a few of our favorite places with minimal crowds:)
One of the splash pads/parks that we like to visit opened up this week, so we decided to go have some fun and get a little wet:)
We made it to the park by mid morning, just while it was starting to warm up!

After we played for while, we decided that it was time to cool off!
We changed into our suits and then hit the water!
The kids splashed for a long time and then took a break for a little picnic lunch!

Emery loved her time at the park and splash pad too. She's such an easy going baby!

We are also still enjoying having our neighborhood pool pretty much to ourselves!
Since it's usually very quiet, we decided to have a play date with Ruby and her mom again!
These girls:)!

Another morning this week we decided to cross off a summer bucket list item!
Since we had such a fabulous time at DS a few weeks ago, we decided to visit another garden that is right down the road from us!

We tried to head out as early as we could because we didn't want it to get too hot:)

We explored the greenhouse first where we ran into this guy...

Then we went for a good little hike to see the outside gardens.
The big kids did great, but I pushed Emery in the stroller, which was a little bit hard going up the hills and on the gravel.

After we finished up at the gardens I took the kids to the local bookstore to turn in their summer reading slips. This bookstore is hosting a summer reading program to encourage kids to read throughout the summer. Every ten books that are read, you receive a $5.00 credit to use on anything in the store! Sissy found a few things to cash in on, but Jake decided to keep saving his:)

Isn't summer just the best?!?!?
Nothing but FuN!!!

Monday, June 8, 2015

A Little Getaway For Us!

Matt and I just got back from a little weekend getaway!
We actually celebrated our 9 year anniversary a few weeks ago, so even though this wasn't an anniversary trip, it was nice to get away by ourselves! We left the kids with my sister, Allison. I knew they were in the best hands. This was the first time that Matt and I had ever both been away from them!
We got to spend the weekend together at the Ballantyne Resort which is super fancy! We were apart of a weekend designed just for coaches and their wives. It was called Coaches Time Out. It is a weekend designed for coaching families to connect and encourage one another. We were able to meet and spend time with several other coaching families from around our community (as well as around the entire country).
We heard from several professional athletes and their wives on many different topics. Some of my favorite speakers were Jon and Jeni Kitna.
They spoke on marriage and I learned several things from them!
We attended breakout sessions throughout the weekend as well. I went to one about being a coach's wife (I could relate to many things in this little video) and then Matt and I attended one together on personalities in marriage which was taught by Jon and Laura Kasey!
We were pampered all weekend as guests in the hotel! Every meal that was served to us was delicious! We even had some free time on Saturday to enjoy the pool!
Matt and I had several good conversations throughout the weekend about what coaching means to our family and what it will look like for us in the future.
God has given him a huge heart and passion for it. I am thankful that God chose us to be together. He is the best man for me and I love him so much!
I am always so thankful for the time that we get to have together.
We don't get it often, so it was very refreshing for both of us!