Friday, April 24, 2015

Happy HALF Day!!!

Today Jake had a half day of school!
The weather has been so pretty, so we made plans for an after school picnic at the park!
We went to one of our favorite parks that just so happens to be right down the road from us!
We enjoyed a picnic lunch under one of the shelters and then walked down to the water to feed the fish and turtles!
The park also has some great walking trails, so we took some time and enjoyed those next!
Emery LOVED being outside!
She even got a little sun on her arms today:)!
We finished up our afternoon by enjoying the playground!
The kids ran around until they were too hot and sweaty to run anymore!
We LOVE half days, but we really love knowing that there are just a few more school days left this year!
Whoo hoo!!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Our Easter Sunday

Easter with our family was celebrated just a little bit later than normal this year.
Easter weekend Brooklyn woke up with a fever and a sick tummy (and so did my parents), so our plans had to be rescheduled to this past weekend.
Emery got to celebrate her very first Easter this year!
So very sweet!
Everyone headed over to my parents house after church and enjoyed an egg hunt, some lunch, and a little fishing:)
After lunch some of the crew headed down to the pond to see what they could catch!
Matt and Parker caught this little guy:)

It was a BEAUTIFUL day to celebrate our RISEN Savior and to be with family and friends!

And here is just a yummy recipe that I made this year for Easter that you might want to try!
It's called Sundrop Pound Cake.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Spring Break Snapshots

We have been having so much fun this week while Jake has been on spring break!
We have enjoyed the perfect mix of fun and rest! We have gone out and done a few fun things, but have also spent LOTS of time just playing outside with friends and being around the house!
It's been SO nice to not have any lunches to pack and to be able to let the kids play until it's too dark outside to play anymore!!!!
Jake and his buddy Hayden have had some good fun together!
Jake's other good buddy Jay, invited us to play at Defy Gravity one morning which was super fun.
We have been a few times in the last few weeks and my boys don't seem to ever get tired of it! Ha!
We also had fun roller skating one night!
Jake really enjoyed skating and got better as the night went on! Parker LOVED it too, although he kept thinking he was ice skating:) He barley stopped to take a break the entire night! Sissy had a little bit of a harder time! Ha! She could barley stand up! Everyone took a few spills, but we had the BEST time!

 We also took a day and visited Dan Nicholas park! We have been the past several years! We had a GREAT day, but it was HOT!
 We walked around a while and then tried to find a spot in the shade to cool off while we ate our picnic lunch!
 The kids rode the train and the carousel , visited the petting zoo, played on the playground, and found some gems!
It was a FULL day of FUN in the sun!
We finished up the week with some free tickets to the Charlotte Checkers game. Matt took the big kids to the game and they got to sit on the FRONT ROW!
I have to say that our spring break was AWESOME!
The countdown to SUMMER is on! Whoo hoo!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Emery Caroline is 7 months!

My sweet (and serious) Emery Caroline is 7 months old today!
How did that happen so quickly?
She is at one of my favorite ages right now. She can sit and play and is starting to scoot around just a bit, but is still little and cuddly and needs me a whole bunch:)
She is a mommy's girl and has been for a while now. I feel like even in these last few weeks she has become even more attached to me. She wants to me hold her (a lot) and if I set her down to play with her toys, she immediately reaches for me. It's been quite a challenge to get things done lately! Ha!
You are wearing size 12-18 months clothes and a size 4 diaper. You wear a size 2 shoe.
You still take several bottles throughout the day. They are usually 7-8oz. We are still working on giving you baby food. You are NOT a fan and you really have NO interest. I decided to put it on hold for now and try again in a few weeks
You usually go down for bed around 8 and will sleep all the way until 7:30 or 8 the next morning. You are always ready for a nap about 2 hours after you wake up and then will take another nap in the afternoon at some point. You definitely have to be flexible with your schedule, but you are good at going with the flow.
You have found your tongue recently and will stick it out or blow raspberries at us:)
It is so funny:)!
You still just have those two sweet bottom teeth. I don't think anymore have popped through yet!

 You aren't crawling yet, but are super close. You are definitely figuring it out! It won't be long until you are off and all over the place trying to keep up with your big brothers and sister!

You love to be outside to watch the kids play and you also love to take walks with me.
We all love trying to get you to smile and we all love to kiss and squeeze you:)
We just can't resist those cheeks:)!
We love you Emery Caroline and are thankful for you!
Happy 7 Months to you, baby girl!
Daddy, Mommy, Jake, Sis, and Parker

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Opening Day for T-Ball!

Today was OPENING DAY for the 2015 t-ball season!
Both Jake and Sis are playing this year and they were so excited!
Matt is coaching their team along with a few of the other dads and we are on a team with several of our good friends from our Sunday school class!

This is Brooklyn's first year playing. She has been practicing so hard and was ready to go until game time this morning. She got SO nervous! It took her a little bit to get going, but once she did...she was AWESOME!
(Check out those PINK cleats!)

This is Jake's third season of t-ball and today he was off to a FANTASTIC start!

The kids played a great game AND they pulled out a BIG WIN...15-2!

It was a GORGEOUS day to be outside cheering on my favorite little All-Stars!
We are all ready for an exciting season!

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Easter Is On Its Way!

The kids and I have been having some sweet Easter fun over the last few days.
Brooklyn celebrated with her preschool class last week before they left for spring break!
They enjoyed an egg hunt and some Easter snacks.
Then on Thursday, Jake had his Easter party! The kids and I got to go and celebrate with him.
The school had an Easter chapel first thing in the morning and then his class had an egg hunt and a sweet little party.
School was just a half day, but as soon as his class started wrapping things up, we headed on out to start our SPRING BREAK! 

Later on in the afternoon, Jake's teacher (and our neighbor) invited my big three over to her house to dye some Easter eggs and have a pizza party! She was so sweet to have them over for some messy fun and my kids had a blast!
On Friday, we decided to head to the new park uptown to walk around and enjoy an Easter egg hunt.

It was SUCH a beautiful day! The weather was just gorgeous!
And my SWEET girl...LOVE her:) She looks so big to me!
The kids ran around the big lawn for the longest time while waiting for the egg hunt to begin.
Once the whistle blew, there was a mad dash to pick up all of the eggs on the field!
 The kids had full baskets and big smiles and even a little sunburn on their faces:)