Wednesday, December 30, 2015

A Very Merry Christmas Morning!

We had a very sweet, simple, and low key Christmas day!
 The kids woke up around 8:00 to find that Santa had come and left lots of gifts to open!
 An Xbox was at the top of this boys list this year! He was super excited to find one under the tree with his name on it! Whoo hoo!
 Sissy also had a few things that she was hoping for this year! She must have been a good girl, because she was lucky enough to receive them all! Her top wishes were Anna and Elsa Barbie dolls, a Barbie Dream House (which is HUGE!), and a new battery for her Barbie jeep!
She was so fun to watch as she opened each gift!
She would tear through the paper and say Yes! Yes! Yes!
Parker found some great gifts under the tree for him too! He loved his remote control car, his  Foosball table, an Iron Man figurine, and his new Go Fish CD!
 (He was really hoping for an IPad, but Santa knew we didn't need another one of those around here!)

 Emery was so fun to watch this Christmas! She just kind of walked around and took everything in!
She loved finding a new baby doll stroller under the tree for her to have fun with! She LOVES playing with babies, so it was perfect!
 My girl with her scrunchie nose smile:)!
 Matt really wanted the new Madden game, so that's what the kids and I got him...
 And they got me a canvas print of some family pictures that we took recently!
 Later on that morning Matt's parents came over to spend time with us!
Of course they came with more gifts for the kids!

Matt cooked us a yummy breakfast to enjoy together and then we spent the rest of the morning just hanging out with Memaw and Papa...

and playing a few of our new games:)

It was such a nice, relaxing morning celebrating Christmas together!

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

One Big Merry Christmas Eve!

We had such a sweet Christmas Eve with my family!
This is always the time that we get to be together to celebrate!
I always feel like each year just gets better and better...
even though we have the same traditions each year!
We always gather at my parent's house for appetizers and Christmas treats!
Everyone brings a few of their favorite things to share and we always have plenty!
After everyone has a full belly...
And we can't keep the kids around the table any longer...
We head to the family room to open gifts!
We try our best to keep the Christmas chaos to a minimum,
 But there is obviously a lot of JOY and EXCITEMENT in that room!

I am thankful to be apart of such a BIG family!

We are blessed to have each other...
and that everyone lives close by!

After all of the gifts were opened, the little ones changed into their jammies and got ready to head home to wait for Santa!
It was a Very Merry Christmas Eve!


Monday, December 28, 2015

A Whole Lot of Sprinkles Going On!

I love to bake over the holidays!
I always have my favorites that I do, but nothing beats a morning of sugar cookie fun over at Mimi's house!
 All of us gather together for an afternoon of icing, sprinkles, and lots of sugar!
We have baked cookies together for YEARS...since I was a little girl!
Cookies are always piled HIGH with yummy goodness...
And you might see a few icing mustaches, but the Christmas chaos around that table is so sweet!
And here are a few special pic from this year...
Us girls with my Grandma and cousin...
And my Grandma with her great grands!
It was definitely a "sweet" time together!

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Twas' The Days Before Christmas...

The Christmas season is always full of family time for us!
As soon as all of the big kids finished up school last Friday, we started making plans for some of our most favorite Christmas traditions!
Every year we fit in a special visit to the Ballantyne Hotel to visit Gingerbread Lane!
 This year, SIXTEEN of us enjoyed strolling through and looking at all of the amazing creations!
 We are always amazed at what people enter into the competition each year and we always enjoy picking out our favorites!
After we finish up at the hotel...
we always grab a quick bite to eat at a nearby Wendy's!

 My brother Steve came and met us all since he works nearby!
It's such a simple, fun night!

 We all love celebrating the Christmas season together!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Sunday, December 20, 2015

The Days of December...

December is in FULL swing over at our house! We did have a bit of sickness strike our house at the beginning of the week, but everyone seems to be much better, just in time for lots of December fun!
Brooklyn had her Christmas party at school on Tuesday. Her class did a book exchange, had party food, and enjoyed a visit from Santa himself!
Parker missed some preschool days this week, but made it back in time for his class Christmas party! Everyone came to school in their jammies and Mrs. Shana made them all a waffle breakfast to enjoy! They also did a book exchange and made lots of Christmas crafts!
This week, the entire first grade from Jake's school visited an assisted living home where they sang some Christmas carols and visited with the residents. They also brought some sweet hand made cards to pass out! The best part of the morning was hearing the entire first grade recite the Christmas story from Luke 2. It was AMAZING! So thankful that he was able to share the true meaning of Christmas!
Thursday night this Christmas beauty performed in her preschool program!
She was sooo nervous and told me that she wanted to skip school the rest of her life! Ha!

She ended up doing a WONDERFUL job! I enjoyed every sweet song that she sang!
Matt and I were super proud of her! She worked so hard and the night was just precious!
 KK came to hear her sing...
And so did Mimi and Grandma...
And Memaw and Poppa!
Then on Friday morning we were up and at em' early!
I was helping with Jake's class Christmas party, so we had to be at school early!
 My girls came with me, while Parker stayed with his Poppa for the morning.
Brooklyn was my little helper!
The party was fantastic! The kids had so much fun eating, crafting, playing games, and doing a book exchange!
I ended up having to scoot out just a few minutes early because Emery started to not feel good. These two didn't mind too much though because it was officially CHRISTMAS BREAK!!! Whoo hoo!
We wrapped up our busy week with a GRAND Christmas party!
And when I say GRAND that is just what it is!
We have some very sweet and wonderful friends that host a HUGE Christmas party each year!
Good food, beautiful ice sculptures, and even a photo booth this year (which my kids LOVED)!
It is really unbelievable!
It's always fun to go to and catch up with friends and enjoy the Christmas season together!