Monday, October 27, 2014

Pumpkin Patch Hoppin'

One of my most favorite fall things is enjoying the PUMPKIN PATCH as a family:)
We did a little patch hoppin' this year and enjoyed two different patches!
Last Tuesday when Matt got home from work we went to Hall Family Farm.
This is the same place that we love to pick strawberries at each spring!
They have the most amazing farm with TONS of things to do! The kids LOVED the giant firetruck slide, tricycles, and water play area.
After some playtime, we hopped on a wagon for a ride around the farm while we sipped on some yummy apple slushies:)
Then on Friday, I decided to take the kids to a patch that is super close to our house! We have visited Hodges Farm for the past few years and we LOVE it too! The weather was GORGEOUS and was just perfect for a fun morning out!

The kids were most excited to see some of the animals that they have and of course jump on the haystacks that are at the farm!
I also love capturing some sweet photos of my kids at the pumpkin patch.
This year, I think I got some really sweet ones:)
I LOVE this boy:)

And this girl looks so grown up to me!
And oh so precious sisters at the patch!

I have really enjoyed the memories that we have made this fall so far!
Thankful for cooler weather, yummy pumpkin treats, and my family to share them with!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Sweet Six Weeks!

This little love of mine is six weeks old today!
Right around six weeks is when my others started to smile...
so, we are hoping for some sweet grins soon!
(And as a gift to me EC gave me a six hour stretch last night! Whoo hoo!)

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

It's Spectacular Being SIX!

We spent several days last week celebrating this AMAZING boy turning SIX!
Each year for his birthday his Poppa and Memaw treat him to a VERY SPECIAL birthday celebration at Chuck E. Cheese.
Everyone always has such a fun time!
He ran from game to game trying to earn as many tickets as he could:)
We had a pizza dinner and then cashed in on all of our hard earned tickets!

Then on Wednesday (his real birthday), Matt and I (and the rest of our little crew) decided to join him for a birthday lunch at school! Matt brought him McDonalds and then we passed out birthday brownies (his special request) to his class!
The fun didn't stop there!
Because our family is so big, we have always done just a family birthday party. This year I felt that Jake would really enjoy having a little bit bigger party and inviting some of his good buddies.
We decided to have a LEGO themed party and use the church gym for the celebration!
Jake is REALLY into LEGOS these days and boy, did his buddies spoil him with some neat sets!
We had one more party planned and that was with my family. We have several October/November birthdays in my family, so we had one BIG celebration for EVERYONE!
We grilled out hamburgers and hot dogs and then made s'mores around the fire pit!
What a FULL week of LOVING on my big SIX year old!
Happy Birthday, buddy!
I hope you felt loved on your very special day!
Daddy, Mommy, Brooklyn, Parker, and Emery Caroline

Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Perfect Day at the Patch!

Yesterday I was lucky enough to join Jake on his FIRST KINDERGARTEN field trip!
We were both so excited to spend a FUN day together. The kindergarten classes were going to spend the morning at Riverbend Farm! The weather was just GORGEOUS and we had the best time making some SWEET memories together...just the two of us:)!
When we got there, we jumped on a wagon for a ride around the patch. It dropped us off right in the middle of the pumpkin patch where everyone was able to pick out their very own pumpkin. Jake and I were looking for a couple of good ones for our porch:)
After we picked out our pumpkins we hopped back on the wagon. It took us to a fun play area where the kids could run and play for a while and see and feed some farm animals.
We finished up our morning with a picnic lunch before checking out of school for the day a little bit early:)
What a super day with my sweet boy!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Happy 6th Birthday, Jake!

Today we get to celebrate this boy's 6th birthday!
We are thankful for the sweet, fun, CrAzY, handsome, smart, one of a kind boy that YOU are!
You are loved by so many, Jake!
Wishing you lots of birthday fun and sweet surprises!
Dad, Mom, Sissy, Parker and Emery

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Emery's One Month Appointment

This morning Parker and I took Emery to the doctor for her one month check up.

She weighed 11lbs. 7oz. (95%).
She was 22 1/2" long (90%) and her head circumference was 38cm. (70%).

Dr. Black asked me several questions about her eating and sleeping and then checked her out from head to toe! She is looking great and is such a sweet and healthy baby!

Hoping that in the next few weeks we will start to see some sweet smiles:)

Monday, October 13, 2014

It's Apple Time!

This past Saturday we made our annual trip to the orchards to apple pick. We found a great little place last year and decided to head back again this year for some more apple picking fun. We went with some good friends of ours and we all had a great time, despite a slight drizzle:)

We actually went a bit later this year (we were a bit busy in September with a new baby!) and we were a little sad because some of our favorite types of apples were already finished up for the season.
Most of the apples that were left were picked over, but the kids still had fun hunting for the best ones available!
The kids climbed high and looked low and filled their buckets up with some of the best ones they could find!
The apples were ALMOST as sweet and my TWO favorite GIRLS:)

After we finished up with our picking, we found some shelter and enjoyed some delicious apple donuts. They were SO good!

We have already eaten several of the apples that we brought home. I haven't baked with them yet, but have enjoyed them the most with the homemade caramel dip that the kids and I have been making.
I am going to share the two recipes that I have used. You MUST go make some of this right now;)!
Caramel Dip for Apples
1 (8oz) block of cream cheese
1/2 cup dark brown sugar
1tsp. vanilla
2-3 apples
Soften cream cheese slightly in microwave. Combine all ingredients and stir until blended. Refrigerate for one hour and then stir before serving. Slice apples into wedges just before serving.
The other recipe you can find here.
Both of these are super easy and really, really yummy:)!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Happy 1 Month, Emery Caroline!

Today my sweet Emery Caroline is 1 month old!
She is such a good baby and is still eating and sleeping so well.
We will go on Tuesday for her one month check-up, so I will get all of her official stats then.
I know she is getting bigger though because some of her tiny clothes are already snug:)
Right now she is wearing 3 month clothes and a size 1 diaper.
She definitely has more awake times then she used to. Sometimes she will just be looking all over the place taking it all in! At night I am getting more sleep than I thought I would. She has consistently given me good 3 1/2-4 hour stretches.
She is definitely a good eater too. It is super easy for me to pump all of her bottles which means I have lots of little helpers that LOVE to help feed her:)

She will eat 4-5oz. during a feeding and likes to eat quite often during the day (every 2 hours or so) and then goes those longer stretches at night.
She likes to be held, but will be content in the bouncy seat or swing for a few minutes when I need to get something done.
I love to just sit and hold my sweet girl (whenever I have the opportunity to just sit, ha) and I love to kiss her sweet head and smell her sweet baby smell! I also LOVE when I am feeding her and her little hand holds my finger as she eats.
Sometimes I just look at her and am completely amazed that she is mine!
I love you baby girl!
You are absolutely precious to me and we love you so much!
Happy 1 month, EC!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Overwhelmed With Kindness...

Our family has been SO blessed by SO many during this season of our lives.
I am completely OVERWHELMED by the kindness that has been shown to us.
Matt and I are lucky to have so many wonderful friends that care about us!
We are a part of a WONDERFUL Sunday school class. We have had countless visitors stop by and several nights of dinners brought to us that we have enjoyed as well.
We are so grateful for each and every one.
I am also lucky enough to have some WONDERFUL girlfriends in my life.
I have always prayed that the Lord would send me some sweet girlfriends to walk through life with, and He has definitely answered my prayers.
The week before I was due to have Emery, my sweet friend Emily surprised me with an afternoon out. She picked me up and treated me to a pedicure! We had THE BEST time together! And yesterday she stopped by the house to help with EC and brought me lunch and stayed for a fun visit!
She is a true treasure in my life.
Then, the night before Emery was due, Matt had to work late and I was feeling a bit overwhelmed trying to get some last minute things done. My friend Stacey, dropped everything and gave up her evening at home to come and help me! She helped me with bath time, read stories to my kids, and even vacuumed my house for me. I was SO thankful!
Another one of my most amazing friends, Amory, stopped by my house early one morning to drop off some of the yummiest treats ever and has offered countless times to help me with whatever I might need! She is the BEST!
Then again this week, I was BLOWN AWAY when I received an e-mail from my beautiful friend, Lindsey, letting me know that her family wanted to show me KINDNESS by babysitting the kids for me so I could have the morning to do whatever I wanted/needed to do
(even if I just wanted to take a nap)!
Tomorrow, my SS teacher's wife, Ashley, is stopping by for a visit and is bringing me lunch! Wow!
I have felt so loved over these last few weeks and am just amazed at all of the LOVE that has been showered on us!
Thank you to each and every one of you that has BLESSED our family!
We are grateful for you!