Monday, September 29, 2014

Two Week Check-Up

My sweet Emery Caroline is just over two weeks old. She went for her two week check up today and is doing fantastic!
She weighs 9lbs. 1oz. (75%) and is 21 1/4" long (82%).
Her head circumference is 36.5cm (62%).
Here are a few pics that I have taken over the last few days...
So precious! I could eat her up! LOVE those little lips;)
And my big boy Parker helping me out...
He is always asking to hold the baby! He talks so sweet to her and says, "Hey Girl".
Thankful that I get to spend my days with these little ones!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The First Few Days...

We are really enjoying our sweet little Emery!
She is almost two weeks old now and we are trying to soak in every tiny moment with her! There is just something so sweet about having a newborn in the house!
She is such a precious baby and we have absolutely fallen in LOVE with her!
After such a BUSY and FUN summer, we have really been enjoying more of a slower pace around our house. Matt didn't take any days off of work after she was born, but has been in and out to help as much as he can.  
I have to go back just a little and jot down a few things that I don't want to forget about these first few days...
Emery is sleeping GREAT! I am getting more sleep than I ever thought I would! The first week she slept all the time, but these last few days we have seen her awake just a little bit more:)
At night she will usually give me a good 3-3 1/2 hour stretch.
She is a great eater too (no surprise there)! Ha! She can easily guzzle 3 1/2 oz. during a feeding.
Here she is after her first bath...
She cried just a little, but we made it quick and warmed her back up in no time:)
She also had her first little doctor appointment just a few days after we got home.
They needed to do a weight check on her and also make sure she is looking good and healthy!

At this first appointment she was 7lbs. 3 oz. (30%) which was just a bit lower than when we left the hospital (7lbs. 5oz.). We had to go back again later on in the week for another weight check to make sure that she was gaining weight. She was 7lbs. 10oz. at that appointment! Almost back up to birth weight. Yay!
She was around 20" long (55%) and her head circumference was 34.5cm. (30%) .
She didn't have any jaundice at the hospital, but the doctor wanted to just double check at her appointment. She ended up looking just fine!
Here is my girl at just four days old...

And here she is today at twelve days old!
What joy she has already brought to our home!
We love you, Emery!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Happy BIRTHday, Emery!

This time last week we were anxiously awaiting on my sweet EC to arrive!
Our day did not go quite as we thought,
but she arrived in her own time and is just as precious as can be!

Last Friday I was scheduled for an elective induction. The hospital was VERY busy that day so we didn't know if a bed would become available for me, but thank goodness at around 8:00 that morning we got the call that said for us to head on in!
We arrived at the hospital around 9:30 and got settled into our room.
Our nurse, Desirae, was so great. She was so sweet and fun and took good care of us:)
We decided that because I tend to move quite quickly through the labor and delivery process, that I should go ahead and get my epidural sooner rather than later. I received that at 2:00pm and had my water broken (so we thought) at around 3:20. After a few hours of making little progress, I started to question a few things, but because the hospital was SO BUSY everything took forever! My doctor came in from time to time to check on me, but it wasn't until 8:00 that night that he realized that my water was only partially broken and sweet Emery had created what was like a little cork which meant my body didn't realize what to do! Finally, after that realization, he broke the rest of my water and at 9:23pm. (a quick hour and a half later) Emery made her grand entrance!
She was my tiniest baby, but not by much:) She weighed 7lbs. 12oz. and was 20.5 inches long.
It took her a little while to start breathing good and strong on her own, but within a few minutes she was doing super:)

It was a LONG day with lots of sitting and waiting, but she was well worth the wait!
Here she is getting her little footprints made and getting her first bath, all at around 12:45 in the morning! Whew!

We were moved to our next room at 2:00am. We were all so tired!
Matt wasn't planning to stay the night with me, but ended up staying because of the way our day went. I was SO glad that he stayed! I just wanted him there with me:)
The plan was to let the kids come up after she was born, but because we never anticipated the way our day went, they had to wait until the next day. We were all so disappointed:(.
But, the next morning, bright and early, Matt went home to pick them up!
I was SO looking forward to them coming up! They were so very excited to meet their new baby sis!

This was one of my most favorite moments of the whole experience!
They were all just so precious with her!

Jake wanted to hold her first. He did such a great job and will make a super duper big brother (x3). Sissy instantly fell in love with her new "baby doll"! Ha! She has already been such a sweet big sister. She is a huge help to me and I just LOVE that she got a sister!
Parker was just precious with her! He just kept looking at her and saying, "Hey Baby"! He wants to hold her all of the time and help to feed her bottles:)

I LOVE being a mommy to my TWO sweet boys and now my TWO sweet girls!
The entire day on Saturday was filled with lots of visitors!
Here Baby Emery is meeting her grandparents and great-grandma for the first time!
And of course she had lots of aunts, uncles, and cousins to meet too!
She is one loved little girl!
I was so ready for Sunday evening to arrive. I am ALWAYS ready to go home after my stay.
Matt and the kids came and picked us up as soon as I was ready for discharge!
Here we are as a family of SIX!
She has been THE SWEETEST little girl! She feeds well, sleeps well, and is usually pretty content!
She has stolen our hearts and is the perfect little addition to our family!
We thank the Lord for our blessing!

Welcome to our family, Emery Caroline!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Emery Caroline: The Last Appointment!

This morning I went for my last appointment before EC gets here! I will be 39 weeks tomorrow!
I am still scheduled for an elective induction on Friday, as long as there is a bed available for me!

I purposely scheduled my appointment so that these little guys could come with me one last time.
Sissy especially always LOVES coming with me to check up on her baby sister!
Dr. D always asks about Brooklyn when she's not with me and when she is, he always invites her to help him listen to Emery's heartbeat or even help check my blood pressure:)
My BP was much better this time and EC's heart rate was around 180bpm today!
We still have a few last minute things to grab at the store and a few baby items to pull down from the attic, but I have slowly gotten our bags together, so I think we are almost set!
It's so crazy to think that FRIDAY we will have a sweet baby girl around our house!
Looking forward to celebrating Emery's BIRTHday!

Monday, September 8, 2014

The Big Game!

On Saturday, my Jake played in his very first soccer game!
I don't think we could have picked a hotter morning to start the season off with, but he had great time and played so well!
He has such a sweet team with several of his friends on it.
I LOVED watching him play and cheering him on! I was a proud mommy:)

We are ready for a GREAT soccer season!
Go Eagles!!!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Emery Caroline: 38 Weeks!

Yesterday I was 38 weeks preggo with Emery Caroline!
I continue to feel pretty good! I am pretty tired these days. (I think I've said that through the entire pregnancy though!) I also wake up in the night and have a hard time going back to sleep even though I'm exhausted! EC moves around a lot and can get right up under my right rib and make me a bit uncomfortable! I guess she just wants to remind me that she's there. Ha!

I had to go to the doctor yesterday for my weekly checkup and this sweet boy came with me...

 EC's heart rate was around 150bpm. My blood pressure was a bit high at my last appointment and again yesterday. It is still considered in the "normal" range, but quite a bit higher than MY normal. He also checked me to see if I have dilated at all and I am 2cm. He went ahead and scheduled me for an induction next Friday, September 12th! He will be on call all of that weekend and that date worked out just perfect with our crazy schedule! (I had been worrying about how things would all fall into place.) BUT...I am soooo excited to know that she will be here NEXT WEEK! I will go for one more visit next week and then keep my phone close by for Friday's call!
The kids are all so excited too! We have a count down going on for sure!
Jake wants to be the first one to hold her! He is going to be such a good big brother (x3)!
Sissy is looking forward to having a baby sister! She plays so nice with her own baby dolls that I think she will just jump right into a little mommy role:)
Parker is excited too! He is always kissing my tummy and talking to her! I can't get him to say "Emery" but he does say it's his "Baby Girl".
Matt and I are ready to welcome our new baby girl into our family!
Looking forward to a very sweet addition!
She will be well loved for sure:)

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

An End of Summer Swim

With Labor Day behind us and school in full swing, our days at the pool have been far and few between. Tonight though, while Matt and Brooklyn were at Awana, I decided a quick dip in the pool is what the rest of us needed:)

We had the pool to ourselves and got to swim for about an hour before some thunderstorms rolled in. It was a nice night with my boys and exactly what we needed to end our day!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Brooklyn's Frist Day of Preschool

Today Matt and I dropped our girl off for her very first day of preschool!
She was very excited to go this morning, which made me so happy for her!
She didn't hesitate one bit going in to her classroom! She found a place to sit at her table and started playing play dough right away! She gave us a hug and kiss and that was it!

It was a bit strange this morning just spending time with my Parker! Our house was sure quiet:) We kept watching the clock just waiting to pick her up and to hear all about her day!
When I picked her up I asked her if she missed me. She thought about it for a second and said, "Nope"! I was so happy that she had a great day!

She is such a sweet girl and I can't wait to see all that she will get to do this year!