Thursday, August 28, 2014

Brooklyn Gets Ready for Preschool!

Tuesday morning Sissy and I went to her preschool to help with "Playground Clean-Up Day". I remember taking Jake when he was getting ready to go to preschool, so I wanted to be sure to take her too! We were meeting some friends there and we all worked hard to get things ready to go for next week! She has been a little bit hesitant about going to preschool, so I thought spending some extra time there would help her to feel more comfortable!
In order to prepare for next week, we were also invited to attend her Preschool Open house which was held this morning in her classroom. She will have the same sweet teacher that Jake had, who we all really loved! Her name is Mrs. Shana:)

Mrs. Shana went over lots of items for us to know and then we took a peek around the school at some of the other rooms that Brooklyn will get to visit during the week, like her Fit n' Play room and her Kingdom Kids room!

I can't believe my sweet girl is big enough to go to preschool!
I'm so grateful for her sweet little school! I know she will have a great time learning, growing, and making new friends!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Loving the Lake: Our BIG Summer Finale!

This past Saturday our Sunday school class gathered for an end of summer social at the lake! We were really looking forward to spending a fun day in the sun with our friends on the water!
My kids had never been to a lake before, so I don't think they really knew what to expect.
They absolutely LOVED it, especially my Jake! He couldn't get enough of the water and all of the fun:)
One of the items we still had to cross off on our summer bucket list this year was to go for a boat ride...
That was one of the very first things we did...
 They had an absolute BLAST riding on the boat, but the HIGHLIGHT was taking them on the tube for a ride around the lake...
(LOVE Matt and Sissy's face in this pic!)
The rest of the afternoon was spent grilling out, laughing with our friends, swimming, and kayaking on the water...

It was a VERY full day of FUN with some of our sweetest friends!
What a great way to end an absolute wonderful summer!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Ready, Set, Kindergarten!

Thursday was my Jake's FIRST day of kindergarten!
He was definitely a bit nervous, but he did great! I am thankful that he is so familiar with his school and that Matt is there each day working too! And a total bonus is that my sister is a kindergarten teacher who is just a classroom down from him!  
His teacher this year is wonderful and he has already met some good buddies too.
Matt and I were able to walk him into his class on his first day. He was a bit shy, but Mrs. Massie helped him to get organized and settled into his classroom. He was still a bit uneasy, but he didn't cry! I teared up a bit, but seeing him be brave made me be brave too:) We gave him a kiss and a big hug and then off Matt and I went!

I could not wait to pick him up later on that afternoon. The little ones and I tried to keep busy throughout the day, but we definitely missed him!
I was so happy to see a giant smile on his face when we picked him up in the car line!
He had a great day filled with art, a tour of the school, and LOTS of Pete the Cat activities!

We are definitely trying to get into our new school routine. We are up early each morning and carline is right during Parker's nap time, so we are trying to figure things out and trying to see what works best for us. All of us have been a bit tired this week:)
We are so thankful that the Lord provided for us to be able to send him to HG this year!
We are excited to see what's in store for him!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Night Before Kindergarten

Today was our very last day of summer for 2014! I can't complain one bit about any minute of it! We had an extra long summer and it was FULL of so many fun things! We completed almost everything on our bucket list, but still had plenty of down time to just rest and relax too!
Since today was the final day, we decided to spend it at the pool! It was the perfect sunny day and we spend HOURS swimming! I can't think of anything better!
I honestly can't believe that I am sending my Jake to kindergarten in the morning. I KNOW that he is ready and will absolutely ROCK, but my heart is so not ready. We are so used to spending our days together and I know that I will miss him dearly! I know as I see him mature and grow and learn so many new things, it will be exciting for us both.
I remember thinking last year that I am so glad I have a whole year before I have to send Jake to school and now, here I am!
Tomorrow morning will be hard, but I am so thankful for his amazing school and teachers. There will be tears shed for sure, but he will shine this year and will be one amazing kindergartner!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Kindergarten Open House

Last night my big boy Jake had his Kindergarten Open House!
We were able to go and meet his teachers and see his classroom.
We are very excited about his teacher this year, Mrs. Massie. We happen to already know her very well:) I had her little girl in my class when I taught second grade and she just so happens to be my neighbor too! We also go to church together, so we get to see each other quite often!

We are gearing up for a great year of Kindergarten and are very thankful that Jake will be a
HG LION this year!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Friends, Frozen, and Fun Times

This past week we spent lots of time with our friends and had so much fun!
We enjoyed THREE different play dates last week with some of our best buddies and went to several fun celebrations too!
Friday night's celebration was just for Sissy and her sweet friend Chloe.
Chloe's mom took the girls out for pizza and then they went to one of our favorite places, Romp N' Roll, for a Frozen party! The girls had the best time playing and crafting and even enjoyed a "frozen" treat:) I LOVE these girls together! We are so blessed with sweet neighbors!
On Saturday Jake was invited to Chuck E. Cheese to celebrate his buddy Jay's 6th birthday. My Jake LOVES going to Chuck E. Cheese. He had such a FUN time and loved every minute of it!
We were able to spend some time together as a family yesterday afternoon so, we decided to hit the pool. I think our summer pool days are winding down:( Boo. Matt has only been able to come to the pool a handful of times this summer, so it was a total treat to have him swim with us! The kids wanted all of his attention and wanted to show him how well they can all swim now!
 I am NOT ready for summer to end AT ALL!
I will be hanging on to these last THREE days for sure!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Emery Caroline: 35 Weeks!

This morning this girl and I went to check up on sweet baby Emery!
Brooklyn LOVES going with me for my check ups and I love when she comes too:)

I was 35 weeks yesterday and I am still feeling good! I don't sleep great at night, but I have a feeling that there is not going to be much sleep going on at our house for the next several months:)
I still feel her move quite a bit which I LOVE. I tend to have lots of contractions, but nothing regular or to worry about.
Dr. D listened to her heartbeat today, but I am not sure what it was exactly. He thinks she is head down, but will check again when I go next time just to be sure. He measured me and I also got a few routine things done. I am now scheduled to go every week for my appointments!
Her little room is starting to come together. I am just using the same things I used in Brooklyn's room. I haven't bought much, but am looking for a few things to make it her own:) Sometimes I just go in there and sit and think that she will be here before we know it!
These next 5 weeks will FLY BY!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

My Soccer All Star:)

This year Jake will be playing in his first season of soccer! He has had a couple of practices, but games won't begin for a few more weeks. We have lots of good soccer players in our family! Maybe he will have some of their skills and follow in their footsteps?!?!?!
He has lots of good buddies playing with him on his team! Looking forward to a fantastic season!


Saturday, August 9, 2014

Downtown Summer Fun

This week we made a couple of trips downtown for some summer fun! We hit up ImagionOn on Tuesday to see the last of this summer's Terrific Tuesdays. "Cold Blooded Encounters" was hosting this weeks show and it was pretty chilling:) The kids saw all sorts of neat animals like spiders, frogs, lizards, and snakes! We enjoyed the day with our best buddies, our cousins, and ate a picnic lunch together afterwards.
We ended up heading back downtown yesterday for a few fun things I had heard about. We were supposed to see another neat show at ImagionOn, but it ended up finishing early and we missed it! We were sooooo bummed! We decided to spend just a few minutes at ImagionOn on the computers, but spend most of our afternoon at Discovery Place.

We were all so tired by the time we got home late yesterday afternoon!
Anther fun summer day with my little loves:)

Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Park, The Pool, and Something To Keep Us Cool

I am trying to hold onto every last day of summer. Part of me likes to pack it full of adventure, but then the other part of me wants to just enjoy the simplicity of it all. Today was one of those days to just go with the flow and just do whatever we please.
We took our time getting going this morning and then ended up loading up our bikes and scooters for a trip to the park. We rode around the track for a bit and then played on the playground.
It didn't take long for us to get pretty hot and sweaty, so we came home and ate a quick lunch and then decided to skip afternoon naps and cool off in the pool:)

We swam for a while because it felt soooo refreshing on this HOT August day!
We did manage to cross off an item on our summer bucket list today too! We needed to make a yummy summer treat and after finding this one on Pinterest, we thought we should give it a try!
It was an easy treat for everyone to help with and ended up being pretty yummy:)
(We made lemon and berry blue. We really liked the lemon.)

Our Trip to Tony's

 We are working on crossing off the last few items on our Summer Bucket List for 2014.
A trip to Tony's was a MUST for us this summer, so we finally made the trip to Gastonia for THE BEST ICE CREAM around:) If you have never been, you need to go!
Sissy was soooo excited to get her pink (strawberry) ice cream and of course Parker loved his cup of chocolate;)
One of the BEST summer nights of 2014!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Happiest of Birthdays to YOU!

 Today has been a very special day at our house! We got to celebrate Matt's 33rd birthday!
We had fun showing him some birthday love and wishing him lots of birthday surprises!
We enjoyed lunch after church with his parents and then had some sweet family time playing putt putt at the park and eating some birthday brownies:)
This little guy totally ROCKED the course AND got a HOLE.IN.ONE!!! Whoo hoo!
Way to go, Jake!
I am so very thankful for the Godly husband and daddy that Matt is. He loves the Lord, loves us, and loves others so well. He would do anything for anyone and we are beyond blessed that he is ours to celebrate:)
May this year be filled with lots of love, blessings, and sweet surprises!
We love you so much!
Happy 33rd Birthday to YOU!

Friday, August 1, 2014

More to LOVE About Summer...

I LOVE this little boy more than he loves his chocolate ice cream cone;)