Thursday, July 31, 2014

Keeping It COOL With Our Cousins:)

Each summer we try to squeeze in some pool time with our cousins! They have a super duper cool pool, so we love to spend a few hours with them swimming!
Jake swam the ENTIRE time we were there. I hardly even saw him!
The little ones enjoyed the kiddie pool and the water mushrooms and of course they took a few spins around the lazy river too;)

We LOVE summertime with our cousins!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

New Summer Sights at Romare Bearden Park

The kids and I found a fun new spot to play yesterday morning! We had such a super time! I had heard about this new park in our downtown area and really wanted to go and check it out! It did not disappoint! We really just walked around and explored a while. We saw the Panther's stadium and the new Charlotte Knight's baseball field too!
The view was so pretty wherever we went...

We walked around the gardens for a bit and then found a nice shady, cool spot to picnic. 
I also packed the kids suits because I knew there were some waterfalls for them to play in!

We picked a beautiful day to enjoy a new place!
I love finding more places to enjoy some simple, summer fun!

Friday, July 25, 2014

A Slow Start and a Super Finish

The beginning of this week was a bit slow for us. We didn't have much on the calendar, so we pretty much just stayed close to home. We had lots of rain, so we played several games of UNO together, read lots of books and watched a few movies. When the sun did finally come back out, we hit up the pool for a good time of swimming!
The water was a bit chilly from all of the rain, but the kids still had fun:)

Our pace picked up throughout the week though...
We enjoyed an evening out as a family and decided to cross off an item on our bucket list. We drove out to the airport lookout and watched the planes!. We ended up timing it just right because we got to see lots of planes taking off!

Then Thursday morning the kids and I planned a fun little field trip for some of our friends and cousins. We went to CiCi's pizza and had a tour! All of the kids got to see the kitchen and ovens and how they make the dough for ALL that pizza! Then everyone got to make...and of course EAT their own pizzas!

We also joined some sweet friends of ours on an impromptu play date to Reed Gold Mine. This is such a great little place that we had never been to before. It is so close to the house and super cheap!
The kids got to explore the underground mines and do a little panning for gold:). We picnicked and just enjoyed being outside! It's ALWAYS fun to be with sweet friends!

We have had such a full summer...only a few weeks left! 

Sunday, July 20, 2014

On Our Own...Again:)

Matt has been away since early Wednesday morning with church camp which has left the kids and I on our own again. We have had tons of fun though and have kept pretty busy! It makes the days go by just a bit faster when we have some fun things to look forward to!
Here is what we have been up to this week...
Wednesday I took the kids to the splash pad. This is our favorite pad. We picked a BEAUTIFUL day to go. The kids were actually a bit chilly when they got out of the water! We picnicked and rode the train and made a fun day out of it!
Thursday we met our friends, the Anderson's, Hamilton's, and DeVore's up at Discovery Place.
This time we hopped on the light rail and rode it all the way there!
It was so easy to catch and I think next time we go to DP, this is the way we will go!

We enjoyed our time at DP and saw a few new exhibits that they have set up. We saw an amazing frog exhibit and of course Jake enjoyed the Aliens and Android exhibit. It was all about robots and he thought it was pretty cool!
Since we have been having some slightly cooler weather (CrAzY for a July here), I took the kids to the park on Friday. I read about a cool thing at a park near us called the "Free Little Library". You can go and pick out a free book to read from this cute little box. Jake picked one out and we read it together and then he marked it off on his summer reading for kindergarten!

We played on the playground and then the kids were content for a good while just throwing pebbles in the lake:)

Friday night we went to see Go Fish in concert! We asked our neighbors to come with us and we had so much fun! Going to a summer concert was on our summer bucket list and boy was it fun to see these guys again! And thanks to my sister, we had FRONT ROW seats!

The rest of our weekend was spent with some of our Florida cousins! They came up for a quick visit, but the kids all loved playing together and seeing each other again!

Even with all the fun, we have REALLY missed Daddy and will be sooo excited to see him today!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Family Beach Pics

Each year we try to snap a few family pictures and each year it is quite the task. Ugh.
This year between the wind and so many little was nearly impossible, but we did our best and caught a few decent ones. These are a few of my favorites...
My loves...
LOVE these two! Just precious!

My BIG boy...

My girl...

Daddy and his girl...
My little man and best buddy...
My parents...
Our GROWING family...

The sweet girl cousins...
Can't wait for Emery to be a part of this picture next year!

The five of us again...
What a wonderful week with the people that I love the most!


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Sunshine and Smiles at Surfside Beach 2014

We just got back from a week at Surfside Beach! This beach is extra special to our family. We have been going to it for years and years and now I am bringing my own kids to it and making even more memories with them.
The weather for the week was just perfect! A bit windy some days, but lots of sunshine and smiles were seen all week long:)
Jake played so hard each day. He would go from the pool to the ocean all day long:) His favorite thing again this year was catching the waves and riding his boogie board. He was very patient and waited for just the right one to take him in all the way to shore!

This girl was so sweet each day on the beach!
She enjoyed the water, but LOVED to sit in the sand under the umbrella and just dig with her shovels and fill her pails:) She did get stung by what I think was a jelly fish within the first thirty seconds she was in the ocean on the very first day! She kept crying and saying her legs were hurting. I didn't see anything at first but then I saw four marks on the back of her little legs:(. Poor Sissy.

She of course loved playing with her girl cousins, Sophie and Addy Kate;) She would play hard all morning and then take a good long nap just about every afternoon.
She of course LOVED the pool and DID NOT want to wear her floaties at all! She turned into such a mermaid over the week:)

My sweet Parker did great too! He enjoyed walking down to the ocean and jumping the waves:)
He also liked playing in the little tide pools that would form on the beach during the afternoon.
He was my little beach buddy all week. He was definitely attached to me most of the week and wouldn't go too far if I wasn't close by.
He also loved swimming in the pool and wanted NOTHING to do with his floaties either. He would just play on the steps and then jump off and swim to whoever was close by. I had to keep a close eye on him because he made me so nervous! He has NO FEAR of being in the water!
Our days were filled with hours of beach fun. We would head out around 9:00 to the beach each day and play until we needed to go in for lunch. Matt and I took turns each day staying in for the afternoons while the kids napped.

After everyone woke up, we would head back out for several more hours of swimming and playing!

It is so special to have my entire family together for a whole week making such sweet memories. There is always someone around to play with!

You can always find a corn hole partner or someone to look for shark teeth with. You can easily find a swimming buddy or someone to walk to the pier with or ride a jet ski with:)

There is always someone willing to catch minnows with you or dig with too!
I LOVE having such a BIG (and growing) family!

You can ALWAYS find someone to be silly with too...

And our fun bucket picture...

After full days on the beach, we prefer to stay close to the condo each night. Our evenings are mostly filled with card playing or kite flying...

We do make an exception one evening and go to the pier to shark watch...

(LOVE this pic of my boys together!)

We also enjoy going out for ice cream at the Yum Yum Shop! Both traditions since the beginning:)

 Everyone is always sad to see the week come to an end. It always goes by so fast.
So much fun was had by all and we all look forward to next year's trip...Surfside Beach 2015...let the countdown begin:)

Monday, July 14, 2014

Emery Caroline-30 Weeks!

I am now 30 weeks pregnant with my sweet Emery Caroline! Only 10 more weeks to go! I am feeling great and just so excited to meet my little girl!
Today I went for my 30 week check-up.
This little crew came with me to check on their sweet baby sis...

My appointment was pretty quick as usual. Dr. D measured my growing belly and then listened to her heartbeat which was at 150! He let Jake and Brooklyn help him listen! So fun:)
I have been having some light contractions (which I had with my other ones as well), so I let him know about those, but other than that, I will now start going every 2 weeks!
It is so fun to feel all of her movement these days! She is all over the place:) She gets the hiccups quite often which is kind of funny! The kids love to watch my belly jump when she moves and also feel her with their hands. It's getting a little harder to bend over now and I am still pretty tired by the afternoon time.
Thankful for a healthy and growing baby girl!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

An All American Day!

My favorite holiday to celebrate is the 4th of July! Each year our little town does it right with a fun festival, plenty of fireworks, and a patriotic parade! People come from all over to be a part of such a fun day!
Thursday night our plan was to enjoy the festival for a bit, but the rainy weather changed our plans. We ended up heading home and just watching the fireworks from our driveway:)
Even though we had a late night Thursday night, we were up bright and early to meet some of our good friends at the parade!
My kids had a blast watching each float come by. Candy bags filled up fast as they ran to catch all of the treats that were being tossed out into the crowd!
 The weather was actually BEAUTIFUL for the parade! Sunny skies and a slight breeze made watching the parade extra enjoyable this year...and of course watching it with these two boys...
Parker loved the fire trucks, motorcycles, and marching bands. He waved to them all as they passed by:)

After the parade was over, we ran home for a just a bit to get our pool stuff together.
We were invited to a pool party/cookout and could not wait to go!
We enjoyed hot dogs, chicken, pasta salads, mac and cheese, chips, fruits, and lots of yummy desserts with some old and new friends!

We had an absolute blast and enjoyed ourselves so much!
Fireworks, friends, food, fun, and FREEDOM...what a great day celebrating!