Monday, June 30, 2014

Kickin' Off the 4th!

I just LOVE the 4th of July and
I LOVE these sweet kiddos dressed in their red, white, and blue for church!
I am thankful for our freedom and all of the fun we will have this week celebrating!

Blessed to be their mommy!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Some Simple Summer and Some VBS

 I thought this past week was going to be CrAzY, but it actually wasn't too bad:). We had VBS going on at our church last week. Matt was in charge of the recreation for all of the elementary and Jake went as a participant. Sissy and Parker were a bit too young to go this year, so we were on our own each evening this week. Since our schedule was a bit rushed each evening, I tried to keep things simple during the day.
We did go to a fun concert at the library one morning and we visited ImaginOn, but we mostly just stayed close to the house.
We enjoyed the playground one morning before it got too hot...
We also did some swimming too...
Jake LOVED VBS last week. I am so thankful that he had the opportunity to go! He went each evening and looked forward to all that was going to take place. I am thankful for each and every volunteer that poured into him last week. I prayed for him as he went and for his little heart to be open to hearing the Truth.

Friday night was family night, so we all got to go and see what took place! What an amazing week filled with lots of fun, Scripture memory, and singing!
Thankful to be a part of such a great church that loves my kids!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Berry Picking With Mimi

Last night I took the kids to my parent's house. We stopped by for a visit and to do a little picking.
I wanted to pick blueberries with the kids this year and was planning to take them to a little place I found, but my parents have several bushes that have done very well this year, so we just went there!
They also have several raspberries bushes that we got to pick from too!

My kids LOVE berries! Parker was eating them right off the bushes:)
A fun summer treat!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Soaking Up SUMMER!

This week the kids and I have been busy crossing a few more items off of our "Summer 2014 Bucket List". Most of the items on our list are free or super cheap, which is perfect;) Lot's of summer fun on a budget!
Tuesday morning we met some friends at ImaginOn for their first "Terrific Tuesday" of the year. The CTC put on a really cute play for the kids called "Too Many Frogs". I have been wanting to take the kids to see a play there, so it was a perfect morning (and FREE)!
After the play, we found some shade outside and enjoyed a picnic lunch. We ended up going back inside after lunch to explore all of the cool new things that they have set up!
My big kids and I also went to see a summer movie at the theater this week! At this particular theater adults are FREE and kids are just a dollar! Can't beat that! We saw the LEGO Movie. I wasn't a fan, but my Jake enjoyed it;) 

After a FUN summer morning out, Matt decided to treat us all to Papa Robb's later on that evening!
If you are local, you must try it out! Tasty treats and a fun atmosphere!
We had a great time, but had to eat and play fast because a storm rolled in.

(This picture was taken shortly before we arrived back at home and Parker fell on the driveway and busted his top lip! It was SO fat! He looked like a different little boy! He was so tough, but I know it hurt!)

We of course had to make time to stay cool in the heat we have had this week, so...

we made a stop back at the splash pad one morning...
We also enjoyed a "Movie in the Park" Friday evening! We stopped for a quick dinner and then enjoyed a night as a family watching "Monster's University"! It was a LATE night for this crew, but such a fun time spent together.

Another super fun week of summertime!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Father's Day Weekend

 This past weekend we were able to celebrate some very special dads!

The kids and I had been busy planning a few fun Father's Day things for Matt to enjoy.
On Saturday night we took him to a FUN place called Papa Robb's! I think it is a fairly new place that just opened up near us. I am THRILLED that we found this little gem! I am sure that we will be visiting this place A LOT this summer!

Then on Sunday morning we had some special homemade gifts for him to open and then we all headed off to church!
We came home a few minutes early because we were hosting a Father's Day lunch for his dad.
I know Matt loves his dad and cares so much for him.

After we cleaned up a bit and everyone took a nap, we loaded up and headed to my sister's clubhouse for a Father's Day/June birthday celebration!
I am soooo thankful for my dad! He has taught me to work hard and serve others. He has taught me to be disciplined and organized. He is funny, outgoing, and a Godly man for me to look up to.

June is a busy birthday month for our family. Corban and my Grandma share the same day and then AK and KK are in there too! Lots of celebrating for us! Whoo hoo!

 We all had so much fun celebrating, swimming, eating pizza and making homemade ice cream;)
 Thankful for my family and sweet times together!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Emery Caroline-26 weeks

Yesterday I went for my 26 week appointment. It was my scheduled visit, plus my glucose test! I have not had a problem in the past, so I am hoping that all turns out well:)
While I was waiting for time to pass, Dr. D came in to chat with me and to listen to EC's heartbeat. I have been feeling fine (except for being really tired) and her heartbeat was 160ish! He said that was pretty fast and just knew it was a little girl:)
I am feeling lots of movement lately! My whole belly is starting to jump:) I LOVE it!
Jake felt you a few weeks ago which was fun and Daddy was finally patient enough last night to wait for a good kick! He could feel you and SEE you! That was fun!
I am also excited to not be going back to my little part time job of teaching in the fall.
I was a little concerned about how busy our fall was going to be with Jake going to kindergarten and you coming just a few weeks later and then throwing in working for me and two other little ones...whew! But, the Lord worked it all out and now I am feeling much better about it.
My next appointment will be at 30 weeks and then I start going every two weeks! CrAzy how fast time is flying!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

hot, hOT, HOT!

Yesterday the kids and I hit up the splash pad for the first time this summer. There are several in our area that we like to go to and I think I found another one not too far away that I think I would like to try out this summer as well! I love finding new places!
(LOVE this picture of my big kids!)

We got there around 11:00, which gave us some time to get wet and then we enjoyed the picnic lunch we packed. There isn't much shade at this pad, so we ate fast and then were back in the water:)
It was HOT!

We had such a fun time and boy did it wear everyone OUT!
I also have to jot down a CrAzY thing that happened while we were there...
The kids and I had just walked up to the splash pad and were setting out our things when a little girl randomly walked up to me and said, "My mommy's name is Bethany too". I have NO CLUE how she knew MY name was Bethany! She went over and told her mom and she came over and we started chatting a bit. She was so sweet and friendly. She told me that she was a Christian and we continued to chat. Her husband is on staff at their church, just like Matt, and she is expecting a baby too!
I met some of the girls that she was with, who were all so nice! I felt like the Lord might just have made our paths cross for a reason! Who knows!?!?!
Another fun day on summer break!

Monday, June 9, 2014

To the Zoo...To the Lake...

What a weekend I had! After a very full week of fun, I was still looking forward to what was planned for our Friday and Saturday! Matt took the day off on Friday and we decided to use our passes again at the Ashboro Zoo. We had a nice time, but we walked soooo much! We were all completely exhausted by the end of the day!

We got back home around 4:00 which gave me just a few minutes to pack MY bags! I was going on a ladies retreat with my SS class! I had never been away by myself...EVER...since having my kids and I was really looking forward to spending a night at the lake with some of the sweetest friends that the Lord has brought into my life. I am SO THANKFUL for each of them! It was such a refreshing time and the lake house we stayed in was perfect!
We enjoyed a Mexican dinner Friday night followed by a bonfire, s'mores, and a time of singing and sharing.

We stayed up a bit late, but woke up to a yummy brunch, a craft to enjoy (check out what we did here), and then of course time on the water kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, floating, and resting!
I LOVE the water and could have stayed ALL DAY:)!
I was so grateful to Matt for keep all three little ones for the night so I could enjoy my time away!
He did a wonderful job and I was so excited to see them when I got home!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Happy Summer Days...

The kids and I have been having some super days lately:)! We have been trying to squeeze a few extra things in while many kids are still in school.
Here's a little of what we've been up to...
We went to Sweet Frogs for a treat!
It's one of my favorite places and Brooklyn's too;) She likes to get pink (strawberry) yogurt!
We've spent hours swimming...

We have probably been wet more than we have been dry!
Look at this funny boy! He LOVES these goggles! Ha!

We spent a morning at the Nature Museum

exploring nature and catching bugs...

We used our passes at Discovery Place...

and had SO MUCH FUN!

We even made a trip to Superior Play for a grand time of jumping, bouncing, climbing, and swinging:)

Whew! We have all been sleeping sooo good at night:)
We have definitely been on the go, but look forward to one more exciting day trip to the zoo on Friday!