Friday, May 30, 2014

Kindergarten and Preschool Days

We took Jake a couple of weeks ago for his kindergarten check up.
I have to admit that there isn't much in me that is excited for his new adventure at school. At first I was. I was excited for all of the fun things he will get to do and learn and I thought having him go through a year at GA with me would help in preparing me, but I am REALLY going to miss this boy. He has been my little sidekick for so long and I LOVE doing fun stuff together. I am so sad that he will be gone all day everyday:(. I know that we will get in our new routine, everyone does, but it still makes me sad to think about. Ugh!
Everything at his check up turned out just great though! He is a bit on the tiny side, but he always has been. He weighed 39.8 lbs (25%) and was 43 inches tall (25%). He had to get a couple of shots which hurt a bit, but he was a champ:)! I am thankful for a healthy, growing boy!
Part of the uneasiness that I am feeling might be due to the fact that Matt and I have not fully decided where he will be attending school in the fall. We REALLY want him to be in a Christian school, but are not quite sure we can swing that right now. We live in a great school district, but that stills brings some concern to us. We just keep praying about things and are trusting the Lord to lead us where it will be best!

This girl also went for her preschool check up. She was so sweet at her check up and did great!
She got her eyes checked, had to draw some shapes, and answer some questions.

She weighed 37.6 lbs (85%) and was 40 inches tall (85%)!
She was up to date on all of her shots, so none for her this time! Whoo hoo!

Our plan right now is for her to attend preschool in the fall just two days a week. She is a bit hesitant about going to preschool, but I know she will LOVE it!

I am thankful that I still have the whole summer ahead of us though!
We still have lots of time to have fun together!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend!

We had such a nice weekend! Matt was home all weekend which was such a treat! He worked on a few projects around the house on Saturday while I took the little ones to the pool for most of the day.
Sunday Matt went to church, but I kept the little ones at home. I wasn't 100% sure how Parker was feeling, but he ended up being just fine:)
Sunday afternoon we decided to meet up with some friends of ours for a fun time of swimming and dinner!
They have a GREAT pool with a kiddie area, so of course the kids had a blast!

Since the kids didn't get naps on Saturday OR Sunday, they were exhausted! The little ones slept until 9:00 yesterday morning (and again this morning too)!
Monday morning we had a bit of a slower morning. Matt did some yard work and I prepared what I needed to take to my parent's for later on in the day.
We then loaded up and headed on over to their house for a family get together. Everyone swam and played corn hole while waiting for the ribs and chicken to finish up!
With our big crew, it's always so nice when everyone can be outside;)
We enjoyed all being together, celebrating our FREEDOM and sweet summertime;)

Friday, May 23, 2014

Ready, Set, SUMMER!

We have been fully enjoying our start to summer! I turned in my final report cards at the beginning of the week and we had a few appointments to go to, but other than that we have been ALL ABOUT SUMMER!
Earlier this week the kids and I hit up Ray's Splash Planet for a morning of fun! It was the last preschool day for the year, and while it was a bit crowded, we had a blast!
We also enjoyed another morning this week at one of our most favorite parks. We fed the fish, found some turtles, walked the trails, and played on the swings and slides.
After everyone got nice and hot, we all had the same idea...

We made it home just in time to pack a picnic lunch and take it to the pool! The kids then jumped in and enjoyed having the entire pool to themselves;)
(It is SOOO nice getting out so much earlier than other schools!)
We have done so much swimming this week.
We just LOVE it!

We have loved just staying close to the house and enjoying our slower pace, but we are looking forward to a busy and fun filled Memorial Day weekend! 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Eight Years Ago...

Today Matt and I celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary!
Hard to believe it's been eight years!

Matt's parents came over and kept the kids for us so we could enjoy a night out. Matt actually came home from work a bit early and we enjoyed a late afternoon movie and then went to Outback for supper! We had such a nice time. It's hard to find time for just the two of us these days, so we truly enjoyed our time together!

I love this man more than anything. We are opposites in so many ways, but somehow we always make it work. He is the most perfect man for me. I love how well we work together and compliment each other. He is my encourager, my teammate, and my best friend. He loves me for who I am and shows me so much grace each day. He is so easy going and would do just about anything for anyone.  He is the perfect daddy to our little ones and makes them each feel so special.
He loves the Lord and loves others and he loves me!
I am thankful he is mine!
I love you!
Happy 8 Years!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Fishin' and a Finale

Jake had a BIG weekend:)
Friday night we met up with our SS class for a picnic in the park. Some of the boys were fishing and Jake wanted to try too!
It did not take him long at all to make his first catch!
He caught this catfish! He was super proud, but did not want to touch it! Ha!

Then on Saturday he played in his last t-ball game of the season.
The Volcanoes had a great season! We had such a great little team and enjoyed playing with several of our friends!
We have our end of the year celebration in just a few weeks!
I am super proud of my little man, #5! Go Jake!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Ready for the Picking....

Last week my sister and I met up with our little ones for our annual strawberry picking day!
We found a great little place last year, and decided to go back again this year for more fun!
 We were pleasantly surprised at how big and red so many of the berries were!
Everyone had fun picking (and tasting)! We obviously had lots of help, so it didn't take long for all of our buckets to be filled!

After we did all of the picking, we enjoyed a picnic lunch and DELICIOUS strawberry slushies!

This great little place also has TONS of fun stuff to keep little ones busy! The kids played and played until their little cheeks were as red as the strawberries that they picked;)

We used up our berries pretty fast! We enjoyed them in fruit salad, on top of our cereal, and in some delicious strawberry bread!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Checking on Baby Emery...

Yesterday I had my 22 week appointment. I actually had another ultrasound scheduled because the last time that we went, they couldn't get a really good picture of her face because of the way she was laying. Brooklyn came with me because she loves checking up on her baby sister:)!
It was fun to see Emery again! Her heartbeat was 160. The doctor took lots of pictures of her head, brain, eyes, lips, and nose:) She printed off a few pictures for us. We got a sweet one of her foot and then one of her arm and one of her face!
Everything looked great! My next appointment is for my glucose test!
Thankful for a healthy baby girl!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Goodbye School! Hello Summer!

Yesterday the kids and I finished our year up at GA! We were actually supposed to be done last Thursday, but we had two snow days to make up. We have been counting down for a while now and we were thrilled to finally reach the END!
This boy did an AMAZING job this year! He will absolutely SOAR next year!
Sissy finished up her last year at GA. She will officially be a preschooler next year!
Parker was excited to be done yesterday too! He kept saying "DONE" because he heard us say it so much:)

 I have to say it was a challenging year for me. I doubled my class load this year which was a lot of work and while I am so very blessed to be able to take my kids to work each day, getting everything in order each night so that things would run smoothly early the next morning was exhausting! I am so happy to be on summer break! Whoo hoo!
I am also beyond proud of this boy...
He worked so hard! When I think back to the beginning of the year when tears were shed, until now,  he has grown so much! Six different classes, six different teachers,  class changes on the bells, and was a bit overwhelming to a 4 year old! BUT HE DID IT!
There were two very special awards that he received this year. The first came a few weeks ago. His P.E. class participated in the Presidential Fitness Program. He shined in so many areas, and after completing it, he earned his certificate by reaching the NATIONAL LEVEL! Whoo hoo!
The other one was by far the BEST! When the third quarter of school started, GA decided to try out a new reading program. It was called the Ben Carson reading program. The students were challenged to read and learn about Ben Carson and then read as many books as they could and fill out book report forms on each book. Jake jumped on board and completed 30 book reports! Together, we worked so hard and yesterday when they announced the BIG was MY JAKE! He won a mini iPad! I was such a proud mommy! I just know how hard we worked and for him to earn such a special prize was so rewarding for him!

 After school let out yesterday afternoon, we all gathered for a fun picnic! Jake was able to say goodbye to the buddies that he made this year and then we were ready to officially start our summer!
We decided the best way to do that was to head to the pool!
We are always the first ones out of school for the summer, so we had the pool to ourselves!
With school behind us now, we are ready for some fun in the sun!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Celebrating Mom!

 Yesterday was Mother's Day!
I am so blessed to be called Mommy by my sweet three! Soon there will be FOUR little ones for me to LOVE!  
What a joy it is for me to be a mommy to these little ones! I love being with them each day, watching them grow and learn new things. I love doing special things for them and with them. I love how they love me, need me, and teach me so much. I love the joy they bring to me each and every day!
For Mother's Day this year all I wanted was a sweet card from them...
 and my picture made with them. Simple and sweet!  It isn't always easy to get a picture with three little ones, but it is something I will LOVE forever!
(Parker is doing his "best smile" for the camera! Love it! Ha)

We celebrated Matt's mom when we got home from church yesterday. We invited his parents over for brunch. We made French toast, fruit salad, and pigs in a blanket. It was delicious and we had a nice time with them.
I am so thankful for the handsome man that she raised! She did a great job;)

After some rest time at home we headed over to my parents house to celebrate MY mom:)
Here is my mom with my grandma and all of us kids!

  We decided to just keep things simple this year and have a pizza party! We all brought a few sides/desserts which made it easy on everyone!

It was so nice outside and the pool was open for the kids to swim!
 I am so very thankful for my mom. She is not only my mom, but a friend to me. We talk everyday and she prays for my family and I. She is always willing to help when she can and will cook us a yummy dinner whenever we decide to invite ourselves over:) She is the best Mimi ever and loves all of her grands so much! She is selfless, she is strong, she is smart, she has a servant's heart, and is a hard worker. She has been a wonderful example for me to follow. All SIX of us are blessed to call her mom! 
I love you, Mom!
Happy Mother's Day!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Celebrating in a BIG RED Way!

Last Saturday we got to celebrate this fun boy turning 2! I really didn't know what kind of theme I wanted to have. Then it came to me that he loves watching Clifford the Big Red Dog on t.v and everyone always comments on his RED hair, so a Clifford party it was!
We always keep things pretty simple when it comes to birthday parties. We usually just keep it to our family and a few close family friends. We usually have it at our house, but thought the church gym would be a fun place to host it this year. We had the bounce house out for the kids and a cool popcorn machine too!
 I really couldn't find many Clifford themed things, so we just used lots of RED and I found some cute doggie bowls at the dollar store and used them to serve a few snacks! It turned out just fine!
He loved blowing out his candles! So sweet!
Parker was so excited to open his presents! He received so many great things! He got lots of bubbles, some chalk, clothes, a new pool towel, and his puddle jumper! After he was done opening his gifts, he kept saying..."more"..."more"! Ha!
Then on Wednesday (his actual birthday), we decided to celebrate by taking him out for pizza. We went to Big Guys which is one of our favorite pizza places! The little ones helped me make chocolate brownies earlier in the day, so we took those with us and let him make his birthday wish!
It was such a nice evening, so Matt said that we could make a little stop at a nearby park. We let the kids play and walk the trails for a while.

It was the perfect way to end an extra special day!
We loved celebrating YOU, Parker!
Happy Birthday!
Daddy, Mommy, Jake, and Sissy

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Parker's 2 Year Old Check Up

Yesterday I took Parker for his 2 year old check up! I was kind of upset at myself for scheduling his appointment on his birthday! I didn't think it was nice of me to schedule shots on his special day:). However, when we got there all he needed was a small finger prick, and he didn't shed a tear! Whew!
My sweet boy is looking great! He is growing big and strong and I am so grateful for that!
He weighed in at 31lbs 4 oz. (84%). (Jake was 27.5lbs and Brooklyn was 33lbs.)
He was 36" tall (86%), and his head circumference was 50cm (82%).

Dr. B asked me all sorts of questions about him! She asked me about his eating, sleeping, talking and even potty training. No, we haven't even thought about that yet;)
He is looking good and such a sweet, sweet, boy!
Love him so much! I can't believe he's 2 now!
Good thing baby Emery is on the way. That helps me not to be too sad;)

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Happy 2nd Birthday, Parker!

Today my sweet boy turns TWO! I seriously can not believe it! TWO??? Where have these two years gone? Parker, you are becoming more and more of a BIG boy every day! You are the love of our lives and your smiles and hugs melt our hearts!
Here is a little about you these days...
You are starting to fit into 3T clothes. You wear a size 7 shoe and a size 5 or 6 diaper.
You still have a good red tint to your hair, but I think it might lighten up now that we have been able to be outside more. You have blue eyes. You have a sweet dimple in your cheek that I love:) You seriously give the BEST HUGS! You squeeze our necks so tight! LOVE! You give sweet kisses too. You think it's funny when I make you give them to me until I HEAR them;)
You wake up around 7 for school, but our days off you will sleep until 7:30 or 8. You take an afternoon nap from 2:00-4:30ish and are in bed most nights by 8:30.
You are a very good eater and will try just about anything! You love scrambled eggs, cheerios, Greek yogurt, or cinnamon toast for breakfast. You will eat pb & j or leftovers for lunch and will usually eat whatever I fix for dinner. The other night you ate two huge bowls of potato soup! You love all fruits, carrots (with lots of dip), salad, chips, beans, string cheese, tacos, spaghetti and pizza:)
You LOVE to play outside! Sometimes you throw a FIT because we aren't go out! You love the sandbox, water table, chalk, and bubbles:) You also love to watch your Praise Baby dvd's. Sometimes I will turn one on for you if J and B are in bed and it's just you and I cuddling on the couch:)
You say all sorts of things and are now starting to put two words together.
You say "Where go?", "me too", "me treat", ball, doggie, plane, pool, drink and lots of other things.
You love being with me and are my sweet little buddy:) You go into school pretty good, but you cry at church. The other funny thing that we do is have pretend snowball fights. Ever since it snowed a few months back you do this. You pretend to make snowballs and throw them at me and knock me over! You just giggle away:)  Ha!
Parker, I love watching you grow into a big boy! You love to keep up with Jake and Sis. You copy them doing all sorts of things. I love watching you learn and do new things! You are so precious.
So many people love you oh so much!
I am thankful for you!
Happy Birthday, sweet boy!

Monday, May 5, 2014

First Swim of the Season!

As soon as my kids found out that the neighborhood pool opened this weekend, they were begging to go! We have had some beautiful weather lately, but I knew that the water would still be ice cold:)
That didn't stop my three little fish from jumping right in though!
Jake LOVED it and picked right back up from last year! He lasted the longest in the water!
Sissy enjoyed it too! I didn't really think she would jump right in, but she did!

Parker did great too! He had his new puddle jumper on and swam with Matt for a good while!

I LOVE that my kids LOVE the water!
I think we are going to have a great summer!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Half Way There! 20 Week Update!

Yesterday I reached the 20 week point in my pregnancy!
I CAN NOT believe that I am half way through! I think having three little ones already and being busy with school and things at home has made these weeks fly by! There are a few things I want to blog about though just so I can remember how things are going so far...
At my first appointment, at 11 weeks, sweet girl's heartbeat was at 180. When we went for our big ultrasound at 18 weeks it was at 153:)
I felt pretty nauseous until about 16 weeks. It was worse in the late afternoon/evening time. I pretty much just wanted cereal or toast. Spaghetti and tacos were a HUGE turn off to me!
I felt baby girl move at around 15 weeks. I had to be really still and flat on my back. Now I feel her move pretty consistently, but it is still fairly light. I LOVE feeling her move. I think she might have even had the hiccups the other day! 
I have also had some bad heartburn this time and have been really tired. After we get things done for the afternoon, I try to sneak in a little nap to get me through the evenings.
I THINK we have come up with her name:) It has been one of my favorites for a long time and I was hoping that I was going to be able to use it one day.
Her name will be EMERY CAROLINE!
My next appointment is in a few weeks. I will be getting another ultrasound just so they can get a few pictures that they couldn't get last time!
It will definitely be fun to see her again!