Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter Day 2014

This past Sunday was Easter Sunday! I love Easter!
What a joyful day to celebrate our RISEN SAVIOR!
Sunday morning we headed to church. Matt and I worked in Brooklyn's room during the first hour and then enjoyed the service during the second hour. After it was over, we stopped home for just a quick second to gather what we needed to take for our afternoon get together at my sister's house!
My kids were once again so very excited to see their cousins and have yet another egg hunt. (We participated in three this year! Ha!)
I love my little ones!
Can't wait to add another baby girl in this picture next year;)
We let the kids hunt for eggs first! I think my sister filled and hid over 200 eggs! Wow! Everyone's Easter baskets were OVERFLOWING with eggs! 
We decided to have a brunch theme this year. Everyone brought yummy dishes and sides to share! There was plenty of food for our hungry crew!
After lunch was finished, we all just enjoyed being together and spending time with one another. We were blessed to be with so much family and so many friends!

 I'm thankful for the cross, the empty grave, and a Savior who LIVES!
 What a wonderful Easter day filled with sweet memories!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Spring Break Days...

 Well, our week of spring break is just about over. We have had such a wonderful time!
We are a little bit sad about the thought of going back to school on Monday, but we only have three more weeks to go, so that isn't too bad:)
This week I had time to clean house, finish all of my planning for the rest of the school year, and of course we had some fun too.
Here is just a peek at some of the fun we got into this week.
We met my sister and her kiddos at the park one day for an impromptu play date!
The weather was warm and just perfect for making sandcastles, walking the trails, and of course some swinging and sliding!
 We also had a chance to visit the brand new aquarium that just opened up in our area. A friend of ours generously gave us some free passes, so we gladly took her up on that!
It was a bit crowded with several other "spring breakers", but very cool to walk through!
 They had sharks, stingrays, and a little area where the kids could actually touch a few of the sea creatures. Sissy was a bit unsure, but Jake and I were brave!
Parker LOVED it too! He would run from one area to the next taking it all in!
Wednesday we were able to head to Dan Nicholas Park for the day! This is always on our list of spring break must do's. Our cousins came with us which always make things way more fun!
 We spent several hours at the park! We rode the train, walked through the mini zoo and farm, mined for gems, rode the merry go round, played on the playground, and had a picnic lunch!
It's the best place ever!
I really wanted to take the kids swimming over break too! My brother met us up at the YMCA one night for a fun dip in the pool! My kids are such little fish! They all did great and they can't wait for it to get warm enough for our neighborhood pool to open so we can go everyday!
I had just a few more fun things planned for us to squeeze in over break...
Yesterday I took the kids to see the baby chicks! We did this last year and they are always so fun to see!
I remember that my Parker LOVED it last year and he was the same this year too!
Love his sweet little smile in this pic:)

 After seeing the baby chicks, we were invited to my mom's to color some Easter eggs!
This sweet boy had fun!
(This is how he is smiling for the camera these days! Ha)
Everyone got in on the action and when it was over Sissy insisted that we take every single one of them home with us...and we don't even eat hard boiled eggs at our house! Ha!

Such a sweet break enjoying some fun, simple things!
Thankful for the time off to spend with my sweet three:) We all needed a little break!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

It's a...

Today we had our BIG doctor's appointment to see if our sweet baby was going to be a boy or a girl!
Many people were guessing girl, including Matt and I. Jake was thinking boy;)
After a few minutes of looking around, we were so excited to hear...IT'S A GIRL!
Baby girl's heartbeat was 153 today. She was snuggled down low, so it was a bit hard to see some things, but we did see and hear a strong heartbeat, kicking legs, hands, and the sweetest little profile!
Everything looked and measured great!
I really was hoping that my sweet Brooklyn would get a sister! I am thrilled that she will be!
We can't wait to meet our new little Sissy!
My heart is so full!

Friday, April 11, 2014


This week coming up we are on SPRING BREAK! I am SO glad! I was ready for a break and so were my kids! I don't have too much planned and that is just the way I like it. I always just enjoy having some slower mornings and then finding some simple things to do that are close to the house!
Today we made our way to the park. It was such a beautiful day! We packed our lunch and then played for a couple of hours!
We all enjoyed being outside and had a great time playing together!
Here are a few pics of my boys playing today! (Sissy was not in a picture taking mood.)
Jake loved climbing in the trees and swinging on the tire swing!
My Parker LOVED the water! I think he would have stayed down there the entire time!

Look at his red hair in the sun!

Looking forward to a GREAT spring break! Lots of fun and hopefully some rest time too:)

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Season Opener!

Yesterday was Jake's first t-ball game of the season! It was such a pretty day!
THE PERFECT weather for an early morning game!
He has done so much better compared to last year! He is my little t-ball STAR for sure;)

We have such a sweet little team. We are on a team with several families from our SS class, who we just LOVE as well as a few families we are trying to get to know! Our RED VOLCANOES sure have a great cheering section!

I have to tell you another thing that made yesterday so very special. It has to do with this man right here...

 Back in August, the Lord opened up the door for Matt to work at our church's North campus as the recreation program director. The thing that makes this amazingly special is that this is Matt's DREAM JOB. I cannot even begin to tell you how this job fits him perfectly. The Lord has given him not only this gift, but a LOVE and a HEART for sports ministry. It was almost surreal to me yesterday to see him out there on the fields loving on those kids and their families. He would never tell you this, but he is soooo good at what he does. I don't cry easily, but EVERY time I think about it, tears come to my eyes! We never thought that he would actually get the chance to do this job, but obviously the Lord had a special plan for him and is choosing to use him right here at our home church! We are humbled and so very thankful!
Looking forward to a super season!
Play ball!