Monday, March 31, 2014

Last Week and a Zoo Repeat

Last week was one busy week for our family. The week started with Parker having some rough nights sleeping. After a few restless nights I thought maybe his ears were bothering him, so I took him to the doctor. His ears were fine, but my poor boy had strep throat! He is feeling a lot better, but is still not sleeping well. Ugh:(
I also had to work an extra day last week due to our school testing. I had to test a group of students and Jake had to take his! I was super nervous for him! I made him a nice breakfast and off we went!
I think he did really well though! I am excited to get his results!
We had several plans made for the weekend, but because of the rain, pretty much everything got cancelled including Jake's first t-ball game. We were pretty bummed about that, but were super excited that Matt ended up not having to be at the fields all day!
We needed a fun family day together, so we decided to head to the zoo again! This time we went to Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia, SC. I LOVE this zoo! We were taking a chance with the weather, but it ended up being a super great day and we stayed dry the entire time!
Jake looks like such a big boy to me in this picture:)

We invited my sisters to join us. I think the weather kept a lot of people away, so it was just perfect for us to walk around!
I love this picture of Parker looking at the elephants! He loved every minute of our day!

We also had a chance to feed the giraffes! Jake thought this was so funny! Sissy wanted NOTHING to do with it! Even Parker fed them! They stick their tongues right out at you and eat the bits of lettuce you give them! A bit gross I suppose;)

Jake thought this aquarium was cool. It had sharks swimming around in it:)

One of my favorite animals to see were the penguins. Parker liked them too;)
 Matt, Jake, and my sisters fed these fun birds. They even got a chance to get up close and hold them!
It was pretty cool!
We have had fun putting our passes to good use!
Loved a great day with my family!

Monday, March 24, 2014

The Zoo Crew

This past weekend we enjoyed seeing some of our family from Florida! Josh, Katie, and their family decided to spend some of their spring break up in NC! We always have such a fun time with them and the kids LOVE playing together (especially Brooklyn and SK)!
We decided to have a fun day Friday and take the kids to the zoo!
We went to the Asheboro Zoo. I had never been there before, but it was so nice! The weather was just perfect and we saw lots of neat things!
 The zoo is a bit spread out, but the kids did great. They were all busy looking for their favorite animals. Jake wanted to see the chimps and Brooklyn was looking for zebras!
After a bit, we took a break for lunch. We all packed picnics and found a spot in the shade to rest!
Out of ALL the animals at the zoo, this was my Parker's favorite one...
This was in the "desert" area of the zoo. The little bird was right up by the glass and Parker thought he was just the funniest thing ever.
Parker was giggling at him and knocking on the glass. It was cute;)
Matt's parents also joined us.
It is always special for them to have lots of their grand kids together!

We had such a fun time all together! I'm already looking forward to taking the kids back! It was the perfect day trip!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Night of the Arts

Tonight my Jake celebrated "Night of the Arts" at his school. The projects that he has been working on were going to be on display for us all to see. Matt was able to come and so were Papa and Memaw, Jake's grandparents. We all LOVED seeing what he has been working so hard on.
He has learned so much in his art class and I am so proud. He knows all about textures, the color wheel, primary and secondary colors, famous artists, and foreground, middle ground, and background!
There was a little posting "About the Artist"...he said he wants to be a football player when he grows up, his favorite color is black, and his favorite food is regular cheese?!?!? Ha!
Here are his AMAZING art projects and my even more AMAZING artist;)

I am proud of my little artist!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Celebrating 32!

 Yesterday I got to celebrate my 32nd birthday! I received so many calls, texts, and wishes and even a surprise Chick-fil-a biscuit from my sis for breakfast;) All which made me feel so special and loved!
We were able to enjoy my favorite restaurant, the Olive Garden, for supper and have a fun family dinner out! We don't usually go to sit down restaurants, so it was a treat!

My little loves enjoying the party with me...

And Parker is THE BEST Olive Garden buddy EVER! I think he might love it more than me! He totally gobbled up several plates of salad, lots of spaghetti, and he even enjoyed his chocolate mint after supper;) Love him!

(Matt was there too! Ha! He was snapping the pics this time.)
I love him dearly and am so thankful for him and for treating me to a special day.
I am thankful to celebrate 32 years and look forward to all of the special blessings that will come this year!

Monday, March 17, 2014

We Are Thankful FOUR...

We are so excited to finally share our news...
 Baby Trent due September 2014!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Life As We Know It-Catch Up

This seems to be one of the busiest times of year for our family.
Life is in full swing around here for sure!
Here's a little catching up so I don't forget what we have been doing...
Matt just finished up another grueling season of coaching basketball for the school. He absolutely LOVES it, but it is not easy! It is very demanding and requires lots of time away from home.
The kids and I are SO thankful for it to be over and to have him home more!
I have been busy with school too. I am so thankful that spring break is just around the corner! Even though I work just a few hours each week, I always look forward to a few days of down time!
Jake just finished up his first year of basketball! He played for the church and Matt was his coach! I was so proud of how well he played! He is now getting ready to start t-ball. I am looking forward to some warm spring days out at the ball fields! 
Last month I took Jake to the library for their Lego night. We had such a fun time together that this time Matt wanted to take him for a boys night out. Matt snapped these pictures for me of their time together. After Legos, they decided to hit up CiCi's Pizza. My boys LOVE that so much;)

We celebrated my sister's birthday and my birthday last weekend with our family. We always celebrate together since our birthdays are just about a month apart. We all really haven't been together in a while, so it was fun for everyone to celebrate!

We also squeezed in some fun time with our friends having dinner and free doughnuts at KK;)
This week we did have a few sunny and warm days! We took FULL advantage of them! I can say everyone is so much happier when we can get outside!
We have spent the last two afternoons at the park!
We definitely have spring fever over here! It can't get here soon enough!