Friday, September 27, 2013

Jake's Apple Picking Story

This week in Jake's writing class at school he was working on writing stories using his fingers. He learned to tell what came first, what came second, and what came third. His homework assignment was to write a story using the three blank pages his teacher sent home.
Jake and I decided that our apple picking adventure last weekend would be the perfect thing to write about!
I spelled out the words for him, but he wrote it and illustrated it, using lots of details, just like Mrs. S told him! I was so proud of him and his hard work! He did a great job!
It says...
"I picked apples.
I ate donuts.
I rode a tractor."
I have been so excited over what he has already learned this year!
He asked me the other day if I knew what the primary and secondary colors were and then he told me all about seed and the things he has been learning in science. This month he participated in his first chapel and yesterday our school participated in "See You at the Pole".
It has been so fun watching him learn and grow in just these past few weeks! 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Game of Hopscotch

My kids were playing hopscotch the other day while we were outside and Parker was having such a fun time! He kept saying "hop, hop"! Ha! Love him!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Apple Hill Orchard

Saturday morning Matt and I were so excited to take the kids apple picking!
We were planning to go with some friends of ours, but the weather was a bit dreary and their little boy wasn't feeling the best, so we ended up going by ourselves. It was one of the best family days ever! Just the five of us!
We have picked apples over the past few years at a few different places. Last year we went to Sky Top, but with the weather a little soggy, we thought we better not go too far. We ended up finding Apple Hill Orchard. It was about a hour and a half away and such a great place! It was a little smaller than Sky Top, but we thought a little more "little" kid friendly!

It did sprinkle on us from time to time, but the weather was cool and made apple picking so much fun!
We picked two bushels of Gala apples (which were delicious)!
Parker and Brooklyn were eating them almost as fast as we were putting them in our buckets! Ha!

While the little ones were enjoying their juicy, sweet apples...this little man helped his daddy with the picking! He loved being lifted way up high to get the pretty apples others can't reach quite so easily:)!

After we finished picking, we put in our order for some yummy apple cinnamon and apple glazed doughnuts! We found a little picnic table and enjoyed every bite of them!

After we finished our sweet treats, we decided to take the kids on a tractor ride around the orchards. It was starting to rain a little more now, but the tractor was all covered, so it was great! We ended up being the only ones on the ride. The kids thought is was the best ever to be able to ride!

It was the best day ever with my family! We made such sweet memories!
And just for fun...
Here is Jake and Sissy on our first apple picking trip in 2011 at Carrigan Farms!
Love them!

They're still the apple of my eye;)!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Just a Regular Week Around Here

I'm so thankful that I only work Monday through Thursday! Once Thursday rolls around we do the "Happy Dance" around here! It means that we have made it through another busy week of this...
and this...

 and my pile of school work too:)
We don't do much of anything in the afternoon time. I just like to be HOME!
We have really enjoyed the cooler weather we have been having. Our cul-de-sac fills up with kids and everyone runs around and just plays! It's great!
Parker LOVED playing t-ball the other day. He pulled it out of the garage and then would put the ball on the stand, swing, and then do it all over again!
Over and over and over:)

Sissy is usually content pushing her baby in her cart or playing with all of her little girlfriends, but she has also loved riding her scooter. I would really like to get her a bike for her birthday or Christmas. She would LOVE it for sure!

I have LOVED the simple afternoons with my kids!

Sometimes they are simply the best;)

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Friday at the Fair

The County Fair has been in our area for the past week or so...

One of my most favorite outings that I do with my kids each year is preschool day at the fair!
Every September for the past few years we have gone and enjoyed much of what the fair offers,
for free:)

This year the weather was just gorgeous which added to our perfect day out!
Jake had a blast! It was kind of cool, because a few weeks ago when we saw "Charlotte's Web", we talked about how we would be going to the County Fair too, just like in the movie;)
Every year we make sure we see the racing pigs! Robinson's Racing Pigs never disappoint!
This year we had front row seats and Jake was selected to cheer on pig #4 as he raced around the track for is Ore0 cookie prize. I guess we got our section to cheer pretty loud, because Jake's pig won! Jake received a blue ribbon for his super fast pig;)

Sissy was a total hoot at the fair this year. She enjoyed all the SIGHTS of the fair, but not so much the SMELLS:)! Ha! As soon as we started walking towards the fair entrance, she plugged up her nose and said, "Mommy, it's stinky"! She walked around the ENTIRE time with her nose plugged up. Ha!
Parker loved it too! It was so much fun watching him take it all in!
 He would squeal and point at everything!
He loved seeing the chickens and bunny rabbits and sat so still on my lap as we watched the pigs race!
He is just so sweet;) The day for sure wore him out though! Ha!
I LOVE making memories like this with my kids!
 It was the best day together!

Cotton candy, games of chance; the fair begins today
Ferris wheels and rides galore; excitement to convey!
Sawdust sprinkled on the ground; candied apples sold;
amazing wonders inside tents; for both young and old.
Vendors offer sweet delights; along the midway lights.
Win stuffed toys with a toss; or just for bragging rights.
Step on the rides to scream and shout; in doubtless fear;
Spinning round or back and forth; the children all cheer.
Cotton candy, games of chance; the fair begins today.
Ferris wheels and rides galore; excitement to convey!
The child inside me rushes in; be a kid again for while;
I climb aboard the Ferris wheel; wearing childish smile!

~Ava Rosien

Friday, September 6, 2013

A Better Week

School has been quite the adjustment for all of us. Early mornings, busy mornings, homework, planning, grading...whew!
I'm teaching 6 classes at GA this year which is actually quite a bit! I really enjoy being in the classroom, but all of the prep work is a ton!
The little ones go to child care during the 3 hours that I teach each day and Jake takes his classes. The little ones have done pretty good. Brooklyn has actually done FABULOUS! She loves seeing her sweet friends. Parker definitely misses me, but he does just fine too.
Jake has had the hardest time adjusting. It has been a little overwhelming to him and knowing that I'm right down the hall in my classroom doesn't help. Changing classes with the bell, 6 different teachers, and homework is a lot for a little guy starting out! The first week of school was a bit difficult, but this week was a lot better. I'm so very thankful that my sister is a student at the school too, so she has helped him by walking him to his fist class each day.
He has made two little buddies named Lincoln and Carson and has learned so much already! He has told me he has learned about texture in Art class (He had Matt feeling all sorts of things last night and then explained to him that it was texture. Ha!) He has learned about sorting in math, living and non living things in science, how to play dodge ball and volleyball in P.E, and how to write letters and draw pictures for stories in Writing Workshop!
I am so thankful for a wonderful opportunity for him! I am praying each day would get easier for him and that he would grow and mature in so many ways this year!
When we get home in the afternoon we are worn out! We have really tried to just be at home and take things slow. We have been doing lots of playing outside. I took this pic the other day of my big boy, Parker riding the scooter!

He loves playing outside and tries so hard to keep up with the big kids!
So thankful for a better week, but I'm even more thankful it's Friday and the beginning of a weekend!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Here We Go, Steelers!

Last Thursday evening Matt took Jake to the Steelers game. They were playing the Panthers in a preseason game. Matt's buddy gave him some tickets and they had the best time! They had been to a game together before, but it's always a special night for my boys!
 Here are some sweet pictures from the past few years of my crew getting ready for another Steelers football season!

I have to say that I really don't love football, but I LOVE my Steelers crew!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Things We've Been Up To Lately

After a big first week of school we decided to take Friday a little easy. (So thankful that my school week is only M-Th!) The kids were able to sleep until they woke up and then we just had a slow morning around the house! After breakfast and some playtime, we decided to go to the park to feed the fish and turtles and then just play!

One of the parks that we enjoy going to has some nice shady walking trails.
We took our time strolling down the paths and just had fun being outside and together:)

We stopped along the way to look at some interesting critters and to take a few pictures to remember our fun day:)!
Saturday morning we enjoyed the outdoors again!
I signed the kids up for a class at the Nature Center. They did a little craft and then got to go on another critter hunt. Sissy hunted for bugs with her net, while Jake just decided to use his hands.
The last time we were there our guide found a cherry bug and he let Jake hold it! I was so surprised that he actually held it. This time Jake found one on our hunt and handled it again with no hesitation! Yuck!
This weekend we also got to spend some time with our family. Matt's parents came over for dinner Friday night. I made some yummy BBQ chicken and then had snicker pie for dessert:) Tonight we went over to my parents house. We got to take one last swim in the pool before it gets closed up for the season. We had dinner together and then just hung out for a while.

So glad that our weekend isn't over! We don't have many plans which is just the way I like it!