Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Patriotic Picnic

Today the kids and I hosted a "Patriotic Picnic". We asked a few friends to come by and celebrate with us. Everyone dressed up in their red, white, and blue and brought a picnic lunch to enjoy.
I set up several things in the backyard to play and then had a fun craft to do!
It's always fun being with sweet friends!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Putt Putt and Paddle Boats

At the very beginning of summer the kids and I wrote up our "Summer Bucket List".
We put down a variety of activities that we wanted to be sure to take part of this summer!
This past weekend we crossed off two of those activities!
There is a beautiful park close to us that offers many fun things to do including Putt Putt and Paddle boats! Saturday night was the perfect night for us to go and check it out!
First up...Putt Putt...
Jake LOVED it! He has played Putt Putt before and did an awesome job again this time;)
Sissy only played a few holes at the beginning and then lost interest. Both Sissy and Parker were content with just running around the course;)

Next up were the paddle boats. This was what I was most excited about!

Everyone got their life jackets on and then off we went...

We were allowed 30 minutes out on the lake, but we probably only made it about 10! Poor Parker did NOT like sitting down in the boat nor did he like his life jacket on! Ha!
Sissy and Jake did great and liked being out on the water!

After a fun night at the park, we headed to our little local burger place and finished up our evening with some yummy dinner. After all that fun we had definitely worked up an appetite!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sunday Snapshots

I took a few pics of my sweet three after church today.
I love getting pics of all three of them together, but it is so hard!
How does my Jake look like he's 10 in this pic???
These two together are just so sweet...

And this girl?!?! LOVE her:)

Love being their mommy!

Friday, June 21, 2013

In Our Summer Groove

This has been such a great week around our house.
We are definitely in our summer groove and LOVING every single moment of it!
This week we visited the splash pad...twice;)
We picnicked, played, celebrated, and splashed with our friends!

We visited ImaginOn with our cousins and ended up making a day of it because we were having such a good time!
We went to the library for a fun summer reading presentation on volcanoes and weather...

We played outside more than we did inside...

And of course did LOTS of swimming at the pool, both on our own and with some sweet friends!
Today is the first day of summer and I definitely think we are off to a GREAT start;)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Some Serious Cuteness

Oh, I just LOVE this girl!
I just couldn't stand her serious cuteness today;)
I could eat her up!

I am one blessed mamma!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Weekend With Our Florida Family

This weekend was jammed packed with lots of family and lots of fun!
All of our Florida family drove up late Thursday night and stayed with us until Monday.
Friday we decided that we would do something fun as an entire family. It was a gorgeous day, so we packed up the kids, our water stuff, and a picnic lunch and spent the day at the splash pad! We all had such a super fun time!
This picture of Sissy just makes me smile. She had such a sweet time with her cousins and LOVED playing with all the big girls;)

I love my sweet Parker:) He probably stayed in the water the longest! He just WALKED all around and went from fountain to fountain and splashed up a storm!
After some fun in the water we all hopped on the train for a ride.
The conductor asked us if we were a birthday party! Ha. I said nope! Just all cousins:)
Saturday morning we loaded up again for a big day in the country!
We had a small family reunion about 3 hours away. This was family I had never met and that Matt and his brothers hadn't seen in years!

The kids were told to dress in play clothes because there were animals to see, four-wheelers to ride, and lots of dirt to play in!
They were even cooking their own pig for dinner! Wow! I had never been to a pig pickin' before!
BBQ, chicken, hush puppies, lots of sides, and plenty of dessert:)!

Everyone was extra tired and a bit dirty by the end of the day.
Sunday afternoon Matt and I hosted everyone for Father's Day and June birthdays...
We spent most of the day outside playing on the swings, splashing at the water table...
and swimming in the pool!
It was a special weekend to all be together!
My kids LOVED having their cousins around!
Wish we could all be together more!

Monday, June 10, 2013

My Baby Is Walking!

For the past week or so, Parker would take a step or two every now and then. I could gradually see him getting better each day. We all loved to practice with him. All of us would hold out our arms and cheer for him to come to us! Ha!
Sunday when we got home from church, he took several steps in a row and just kept getting better!
I was so proud (and it looks like he was too:)!


Sunday, June 9, 2013

Happy Half Birthday, Brooklyn

My sweet Brooklyn turned 2 1/2 this past Friday and I wanted to remember a few things about her at this age!
Oh, how my girl is so sweet! I just love having a daughter! I could just eat her with a spoon;)
Brooklyn you are such a good girl. I love to snuggle you and read books with you before nap and bedtime. You love ALL books and ask me to read ALL.THE.TIME, but your favorites are any Madeline books and any princess books. You are obsessed with both these days! You also LOVE to dress up. We were just given a ton of princess dress up clothes and you want to wear them everyday! I love when you put your princess shoes on too:) You walk around the house and look so cute! Ha!
 Your favorite princess changes all the time, but I think it is really Cinderella or Ariel:)
For the past few weeks you have been a VERY picky eater. I was getting so frustrated, but I MADE you taste some things that I knew you liked and you seem to be over the hump. You are back to eating pretty good! You love any fruit, tacos, spaghetti, and yogurt, but Sloppy Joes are by far your favorite! You call them Bobby Joes!
You still take a nap in the afternoon. I usually put you down at 2:00 and I often wake you around 4:30. You go to bed around 9:00 and sleep until 8 or so in the morning.
We have talked about getting you potty trained, but I don't think you are ready. You just cry every time I put you on the potty. Hopefully we will tackle it at some point this summer.
You have lots of sweet little friends but Ty and Sophie are probably your best buddies;)
You LOVE to get your nails painted. Usually KK or Al take care of this for you:)
You have been talking A LOT more lately and aren't so shy around others. You still cry sometimes when I drop you off for church, but I know you stop just as soon as I shut the door:)
You LOVE your Daddy. He always asks you, "Who's princess are you?" and you smile and say "Daddy's". He tells you all the time how pretty you are. He just loves you oh so much!
Daddy, Mommy, Jake, and Parker love you Brooklyn bear!
Happy half birthday to you!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Parker Is 13 Months!

Today, Parker, you are 13 months old!
You are my BIG boy and I just love you so much!
Yesterday Jake and Sis went to the neighbors for a playdate, so it was just you and me!
We played together all morning and then you fell asleep on me while I rocked you (until your brother came running home and rang the doorbell 10 times in a row to ask if he could stay at his buddy's for lunch! Ha!). While you were sleeping I just tried to take it all in! I just love your snuggles!
The biggest change this month is that you are taking some steps. We practice all the time. You balance and stand on your own and then usually take one or two and then fall, but last night at Mimi and Puppa's house, you took a good 5 or 6 before falling! We all cheered for you!
Then last night was a rough night. You woke up (which you don't EVER do anymore) at 1am and coughed, and fussed until about 4am! At one point I just brought you into our bed and you fell asleep right on me. I tried to take in that sweet moment before I put you back in your bed! Oh, I LOVED it...even if it was in the middle of the night!
 I am still so in love with your red hair and blue eyes! You wave bye bye and blow kisses now. You love to be with me. You cry when I drop you off at church or when others hold you. You are still taking a bottle, but eat all sorts of food like a champ! Everyone always comment on what a smiley and happy baby you are! I am so glad you are mine!
Happy 13 months!
I love you!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Two Wheeler!

Last week my MIL brought over a Balance Bike for the kids. I had never heard of one before, but it has truly worked for Jake! Sissy is a little small, but she will definitely use it when she gets a little bit bigger!
In one week, Jake went from riding his bike with training wheels to riding a two wheeler!
He did amazing on his first few tries!
He loves to ride bikes and now he is ALL over the neighborhood!
Way to go, Jake!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Catching Up

Friday night we went to Jake's end of the season t-ball party.
 It was so nice! We met in the Sanctuary for a little bit and then we went to the gym where all the kids got their trophies and ate dinner together.
Here is my Jake with his first trophy!
We are so proud of YOU!
Saturday several girls from my Sunday school class invited me to run in a 5k. I asked my sisters if they wanted to do it too! It was called "Color My Run". As you run the course, you get splattered with a colored powder. It was messy, but tons of fun!

Then yesterday I took the kids to the Nature Museum again. We went a few weeks ago and had a great time. They offer free programs all the time so we took advantage of one again!
This time the kids learned all about animal tracks. We got lots of rain on Sunday night, so we found several good prints on our hike!
Jake was super brave this time and held a few creatures!

They had several fun centers set up and then we enjoyed a small hike on the nature trails!

We Love Summer Time Fun!