Monday, December 31, 2012

Taking A Look At 2012

 So here we are again. The end of another year. 2012 has just a few hours left and I am at home in p.j's and in the bed;). I am actually surprised that I am still up! Ha! New Year's Eve is NOT my favorite holiday! When you are a mommy to three little ones, sleep is MUCH more important;).
I wanted to write just one more post this year just so I can remember a few significant things that happened.
1. There were some major news makers that occurred this year. We celebrated the summer Olympics in London, found out a royal baby is on the way, voted in a presidential election, witnessed the devastation of Hurricane Sandy, and of course most recently learned of the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting.
 2. This year our church promoted Year of the Bible and encouraged everyone to read through the entire Bible. I took the challenge and today I read the last few chapters in Revelation! I made it!
Matt and I also made the switch from our church's main campus to their north campus location. We are so excited about where the Lord is leading us. We joined a new Sunday school class and are anxious to get plugged in and find a place to serve!
3. We didn't do much traveling this year. We did make it back to Surfside Beach for our 23rd year and also visited the mountains in Boone, NC for a weekend back in the fall.
4. Back in March I turned 30! Sometimes it is hard to believe that I am 30 now! I definitely don't feel like it though;)
5. This past May Matt and I celebrated our 6 year wedding anniversary.
We have had a great year and look forward to all that the Lord is going to do through us this coming year! I am thankful for a husband that loves the Lord, loves me, and is totally crazy about his three kiddos:)!
 6. Speaking of kids...This past May we added this sweet baby boy to our family!
May 7th Parker James was born!
Oh my goodness! I LOVE this boy so so so much! We call him our "Meatball". Ha! He is the perfect fit for our family and we are so blessed! We love watching him grow and change each month!

 We love you Parker!
7. Jake turned 4 this year!
He is still my little stinker;), but I love him so much! He is really starting to use his imagination and loves to play on the computer and watch Curious George. He went to Superhero camp and Pirate camp back in the summer. He started preschool this year and LOVES it! It has been so good for him! You think the WORLD of your Daddy and want to do everything with him! You make us so proud, Jake!
We love you!
8. Brooklyn turned 2 and became a big Sissy!
She is the light of my life and is such a sweet girl! She loves to play babies, Barbies, and princesses but will also play soccer, baseball and ride Jake's scooter;). You love to read books and are a mommy's girl for sure;)!
9. This year Matt made a complete career change (actually just a few weeks ago). As we look back we see God's hand in it all along, but we waited patiently for the right time to make a move. We are excited to see how things will unfold in the new year! We always saw God provide for us through real estate, but are now thankful for a bit more stable paycheck for sure;)!
10. We did lots of fun family things this year.
We went to ImaginOn, did LOTS of swimming, bounced in our bounce house, went to Monkey Joe's and Romp n Roll, picked strawberries and apples, had playdates with friends and our cousins, and learned how to be a family of five;)!
Our family is thankful for a blessed 2012 and is looking forward to what is ahead in 2013!
Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Saturday Morning Story Time

This morning Matt and I took the kids to ImaginOn for story time.
We were looking for something simple but fun to do together as a family and this was just the perfect thing. We have been to ImaginOn several times and my kids always love it! There is so much to see, and do, and play!
Story time is done so well! The kids heard a few cute books and poems, sang some fun songs, danced with scarves, and had a blast popping bubbles!
Sissy LOVED the time with her Daddy;)

Parker loved playing too!

It was fun watching him explore and learn!

I always love spending a Saturday with my family!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Celebrating Christmas 2012

We had such a nice Christmas Eve and Christmas Day this year.
We spent it with our families, which is so special!

Christmas Eve we always get together with my family. We all bring an appetizer or a yummy dessert to share and then let the kids dive into their presents!
My dad with all his girls;)

And I LOVE this picture with all my siblings and my Grandma.

It was so nice that we were all together this year, including my brother Steven. We have missed him the last several years!
All the cousins have fun playing together and even in the chaos of opening presents, we ALL have a MERRY time;)

My mom loving on Parker...
Last year my sister and I made the comment that there would be two more in this special picture this year. Sweet Addy Kate is now apart of our family and baby Parker is too!
This picture turned out great, but it wasn't easy! Whew!

After everyone was in their jammies and completely worn out from the evening, we headed home to get things ready for Santa to arrive. Jake and Sissy set out the cookies and put out the reindeer dust!
They were so excited to get things ready for Santa, but a little sad to say goodbye to Troy;)

Everyone slept until about 8:15 the next morning! Matt and I were so thankful! Ha!
Santa actually put stockings stuffed with treats in their beds, so that was the first thing they saw when they woke up!
We all came downstairs then and the kids were amazed at all that was under our tree!
Jake must have been a pretty good boy this year because he got some neat gifts!
His favorite gift was a really big castle to play with and several pieces to go with it.

 Sissy must have been a good girl too;)
She was all about Santa bringing her a new baby, some Barbies, and anything PINK;).

She LOVED opening her gifts and was thrilled with each one!

And Parker celebrated his first Christmas!
Santa brought him the cutest bouncing Tigger and I think he liked it;)!
(He also just loved tearing into the wrapping paper and at times, eating it! Ha)

 After we took our time opening gifts, Matt's parents came over with a few treats for the kids and then enjoyed breakfast with us. We made monkey bread, eggs, bacon, and biscuits.
They stayed for a little while and enjoyed Christmas morning with us.
After they left, we cleaned up and rested a while. When the kids got up from their nap we went back over to my parents for Christmas dinner. It was pretty low key. Everyone enjoyed a yummy dinner and played games together.
What a wonderful time we had this Christmas season with our precious families and making sweet memories together!
Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Frosting, Sugar, and Sprinkles, Oh My!

 As I sit and type up this post I am in the middle of baking several Christmas treats!
I have batches of cookies cooling, some cooking, and others waiting to be mixed!
This past Thursday though we got all the little "Elves" together and had a cookie making day at Mimi's! Everyone was just as busy as can be loading each cookie with frosting, sprinkles, M&M's, and plenty of other treats;)
(Poor Sissy fell out of her chair and knocked her head just as soon as we started. Ugh!)
 There were sprinkles EVERYWHERE and globs of frosting piled high on each cookies, but the smiles, the giggles, and yes the chaos was so much fun!

 And yes...there was plenty of taste testing going on too;)
Look at Addy Kate's plate! Ha!
 Spending time with our cousins is one of our most favorite things to do:)
 And what made this day even more special was that we got to celebrate this big seven year old!
Happy Birthday, Riley!
Parker was wishing he was just a little bit bigger so he could taste test those yummy cookies too!
Maybe next year, Parker;) You're already sweet enough for now!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Parker's Visit With Santa

The other night when we went to the GWL Santa was there visiting. Jake is actually TERRIFIED of him and Sissy won't get close, but she will give a small wave.
I thought maybe, just maybe, Parker would sit on his lap. There was no line, so I took him up there. I handed him over and he didn't seem to mind one bit!
I was able to snap a few pictures, but this one is my favorite!
He looks so sweet in his Christmas jammies!
What a great first Christmas memory!

Christmas Crunch Time

The beginning of our week got off to a slow start because my kids were feeling a bit under the weather. I have so many fun Christmas things that I LOVE doing with them, so the last part of our week has been busy!
Tuesday night our crew met up at the Ballantyne Hotel to see their amazing gingerbread display.
We always love to walk down Gingerbread Lane and see the most amazing houses and creations ever!

We give CLEAR instructions to all the little ones before we begin to mind their manners and to NOT TOUCH A THING! Ha!

Each creation is simply AMAZING and this year was no exception, in fact I think it was one of the best years yet!
Each one is so unique and is our favorite...that is until we see the next one on display:)
We love to "ooh" and "ahh" over all the details and imagine just how yummy they would taste;)

 Even these Dr. Suess displays are made from sweet treats! AMAZING!
My sweet little Parker wasn't feeling the best, but he was all smiles by the tree!

Wednesday evening Matt got home from work a little bit earlier than normal so we decided to head to the Great Wolf Lodge for story time. We had planned to go here earlier in the week with some friends, but had to change plans since my kids were sick.
After supper the kids changed into their p.j's and we were off!
Jake and Sissy each enjoyed a yummy donut during the show (of course Sissy HAD to have a PINK one). It wasn't long before the story, songs, and of course the SNOW began to fall!

My sweet three looked so sweet all cuddled up in their jammies and the lodge was just beautiful!

It is always one of my favorite Christmas traditions!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Twas The Week Before Christmas

The countdown till Christmas has begun!
We have one more week to fit in our last minute Christmas fun!
Here is what we have been up to...
Friday morning I met up with my MOM's group for the kid's Christmas party. We read stories, sang lots of fun Christmas songs, and ate a few sweet treats;)!
Saturday night I was invited to a cookie exchange with some of my neighborhood friends.
I had such a nice time. Matt stayed home with the kids and got them pizza and a movie, so I was able to get out and enjoy an evening with the girls!
I made thin mint cracker cookies (YUM!), and then came home with this beautiful tray!
I brought home soooo many and we DO NOT need all of them here, so we took a plate to Sunday school yesterday for others to enjoy too:)!
(All of these cookies were so good, but I am going to be making the peppermint snowballs this weekend for my family get together!)
Today however, we had to slow down just a bit. This morning I was supposed to meet up with a friend of mine and her kids for a Christmas morning out, but my B and P are under the weather, so I had to cancel. I actually stayed home from church yesterday with them both cause I knew they didn't feel good. Mainly just runny noses and a low fever. We have stayed in all of today, so hopefully they will be feeling much better soon! This is poor Parker's first time being sick and I HATE it for him! His little eyes have watered all day:(
We have snuggled in our comfy clothes all day and have done some baking and Christmas crafts.
Not a bad day after all;)

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Brooklyn's 2 Year Check Up

Yesterday I had to take Sissy for her 2 year old check up.
She weighed 33lbs 4 oz (99%) and was 35 3/4 inches tall (92%). Her head circumference was 20 inches (99%).
She had to get her finger pricked, which she HATED! She cried pretty much the entire appointment. Every time she looked at her finger the rest of the day, she would say "boo boo" and whimper. She also had to get two shots, one in each leg. She cried, but ended up doing OK with that;).
Poor girl had bandaids all over her by the end!

Dr. B asked me all sorts of questions about her talking, eating, sleeping, and growing!
She seems to be doing just fine!
So thankful my girl is a strong and healthy TWO year old!