Saturday, June 30, 2012

Friday, June 29, 2012

VBS Week

This week I took Jake to his first VBS!
Our church held theirs last week, but Jake wasn't quite old enough to participate. My good friend Courtney let me know that their church was holding theirs this week and he was old enough to go!
I was a little hesitant because Matt was going to be out of town which would mean I would have to cart everyone out on my own and also because Jake is a little hesitant when it comes to things like this. I knew he would have a blast though and I really wanted him to be apart of such a fun week.
When we got there each evening you could feel the energy and excitement in the air!
Each evening opened up with music and a Bible story lesson.
The kids had a blast singing and hearing that night's lesson.
Also, if there were 100 kids in attendance on any evening, Mr. Donnie would have to dye his hair pink. They never got to quite that amount, but the kids waited each night to hear the final count.

The weeks Bible verse was 2 Peter 1:3.
It was so fun to see Jake hiding God's Word in his heart!

I could have dropped Jake off each evening, but decided to be "that mom" and stick around.
I have never really dropped him off and left him anywhere except with our moms from time to time or at church. Plus with him being a bit unsure, I stayed close.

After the opening session, Jake would go with his age group to several different activities.
Each station reinforced that evening's Bible story!

Bible story time...

Game time...

Sissy got to play some too!

Snack time...

Craft time...

Throughout the week there were a few moments like this...

It broke my heart to see him upset, but I was close by and really wanted him to do some of the activities on his own. I knew he was fine and in excellent hands:)

Everyone was so kind to me and was so willing to help me with my little ones...
even Brooklyn and Parker were very much loved on!

What a WONDERFUL week we had!
We were definitely worn out from all the fun!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Heat Wave

The next few days around here are going to be scorchers!
Records might be broken as we reach into the 100's or higher for several days in a row!
I actually don't mind it being hot, but there needs to be a pool around!

That's where the kids and I spend our morning!

Parker sat poolside and had his fan to keep him cool!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Brooklyn's 18 Month Check Up

Today I took my Brooklyn bear for her 18 month check up.
I am so thankful for a strong and healthy girl!

My MIL kept the boys for me so it was just us girls today:)
When we got to the office she was a little uncertain about things. We waited in the well area and she sat on my lap and cuddled with me until we were called back.
She did jump right on the scale for a weight check. She weighed 30 lbs (96%) and she was 34 1/2 inches tall (99%).

The doctor came in and asked me all sorts of questions.
Sissy is right on track with everything and looking great!
She did have to get three shots which I HATE more than her!
She cried for a second, but then was ok. Nothing that a lovie, milk, and fruit snacks can't fix!

Love my girl to pieces!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Cousin Time and VBS

Last Thursday my sister and brother in law traveled to China to pick up their new little girl, Addy Kate:). Matt and I are so excited to have another niece! We can't wait until they get back so we can meet her. She looks just precious from all the pics we have seen.
Anyway, while they have been gone, we have been spending some extra time with our cousins!
Friday we met them all at the pool for some swimming.
It has been HOT here so it was a great choice!

Jake and Brooklyn LOVE going to their pool!
It has a water slide, a lazy river, a kiddie pool, and a big pool!

Saturday evening we met up again and headed out to the Kannopolis Intimidators baseball game.
Again, it was HOT, but everyone had fun.

The kids didn't watch much of the game.
They had a playground right around the corner from the field,
so that's where they spent most of their time!

Sissy taking a snack break...

Love this girl...

My nephews...

And my pretty sisters:)

Tonight I am going to attempt to take Jake to VBS at a church right around the corner from us. Our church held theirs last week, but Jake wasn't quite old enough to go.

I know he will have so much fun and learn so much! He just doesn't really do well going to new places and on top of that me leaving him. I want to give it a try though!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Father's Day Continued:)

Sunday afternoon our Father's Day celebrations continued.
We invited Matt's parents over for lunch. We had steak, potatoes, veggies, fruit, and rolls.
It was yummy!
We enjoyed having lunch together and just catching up on life!

Papa and Sissy...

After lunch we all got to take a short nap before heading to my parents house.
We were going to spend the evening over there eating, swimming, and playing in the second annual Minute To Win It games:)

My dad with us kids, minus my brother Steve:(

My dad and Sissy...

My mom with Baby Parker...

The first game we played was called "Junk In Your Trunk"...

Up next was "Nose Dive"...

The kids LOVED this game:)

"Chocolate Unicorn"...

The kids liked this game too. They were all begging to eat the cakes at the end!
Jake and Sissy getting in on the FUN!!!

Riley getting a little help from Uncle Matt:)


Come on Jake!!!

Puppa was good at this game:)

"Elephant Walk"...

Next up was a refreshing dip in the pool...

Sophie girl...

Not only did we celebrate Father's Day, we also had three very special people celebrating June birthdays!
My Grandma, my sister, and my nephew!


We always have a great time when we are with our families!
We are so blessed!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Parker Is 6 Weeks!

Today my Parker is 6 weeks!
As you can see he is getting sooo big:)
He is very alert these days and is starting to give us some big ol' grins when we talk to him.
He gave us a few good ones yesterday! They were so sweet!

I love my Big Bubba!
Keep growing big and strong!