Friday, July 29, 2011

Our Trip To The Library

Yesterday Jake, Brooklyn, and I made a special visit to our public library.

I had not taken the kids there at all this summer. I took Jake last year for some story times, but he didn't sit very still, so I have avoided it so far this year. However, we have our family beach trip coming up and I thought a few new books would keep him occupied for a little while in the car. We are also borrowing a DVD player for the car and wanted to pick him up a few new DVDs to watch.

So off we went...

We had a GREAT time! We browsed the shelves for some fun books to take with us. He LOVES any book, but he is really into the Where's Waldo books or the I SPY books. We checked out some of those and a few others and I think we are set!

After we checked out our books, our library has a great kids section to do puzzles, computers, and other quiet games.

Jake picked out a few to work on!

And sweet Brooklyn Bear was so good too!
She loved just looking around and playing with some toys too!

As soon as we get back from the beach, we will definitely visit again!
It was a great place to go to beat the heat other than the pool!

Happy Reading To Us:)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Playdate "Pool"ooza!

Yesterday my kids and I hosted a pool party play date!

We invited some of our friends over to my mom's house for a picnic lunch and lots of swimming!

I thought their house would be nice because we would have the pool all to ourselves, a deck to eat our lunch on, and plenty of yard space for everyone to play!

We went out and bought some snacks and drinks and then had everyone bring their own picnic lunch to enjoy:).

Jake loved all the snacks he picked out (especially the white cheddar popcorn)!

Jake's best buddy Jay came with his mommy which made things extra fun!

Rachelle and Rilee taking a snack break...

Jake thought Sage was pretty cool with her diving sticks and rings.

Now Jake loves to do them too! Ha!

Some more of the gang playing at the water table...

And a few more of our sweet friends having fun in the sun!

I think everyone had a great time! We will definitely plan another play date again soon, maybe before all the crazy school schedules start up!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Spending Our Summer Days...


I love to take the kids out back to play on our swing set. We like to go out in the evening time when it is shaded over a bit!

Or we like to use our new hammock:)


It doesn't take us long though to change into our suits and head down to the pool. We usually go for a few hours in the morning and then head back for an evening dip with daddy:)


Today while we were out running a few errands, I picked up some slow melt Popsicles for Jake and Brooklyn to enjoy! I didn't think they melted that much slower, but it didn't really matter. They were gone pretty fast:)

Brooklyn Bear loved every last lick! Ha!

The kids and I are hosting a giant play date tomorrow for several of our good friends. We are excited to see everyone, enjoy a picnic lunch, and then of course hit the pool again!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Photo Finish Friday!

Here are just a few of my most favorite recent pictures of my kids!

They are special to me and looking back on them one day will be oh so sweet!

(Jake almost 3 and Brooklyn 7 months)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Going Bananas!

This morning the kids and I met some of our neighbors at Monkey Joes! I had never been to Monkey Joes before, but boy did we have fun! It was a bit stressful at first because there were a few day camps there, but once they left there was plenty of bouncing fun for all!

It was hard to snap any pictures because we were on the move,

but I got a few to remember our fun time!

Jake was a bit hesitant on the giant slides at first, but with a little help from his friends, he did GREAT!

Little Brooklyn Bear had a fun time too. She was overwhelmed with all the fun that was going on around her.

She played a little bit, but was pretty content in her stroller or in my arms just watching everyone!

We played hard all morning!
When we got home we ate a quick lunch and then it was a good nap day for all!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Another July Day At The Pool

As soon as we got moving this morning, we put on our suits and spent the entire morning at the pool. We made it home just in time for a yummy lunch and a good afternoon nap!

Jake is such a fish!

Ready! Set! Jump!

He'll stick his face in the water and swim for a long time!

My sisters came over tonight and gave him an "official" swim lesson (no flaoties allowed)!

He did awesome:)! Woot! Woot!

Check out his new goggles:)

Brooklyn Bear likes the water too!

She doesn't care for her float. She prefers to be held or to just sit and splash on the steps.

She looks so BIG to me in this pic!

It's kind of nice because she'll usually take a 30-40 minute nap in her stoller under the umbrella while we are at the pool. It gives me a chance to have some water time with just my Jake! He likes to show me all his tricks! Ha!

All smiles:)

We LOVE SuMmErTiMe!!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Make A Joyful Noise Unto The Lord

Sunday mornings are usually a bit rushed around our house. We go to the early service at our church which means everyone has to be up and out the door pretty early. We are usually running around like crazy trying to get everyone ready, bags packed, kids fed and loaded up.

This morning Jake wanted to listen to his worship cd on the way to church. He wanted to hear his favorite song over and over and over again. His favorite song these days is "My God Is So Big". He loves to sing it with me. This morning he was just a singing away and it was so sweet to hear him!

Even though we were a bit tired of hearing the same song so many times in a row :), my heart was full because even though he is only 2, he is learning how to worship. He is learning about how big our God is and how much he cares about us!

I have a real burden to pray for my kids and even though they are so little right now, I pray that their hearts will love Jesus and they will live for Him everyday!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

TRYING To Stay Cool In The Pool!

It's been HOT here and I LOVE it! With the heat index, we have reached temperatures as high as 104! Whew!

Of course, we have been spending a lot of time at our pool, but even the pool these days has only been a big bathtub! Not really refreshing at all. Sunday night we invited Matt's parents over for a little visit and an evening dip!

We snapped this pic of Jake and Brooklyn with Memaw and Poppa and I think it is a really good one!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Good Friends and Good Times

Friday night was a girls night out for me! I was invited to go out with some of my best college friends. We were all going out to celebrate my friend, Amy and her recent engagement. We don't get to see each other all that often. We are all busy with our growing families, work, church stuff, and just plain life, but it was really great to see everyone and catch up!

Some of the best girls ever...

Saturday afternoon we met up with our Sunday school class for a farewll party. We said good bye to some sweet friends of ours who are missionaries.

It was a HOT day for a picnic, but we had such a fun time!

Sweet B...

and Jake...

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Brooklyn Is 7 Months!!!

Happy 7 month day to my sweet Brooklyn Bear!

This past month has been so much fun with you!

You are changing so much everyday. You are doing so many new things! The biggest change would have to be that your two bottom teeth are popping through! You look so sweet with them when you smile! Getting teeth means eating food:) Most days I give you a fruit for breakfast and a veggie for dinner. Sometimes I feed you at lunch time too. You sit in your highchair to eat and get upset if it doesn't come fast enough or when I have to clean your messy face off:) Ha! You have tried many different beans, squash, sweet potatoes, peaches, bananas, apples, and pears. You love them all! You have had water a few times and have also tried a sippy cup. This is something we are just starting to work on.

You still love your milk bottles too!

You drink about 5 bottles a day (6-8oz each time).

You are sleeping so good lately too. Some mornings I don't hear you until 7:30 or 8:00 which is so nice, especially during the summer time! Some mornings you will go back down for a nap, but most days I would have to say you just get one good afternoon nap. We are either out and about or at the pool and just aren't home to nap in the mornings.

You have a few new tricks these days. You LOVE to stand up. You can't pull up completely on your own, but you have some strong legs and love to use them. You think you are big stuff when you stand on my legs or stand by the couch or a chair:). You just look around and flash a big grin at whoever is looking! Ha! You also LOVE to giggle. You have always been a happy baby and you are usually pretty easy to make smile, but to hear you laugh just makes me all giddy inside! You laugh when we make silly faces, or when Bubbie wrestles or plays with you!
You are starting to NOT like you car seat. Whenever I put you in it to go somewhere you arch your back and cry. You usually calm down as soon as we get moving though. You are also a mamma's girl. You love for me to hold you...a lot:). You are starting to want me and only me! Whenever someone else holds you, I can see you look to see if I am close by and you usually start to pout a bit and reach for me!

I love you Brooklyn Bear! You are growing up so big!
I am so thankful that God gave me such a precious little girl! I love being your mommy!

Love you forever,

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Parades, Pools, Parties and Some Patriotic Fun!

We haven't had a weekend quite like this past one in a while. It was jammed packed with all sorts of fun! The Fourth of July is one of my all time favorite holidays. It is just so fun to have a day off, be with family, do lots of swimming, and of course participate in some red, white, and blue fun!

Friday night we went to the festival our town puts on every year! It was loads of fun! We rode rides, ate ice cream, and stayed up late to watch the fireworks!

Jake LOVED riding the swings this year. I really didn't think he would do it by himself, but daddy loaded him on and off he went!

And Jake and I got to ride the ferris wheel together!

Our tradition is to have my brother, sisters, and nephews come with us to the festival and then wake up nice and early to watch the big parade! We met Matt's parents there and ended up sitting with several of our friends too!

It was definitely HOT out there this year:).

But we had a great time watching the floats go by, seeing lots of our friends, and grabbing lots of candy!

Brooklyn's first Fourth of July!

Kelly and Jake having some fun together and Allison and Tim too!

Corban and Riley...

Sunday, the fun didn't stop...

We went to church Sunday morning, came home for a quick nap, and then loaded back up for a cookout with some good friends.

Here are just some of the kiddos...

Jake and his best buddy, Jay...

Monday morning was more fun...
Our neighborhood had it's first annual 4th of July parade! All the kids decorated their bikes, scooters, strollers and pets and we all marched along the streets to the pool!

I really like this picture of the four of us...

Jake and Brooklyn rode in our little red wagon:)

I think Brooklyn loves to 4th just like her momma! Love her!

After a hot morning, the pool was all we could think about! We are so lucky that my mom has a pool, so instead of swimming in our neighborhood pool, we spent the day at my parents.

Everyone took a dip.

Brooklyn loves to swim too, but really enjoyed the float!
She is working on her tan for the beach:)

After a full afternoon of swimming we had a yummy dinner of shish kabobs, corn on the cob, strawberry jello salad, macaroni and cheese, rolls, and dessert!

The evening then turned a bit cloudy and soon raindrops started to fall.

It drizzled for a little while, but we managed to do a few sparklers together.

We headed home with everyone worn out from a really fantastic weekend!
Happy 4th of July, 2011!