Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Memories 2011

Memorial Day marks the beginning of a lot of summertime fun.

Along with the food, family, and fun this day holds, it is also a time to think about and honor all those who have served and are currently serving our country so that we can be free!

Thank you for all you do!

Yesterday afternoon we headed over to my mom and dad's house to celebrate with the entire gang. This year was extra special because my grandparents from Michigan have been here for the past week and were able to be with everyone again yesterday!

We have the best time when we are all together!

It was a great day for a cookout!
It was pretty hot, but no one seemed to mind at all!

We just love being all together...

We are so blessed to have such a great family!

These two are quite the pair. They had a blast eating and swimming together...

And of course Matt was asked to bring cornhole...

When anyone got hot, it was off to the pool for a dip...

I think Jake spent more time in the water than he did out of the water! Ha!

Jake has done great in the pool this year. He has gotten better each time we go. I love this picture of him. Look at his little tongue! Ha!

The boys cooling off...

A bunch of fish!

Looking forward to all the fun that summer holds!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Summer Time, Summer Time, Sum Sum Summer Time!!!

Today was the last day of school!

This year is a bit different though because when I pack up my room over the next few days, I will be packing up for good. I have decided that I am going to take some time off and enjoy just being a mom. This has been a huge goal of mine and every year Matt and I evaluate whether or not we can do it but, this year things just seemed to be right. I am looking for something possibly part time to still help us out, but can't wait to be at home with Jake and Brooklyn a lot more.

You will be sure to find us by the pool over the next several weeks during the summer!

I am also really looking forward to spending some time with my Grandparents who are from Michigan this coming week. They are flying in later on tonight and will be here for a few days. We haven't seen them since shortly after Jake was born.

We always have a great visit with them when they come and I can't wait to introduce them to Brooklyn Bear!

Let the SUMMER FUN begin!!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Our 5 Year Anniversary!

This past Friday Matt and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary.

We weren't planning on doing anything because we didn't think we had anyone to watch the kids and we were both exhausted from a really busy week. When I got home from school though he told me that we were going out! His parents were coming over to help us out and we were going to celebrate with dinner and some time together!

A few weeks ago we saw Rooster's Wood Fire Grill and thought it sounded like a neat place to try...

We really enjoyed ourselves and our time together. We ate, chatted, shopped, and even stopped for dessert at Dairy Queen!

I am so thankful that I get to spend my life with Matt! We are definitely made for each other. I couldn't ask for a better husband, friend, or father! We look back at these last 5 years (11 since we first met) and can't believe where we are! We are so blessed and thankful for the love we have and look forward to the many more years that we have together!

I love you, babe!
Happy 5 year Anniversary!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Almost There!

The countdown is on for summer! Only a few days until life slows down (well, as slow as life gets with two small kiddos) and my days are spent at home with my babies! I have been thinking about what I want to do and where I want to go on my summer break. I am pretty much content with being at home, but a few things are on the to do list! The zoo, the park, the pool...

I am feeling so thankful today for Jake and Brooklyn! Love you both bunches!


Friday, May 13, 2011

Then There Were Ten!!!

Matt and I are proud to say that we are now an Uncle and Aunt to 10 nieces and nephews!

Can you believe it? That's a lot! The fun has just begun though...I still have 4 more bothers and sisters that haven't even started yet! When it is all said and done...there will be a lot:)!

I LOVE big families!

Corban, Riley, Sophie, and Hudson





Sarah Kate

And sweet Isaiah born today...

That makes ten!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Give Me A Break!!!

These last few days I have been able to spend some extra time with the three most important people in my life. I took a few days off of work which made for a wonderful break from my normal crazy busy routine. I didn't have any big plans which was just the way I wanted it:)

Sunday Matt and I were able to go out for a little bit with some sweet friends of ours.

They had some extra tickets to the Wells Fargo Championship and they invited us to go with them. I don't know much about golf. I have never played and I don't watch it on t.v. However, I had a great time!! I don't know many golfers, but it was fun to see the ones I did know, like Phil Mickelson, right up close. Tiger was supposed to be there, but got hurt and backed out.

The course was beautiful! I learned a little bit about the game and enjoyed just people watching and being outside! Matt and I have not been out together since Brooklyn was born and it had even been a while before that! So the afternoon was a real treat!

What made it even better was knowing that I didn't have to wake up early the next morning to go to school! We slowly got our day started and then we were invited to a fun day at Ray's Splash Planet! I had never been before, but knew my Jake would LOVE it!

I called my sister Kelly up and she said she would give me a hand with my little swimmers.

Off we went...

We swam for about two hours! My kiddos had a blast playing in the water. We went down slides, played water basketball, and got buckets full of water dumped on us!

Jake played hard, but so did Brooklyn Bear. She stayed in the water the entire time we were there! She's definitely a little water bug! Yeah!
When we got home we were all a little tired...

All three of us enjoyed a nice, long nap! It felt sooo good:)

Tuesday was more fun together. We went and visited my Grandpa. We had a GREAT visit with him and he looked so good! We were able to have lunch with my Mom and Grandma and then had time in the afternoon to hang out at home and play! I loved every minute with my sweet family! I am so thankful for them!

It was back to school today, but only 9 1/2 days to go!! Woot!! Woot!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

Friday I was invited to a very special "Muffins for Moms" put on by Jake's school. We were able to stop by and have a muffin, some fruit, and some juice together. I was so looking forward to having this time with my sweet boy. As soon as Matt dropped him off, I ran down for just a few minutes to spend with him.

Jake and I hanging out and having fun!

Here I am lovin' on my boy! Don't let his face fool you. He loves his mommy:)

Jake worked on several special presents for me at school and he also built this flower vase for me with his daddy. Whenever I would ask him what he got me for Mothers Day he would say, "Oh, I don't know". I would ask him if I could open his gifts early and he would tell me that I had to wait until Sunday.

Sunday evening the whole gang gathered together for a Mother's Day celebration at my mom and dad's.

We had Mexican food, fresh fruit, and lots of yummy dessert!

I love being a mommy to Jake. He definitely keeps me busy. He is so smart and adorable too:) I just LOVE that blond hair. I could cuddle and kiss him all day long. He says the funniest things sometimes. My prayer for him is that he would grow so strong and that he would run hard after Jesus and love Him with all he has.

I love being a mommy to my sweet Brooklyn Bear too! Oh. My. Word. I could kiss on her cheeks all day! She is such an easy and good baby. She is always happy and she is always FULL of smiles! She melts my heart. I am so close to my mom and pray that we will have that same kind of relationship. I love having a little girl and can't wait to do all sorts of girly things together as she grows! My prayer for Brooklyn is that she too would love Jesus and run hard after him. I pray that she would have a tender heart and a passion for God's Word.

I love my kids and count it a blessing to be their mommy. Some days are hard, especially having to balance so much. But I try to take in every moment and love on them as much as I can. May God give me what I need to raise them to honor Him!

Everyone says that their mom is the BEST, but my mom truly is:)
She just can't be beat! She raised 6 kids which meant that she had to sacrifice so much. She always put us before herself. She worked hard to show us how to make good choices. She gave us a Godly example to follow. She prayed for us (and still does) and was always interested in what we were doing.

She would wait up late until we were all back home at night and in bed. She loves my kids and is now THE BEST Grammy ever! She is a one of a kind mom and I love her dearly!

Happy Mother's Day!
I love you mom and thank you Jake and Brooklyn for making me a mommy!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Brooklyn Is 5 Months!

Another month has gone by so quickly and Brooklyn is still just the sweetest thing ever!

There is just something so special about having a daughter!

We don't have to go to the doctor for a check-up this month (yay! no shots), but she weighs around 18lbs. and is wearing size 9-12 month clothes. Ha! She is sleeping well at night. She usually goes to bed around 8:30 or 9 and will sleep till around 6:30.

Brooklyn loves to smile! You just have to look at her and she will give you the biggest grin ever! She has started to give kisses too! She opens her mouth and plants a big, wet, juicy kiss on your cheek! They are the BEST! She is getting so strong and will stand tall on your legs and is getting better at sitting up! She is very good at rolling over from her belly to her back. She doesn't really attempt to go the other way because she still hates her belly:). She is "talking" more and more each day. We are working on "dadda" and "mamma"! Ha! She still prefers to be held when mommy is around. It is hard to get things done sometimes, but I remind myself that those things can just wait:)! She is still a good eater. She usually drinks 6-8oz at a time. She is getting the hang of holding her own bottle, but hasn't got it completely yet. We will introduce her to cereal in just a few more weeks, which I know she will love!

We attached a swing to our new play set for her which she likes except when Jake pushes her a little too hard! We enjoy going out in the evenings when it is shaded and a bit cooler out. She loves any time outside and loves when I take her for walks!

She reaches for any toy that is near and I think she may be starting to reach for us when we put out our hands to pick her up.

My sweet and precious Lovie!
I love you with my whole heart!
Summer time is coming and that means lots of special time together! I can't wait!

Love you baby girl!
Keep growing big and strong!


Monday, May 2, 2011

Water Babies!

This weekend was the grand opening of our pool for the summer! Everyday when we would drive by the pool Jake would always ask me if it was open yet!

Well, today was the big day. I decided to be somewhat brave and take him down after we got home from school. You see though, this summer is going to be a bit more difficult for me then last summer. With Jake all over the water AND having Brooklyn bear with me, I am going to be a wreck! It is definitely going to take some getting used to.

It is still WAY to cold for this mamma, so Jake had to wear his floaties. He did a super job at keeping them on and staying on the steps.

And this bathing beauty was content in the shade watching her big brother.

Let's just say this year I won't be relaxing by the poolside:)

We managed to have only one melt down and that was because Jake DID NOT want to leave!

I tried to explain the summer fun is just getting ready to begin:) Woot! Woot!