Monday, November 29, 2010

Jake's Hairy Adventure!

One of the very first things that the doctor and nurse said when Jake was born was "look at that bald head". Ha! It was no surprise to Matt or I that this was the case. Let's just say that neither of us have good hair genes.
So we have waited patiently over the last two years for Jake's hair to grow in long enough to have to take him to get it cut.

We noticed that a few pieces in the back were finally getting a little long and maybe a few pieces over his ears. So, over Thanksgiving break we took him for his first haircut!
We took him to the barber shop that Matt goes to and Mr. Roddy trimmed my handsome boy's hair up!

He was probably most excited about the lollipop that was given to him as a bribe.

He wasn't to sure about what Mr. Roddy was doing. He kept saying "ouch, ouch" even though we all know it didn't hurt a bit! Ha!
The finished product!
Two of the most handsome boys in the world looking mighty spiffy!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Gobbled Up With Gratitiude

Thanksgiving is such a special time! I think a lot about how much I am blessed, but this day is a day to stop and celebrate all what God has done for me! My thankful list goes on and on. My salvation, my (growing) family, my friends, our heath, our jobs, we have a house, cars to drive, and clothes on our backs! In fact, there isn't too much that we need that we go without. We are BLESSED BEYOND anything we could imagine!
Our Thanksgiving Day turned out just how I wanted it to. I was the first one up around my house, so I got busy in the kitchen cooking macaroni and cheese and a few desserts to take to my mom's house later on that day. Jake was up next so we got to cuddle for a while and spend some time together. At 9:00 we headed upstairs to wake up daddy to come and watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade! It is my favorite thing to do on Thanksgiving morning!
Jake loved these guys...

And my favorite are these girls...

We spent the morning just hanging out together as a family.
Later on that afternoon we went to my parent's house for our first round of turkey!
All of my favorites were served! We ate until our tummy's were stuffed!

I am so thankful for this man! He is the love of my life!
And this little boys adds so much joy!

And of course these two...ha!
Jake and cousin Sophie...
Two turkeys getting in trouble together.

We then had to wrap things up with my family and head to Matt's parents for round two. We were blessed to have both of Matt's brothers and their families come from Florida to spend Thanksgiving with us this year. So it was more turkey for us! Because they traveled for Thanksgiving, we will miss them at Christmas so we actually celebrated everything all in one...
Jake digging into his present.
And all of his cousins
(minus Baby Levi who we met for the first time).
What a wonderful day we had celebrating all of our blessings!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

I Could GOBBLE Him Up!

I could just gobble this little turkey right up!
He has been having LOTS of Thanksgiving fun at school this week!
I am THANKFUL for YOU, Jake!
I love you, Bubba!

Monday, November 15, 2010

A Jolly Pancake Breakfast!

This weekend Matt's parents invited us to a pancake breakfast put on by a little church in our area. Now, you see this was no ordinary pancake breakfast because Santa Clause himself was going to be there! We have talked to Jake about how "Ho Ho" is coming to our house and we have been asking him what he wants "Ho Ho" to bring him, but he can be VERY timid when he actually comes face to face. So, you can imagine my SHOCK when he walked right up, jumped on his lap and started sharing his wish list! This year choo choo's, trucks, and anything Buzz Light Year and Woody are at the top of his list!
(I am not sure a baby sister made his list though.)

Santa chatted with him for quite a while and was so good with Jake!
After a good visit with Santa, our bellys were grumbling for some pancakes!
It was an all you can eat breakfast and definitely hit the spot!
We enjoyed our time so much as a family!

Now, if it's possible, we would like to celebrate Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 12, 2010

If You're Ever In The Area

So, I am not a big T.V watcher at all. Most evenings when I put Jake to bed, I am so tired from a busy day at school that I am right behind him! But every once in a while I like to watch HGTV (Property Virgins and House Hunters are my favorites) or The Food Network.
Matt likes this show...

The other night we had it on and they were featuring restaurants right from the Charlotte area! One of them was the Penguin.
I have been to the Penguin once before with some of the teachers from school. It is a really neat place to eat! People line up on the sidewalk before it opens just to get a seat! I think when I went I had chicken fingers, but you should see the SIZE of the burgers they make...unbelievable!
Another place they featured was the Landmark...
They were showing off all of the southern cookin' they do. Matt was just about drooling over the turkey and stuffing plate! Ha!
The last place was Dish. Now, I believe this is right around the corner from the Penguin.

This diner is well known for it's chicken and dumplings...YUMMY!
I haven't been to either of these last two places, but I really want to try them out. If they were chosen to be on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, they must be worth the trip!

Have any of you ever tried these places out? Let me know if you have and what you ordered! Or, if you are looking for a good place to eat this weekend, maybe you should considered one of these places! You just might run into Guy Fieri!

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Just An Update

There seems to be a lot of sickness going around. I have had several students out in my class over the last week or so. Well, Sunday night it struck our house. Around 10:30 Sunday night Jake woke up with a very upset tummy. We were up much of the night taking care of him. It was pretty rough. So late Monday night I was calling around for a sub so that I could take care of my sick little man. It was nice to be at home with him and be able to give him all the cuddle time he needed! I enjoyed being at home, I just wish it was under different circumstances. By Monday afternoon he was definitely feeling better, but still not 100%. Matt was able to handle things on Tuesday and today he was completely back to his little self!

Then this afternoon Matt met Jake and I at school and we headed for a baby check up!
I am just over 35 weeks now and am still feeling good. We were able to listen to the heartbeat again today which is something I LOVE to hear! It is hard to believe that I am getting so close! We still don't have the nursery done (OK, not even started). Yes, I know...we should get on that.

And here I am with my big 'ol belly.
My baby girl is still moving a lot. I love to see my belly jumping all the time!
I have one more picture to share. We have been blessed by so many friends and family with lots of "pink" items! My friend Emily passed on a bag FULL of the sweetest shoes ever! I picked a few, OK 12 pairs, of my favorites to have for Brooklyn.
Aren't they the cutest things ever????
I did a little consignment shopping over the weekend too and just because she didn't have enough pairs, I bought a couple more for her to add to her collection:)

Monday, November 8, 2010

Home For The Holidays

I am not one of those people who likes to skip over Thanksgiving and jump right into Christmas. I like to take it one holiday at a time. I love Thanksgiving and all that it holds. This weekend Matt, Jake and I went to the mall only to find Christmas decorations everywhere and yes, Santa was there too! What? And the local Christian radio station was playing Christmas music this weekend! As excited as I am about Christmas this year because it means the arrival of Brooklyn, I still want to enjoy Thanksgiving and time with my family.
HOWEVER, I did make one exception this year...

The ladies ministry at our church hosted a "Home for the Holidays" event. Before the hustle and bustle of the season began we wanted to all get together. My best friend Marcy and I don't get to see each other all that often because of our busy schedules, but we made time to go to this together! We had a great time of catching up, laughing (until we were crying), eating a yummy dinner, listening to Christmas music, and hearing from Leslie Nease, who was a contestant on Survivor China!
There were 50 tables decorated beautifully for Christmas. The room looked gorgeous! Getting 400 women together can only mean one thing...a good time!
They also shared some great recipes that I think I might try. I thought you might want to try them too, so I am passing them on!
2 lg pkgs. cream cheese, softened
2 c confectioners sugar
1 can Libby's pumpkin pie mix
Pumpkin Pie spice to taste
Cinnamon to taste
Ground ginger to taste
Mix together until smooth. Serve with Ginger Snaps
2 c small pretzels
4 c Crispix cereal
(14 oz) bag M&M's
(12 oz) peanuts
1 c Cheerios
1 lb. white chocolate
Mix all ingredients except the white chocolate. Melt the chocolate in microwave or double broiler. Fold into candy mixture and pour onto wax paper to cool. Break apart and serve.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

It's The Simple Things In Life...

This daddy loves his boy...
and I know this little boy loves his daddy!
And I get to love them both!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Sugar, Sugar Everywhere!

This past weekend we were finally able to celebrate this BIG two year old! His birthday was a few weeks back but we had to postpone the party until this past Saturday.

We decided to have a pirate themed party with our family and a few close friends.

Mommy and the birthday boy!
We had some snack food for everyone to munch on.
Most of them were Jake's favorite...chicken nuggets, pigs in a blanket, and pizza!
Then we headed outside to sing "Happy Birthday" and to make smores by the fire pit!
It was the perfect fall evening to be outside!
Not to sure Jake liked all the attention, so his buddy Jay helped him out!
Shh...someone is sneaking a marshmallow.
What a fun night to celebrate such a special boy!
After everyone was stuffed with smores, we headed back inside for present time!
We are so thankful for all the love that everyone showed Jake! We are so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family in our lives!
Sunday we of course had a little Halloween bash!
We invited Matt's parents over to join in the fun with us this year.
We started off our evening with a pizza party!
Jake didn't know what to expect, but he was ready for whatever!
We decided to keep his costume pretty basic this year. We knew he would not want to keep anything extra on for very long, so we put him in something that he was used to and made it work. He was a Steeler football player. We tried to put a little black under his eyes, but he wanted nothing to do with that either.

We had a great time with all of our neighbors!
Max and Grace showing off their costumes...

Jake and Daddy went from house to house.

It didn't take him long to figure out the whole idea of trick or treating! Ha!
He was off!

Jake enjoyed going from house to house and filling up his bucket!

And of course when he got home he had to check out all his loot!