Friday, October 29, 2010

Full Of More Fall Fun!

This past week our school had Bible Character Day. My students all looked fantastic! I had Moses and Aaron, Queen Esther, Pharaoh's daughter, Joshua and Joseph all in my class!
Most people thought I was Mary because of my baby belly, but I chose to be Hannah. She was Samuel's mother and she prayed and prayed that God would bless her with a baby kind of like I did!
Jake's class also got in the spirit too! My sweet Jake did NOT like to wear his costume, but I did make him give me at least one picture!

He was David.
I thought he looked SO cute!
His class got all dressed up, went to see a puppet show, made some fall crafts and had a fun fall snack! What a great day!
This is the pumpkin he painted for me!
I just love it!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Two Year Old Check Up

This week I scheduled Jake for his 2 year old check up. We have been so blessed and so fortunate to have stayed away from the doctor for the most part. We have hardly had to go. Jake has always been strong and healthy and we are so thankful! These days whenever we say we are going to the doctor it is because we are "checking on the baby" ha!
Here is Jake being weighed on the scale.
He weighs 27.8 lbs. which puts him in the 44 percentile.

Getting his ears checked..looking good!

Checking out how tall he is.
He measured 34 and 3/4 inches. This puts him in the 61 percentile.
So, basically he is tall and thin just like his daddy:)!

The nurse checked him out from head to toe!

We have a healthy, growing boy!
Next came in the doctor to check him out a little more. She asked me all sorts of questions! Seems to me he is right on track!

He did have to get his little finger pricked, which he hated, but then came the shots! Ouch! I think they hurt me more than they do him! Matt holds him while he gets the poke and I am right there to love on my baby right after! He was so brave and was a champ!
I love you big boy!
We thank God you are a strong, healthy, growing boy!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Our Fabulous Fall Weekend!

Friday night Matt and I took advantage of an Olive Garden gift card that was given to us a while back. We had my sister Allison and brother Tim come over to the house to keep Jake so we could have a night out. Matt's basketball season is about to kick up so we know our busy schedule is about to get busier and our nights together will be few and far between.

We had a yummy Italian dinner and then rented a movie to watch together. It was a wonderful evening, but we couldn't wait to get home and see Jake!
Then our Saturday started. We were up and at it fairly early. Matt had to be at the school for a coaches clinic and Jake and I went to see my Grandpa. He is doing a little better, but still not great. After we got home I laid Jake down for his nap and I got to work on these...
We still had not found a pumpkin for our front porch, so we headed out Saturday evening to find the perfect one. We made a stop at Hodges Pumpkin farm, a place that is close to our house but we had never visited before. The three of us had the best time ever!

They had all sorts of fun things for us to do. Our first stop was the pumpkin patch where we actually went to pick our own pumpkin!

We searched for just the right one!

We found two good ones. One to put on the porch and one to do a little carving on!

Jake had a GREAT time looking at all the animals. We saw a rabbit, horses, donkeys, chickens, roosters, and pigs!

Jake and mommy playing in the hay!
When we got home my boys got to work...

Daddy was teaching Jake exactly what to do but he wasn't to sure. Ha.

Now it was his turn...

And our finished project...

We had the fire pit going and our fun pumpkin lit! It was the best fall evening!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Oh Baby!

Yesterday I headed to the doctor for my 32 week appointment. Matt, Jake, and I loaded up right after school and went downtown to check on Baby Brooklyn.

Of course Dr. Matt and Jake had fun playing while we were waiting.

Everything with the baby is looking great! Her heartbeat was nice and strong and she is moving all the time! She definitely likes to get right up under my right rib to remind me that she is there! I can't believe I only have a short time left. So many people have stopped me this week and said "Wow, baby is really growing". Ha. I will say that I am feeling it. It is just a bit harder to tie my shoes now and this week I have been so worn out! I think being busy with school helps me to just keep plugging away and makes the weeks fly by!
I never posted belly pics with Jake because I just feel silly. I really don't have any pictures of me being pregnant with Jake, but here is one for now that I can look back on.

This weekend I hope to get a few nursery things done. We haven't done anything at all to prepare for her arrival. We don't have a dresser for her yet, so I have a big mound of pink clothes waiting to be put somewhere. I also would like to shop around a little for a bumper for her crib. Jake is still using most of the furniture, so it is hard to set anything up quite yet.
We'll see how much we get done! We have some time, I guess:)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Won't You Be My Neighbor?

I love living in our neighborhood. In the short time that we have been here we have made so many great friends! We all seem to be in the same stage of life and enjoy being around each other. There is always someone around to play with or talk to!
This past weekend we had a cul-de-sac going away party. We unfortunately have to say goodbye to a family on our street. They are moving to Virginia because of a job transfer. I hate to see them go because they have two boys right around Jake's age.

Here is just some of the gang getting ready for the party!
Everyone brought a little something to share.

This is my friend Courtney who is moving:(
Matt and Jake enjoying some pizza!
It was such a fabulous night outside!
After a great time of food and fun we all put the kids to bed and the adults sat around the fire pit in the middle of the cul-de-sac and just chatted (and played corn hole).
Here are some of the best girls!
The other fun thing that our neighborhood does is the "Boo" game. The other night both Matt and I were upstairs giving Jake a bath and our doorbell rang. Matt went down to see who it was.
We found this note...

And this bucket filled with lots of Halloween treats...

Our job is to fill 3 more buckets with treats and leave them on our unsuspecting neighbor's doors. It is a big secret on who you "Boo", but a super great way to have a little spooky fun:)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Celebrating YOU Because You're TWO!

We had so much fun celebrating Jake and his 2nd birthday this weekend. We were able to celebrate with his friends at school and enjoy some family time together Friday night, but our Pirate birthday bash that was scheduled for Saturday night is on hold because my sweet Grandpa got sick and had to go to the hospital. We are waiting a few weeks until he is better and everyone can be together.
Here is the birthday boy at school!
As soon as Matt and I finished up in our classrooms on Friday, we headed downstairs with a few birthday treats!

Here he is with his chocolate cupcakes blowing out his candles!

I love having him so close during the day. Sometimes I get to peek in on him during my lunch time.
He loves school and has learned SO many neat things!
This is his classroom and a few of his buddies!

And I am SO very thankful for Ms. Liz! She loves Jake or "Tiny" as she likes to call him because he is the youngest in her class.
She always sends me home such sweet notes about Jake and how much she loves him! She put some birthday decorations up around the room and had everything so nice for him on his birthday! How thoughtful!
Then Friday evening Matt and I took Jake to Chuck-E-Cheese! We had been a while back and he loved it then, so I knew it was something I wanted to do again.
Pizza and games...what could be better!?!?!
I think his favorite game was playing Air Hockey with his daddy!

We were so thankful for the time together as a family! It was so special to be able to celebrate our big 2 year old! We can't wait until we get to celebrate again in a few weeks with our family and friends!
Happy Birthday, Jake!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Turning The Terrific Two!

Tonight we are getting ready for a BIG BIRTHDAY weekend! I can't believe that my sweet Jake will be turning 2 tomorrow. I am so excited, but a little sad that he is getting so big so fast.
We have lots of fun things planned to celebrate this special day. Tonight we worked on baking cupcakes topped with Jake's favorite candy...M & M's. We will be having these treats tomorrow with his teachers and friends at school.

Tomorrow night Matt and I are taking him to Chuck-E-Cheese for pizza, games, and tons of fun! Saturday we will be celebrating with our family and just a few friends at a Pirate party! We are having snack food and making smores in our new fire pit!
We can't wait to celebrate YOU and your special day!
I love you big two year old!
Daddy and Mommy

Monday, October 11, 2010

Bound for Boone-Our Weekend Getaway

This past weekend we planned a little getaway to the mountains. Matt's buddy owns a beautiful cabin up in Boone so we invited some good friends of ours, loaded up the car Friday after school, and headed on out of here! I think we were ALL in need of a weekend trip and the mountains this time of year was the perfect choice. The weather was gorgeous all weekend, but I wish it would have been just a bit cooler. It was still pretty warm. I was wanting to wear my sweatshirts and jeans!

This is our cabin and our view! Simply beautiful!
Saturday morning we were up early (that's what happens when you have 2 year olds) but we were able to see these guys right outside our window!

The only real plans we had was a trip up to Grandfather Mountain.
There are several little "picture stops" on the way up the mountain and this was one of them.
Jake and Jay had the best time together! Being outside climbing on rocks...what could be better?!?!?!

Best little buddies:)

Here is the gang...
Garrett, Morgan, and Jay.
Matt, Jake, and I!

One of the attractions on Grandfather Mountain are a few mountain animals.
So we were able to meet this guy! Yikes!

On up the mountain we went...It wasn't to long before we saw this sign...

Here we go...across the mile high swinging bridge!
Yes, we were all brave, but I must admit we were all a bit nervous!

Matt ALMOST didn't make it. The first time he got about half way and turned back around.

Finally across and holding onto Jake for dear life!
I really like this picture of us three. We were able to make so many memories together! I love these boys!
Jake had the best time! If you ask him where he went he will tell you the "mountains" and say "bridge".

We got home yesterday early afternoon so we were still able to get ready for the week ahead! We were so thankful for time with friends, to rest, and make some special memories!