Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Counting My Blessings

Lately I have been feeling very blessed.
One of those little blessings is this guy...

He is just so much fun to be around. From the moment I pick him up in the afternoon we just play, play, play! I love every minute I get to spend with him. I am looking forward to the long weekend coming up to just hang out and be with my little man!
There have been so many little blessings that have come my way that I just had to share...
1. When I found out I was pregnant with Jake I of course had to go out and buy a few maternity things. I really tried hard not to go overboard because I knew you didn't get to wear them all that long. I tried to only buy the essentials. Well, this go around I knew I needed a few items especially to wear for school. I didn't even have to say anything and I had so many people pass on their clothes to me! Let me tell you, over the summer 3 of my neighbors offered to me all of their clothes. I had practically just met these sweet ladies and they were SO generous towards me! I have a MOUNTAIN of fall/winter clothes waiting to be worn!

2. Another blessing came today. A sweet friend of mine has a little girl just a few months younger than Jake. She is expecting a baby boy tomorrow:) and decided she needed to make a little more room for him, so she passed on a BAG FULL of precious girl clothes for my Brooklyn! I couldn't wait to get home this afternoon and look at all Brooklyn's new goodies!

She will looks so sweet in her "new" clothes, shoes, and hair bows!!!!

3. One thing that I was worried about when I started back to school in a new grade was my classroom library. I was going to be lacking some grade level books. I had hit a few yard sales and found several to add to my collection, but I had also mentioned my need to a few friends. These sweet friends of mine dug though their old books and brought me BAGS of books for my students to enjoy! Of course I am always looking to for more (I think teachers always are), but I am off to a fantastic start!

4. I have also been blessed lately in other small ways. Whether it be a surprise blockbuster gift card for a date night in after a long week of school, or a treat bag filled with homemade bake goods, or even coming home to a playroom covered with crayons and blocks knowing a little boy lives here and is healthy and strong, it feels so good to get a blessing.
This has all got me thinking of how I can pass it on and be a blessing to someone else:)!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Much Needed Weekend of Rest and Fun!

I was really looking forward to this weekend. With school back in full swing, I was exhausted by the time Friday rolled around. Since I moved to a new grade this school year I have been working really hard to learn how things are done. I have been getting to school REALLY early and staying later then normal. Usually Friday nights for me are best spent hanging out around the house with Matt and Jake. This past Friday night though Matt had to drive the bus for the school's football team so Jake and I were on our own.

We decided to make a trip to Romp and Roll for a night of open gym! This is always a great time for us to play together, especially after a long week of a new routine!

Jake loves to go to "Rompy's house"!

There is ALWAYS a ball near by at Rompy's!

My sisters called and ended up meeting us for a fun dinner at Steak and Shake.

Cheeseburgers and fries for all!!!

I think Jake's favorite meal is a cheeseburger. He ate every last bite on his plate!

Saturday was spent sleeping in a little, which was nice after having to get up so early during the school week. We pretty much stayed around the house and got caught up on a few things. We were going to rent a movie, but didn't find anything that caught our eye so we made a special trip to Ritas!

Sunday morning we got up and headed to church. Our church just started a series on building healthy families. Our pastor did a great job and both Matt and I learned a lot!
When we got home I had some school work that I wanted to get accomplished so it would be one less thing I would have to complete during the week.

Now, I am just hanging out with my boys waiting for the Steelers game to come on!

Everything is in order for the week. We are now ready to take it on!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First Day of School

Well, my room is ready to WELCOME 21 sweet second graders this morning. I have been working so hard these last few weeks and today is the BIG day! I have been praying so hard for my students as well as so many other students that will be heading back today! It is going to be a great year! I know God has big plans and I can't wait to see Him work!
I am up and at it extra early because I want to make sure everything is just right!
Please pray for me today! It is going to be a busy day!

Monday, August 23, 2010

I "TREASURE" My Weekends

I think I appreciated this past weekend more than any other in a long while. Over the summer I had lots of down time to relax. But, this past week with heading back to work, I worked HARD! I went non stop. I had to get up extra early just to get everything done. WOW! I crashed every night when my head hit the pillow. I think with all the running that I did made it hard to sleep in on Saturday though. My body was still in "GO" mode. So, I was up early and thought I would make the best of it by hitting a few yard sales. Saturday was MY day! Wow! I only went to a couple, but one of those was just for me! I hit the jack pot!
This particular family must have had a little boy a little older than Jake so I scored BIG! I usually don't buy any BIG ticket items, but this weekend I found two TREASURES and snatched them both up. The first was this little red scooter!

A few of the kids in our neighborhood have one of these and Jake enjoys riding it. He still needs a little practice on it, but it will be perfect for him as he gets older.
The other big item I bought was this shiny, red wagon! Matt and I have been wanting to get one, but they are a bit pricey in the store. This one was in great condition and will be perfect for nice fall rides around the neighborhood!

I also got Jake TONS of fall clothes that were just his size and some books, toys, and games for him to enjoy as well as some for my classroom!

Sunday, after we went to church, my family all got together for yet another very special birthday celebration. My Grandpa turned 77 this past Friday (even though he jokes around and tells you he is 45)! I can't even begin to tell you how special he is to me! I love him so much and was happy to be apart of his special day!

Happy Birthday, Grandpa!

I hope your day was filled with lots of love because we love you so much!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sleeping With Spiderman

This past weekend I decided to get out and hit a few yard sales. I knew that there were a few out by my house, so I thought I would head out and see what I could find. I was mainly looking for house stuff, baby stuff, and school stuff.
Well, somehow Jake has decided that he likes Spiderman. I am not really sure how this happened since he has never seen him on t.v. or anything! I guess it is just a boy thing. So when I saw a Spiderman kick board for him to use in the pool, I knew he would love it! It was only a dollar, so I picked it up. Let me tell you...he LOVED it! He would just run around the house playing with it! It was no surprise to me that the other night while we were getting ready to go to bed he wanted to sleep with it...

When I walked in to check him, this is what I found!
Now, that was a dollar worth spending!

Monday, August 16, 2010

A Very Happy Birthday Kind of Weekend!!!

This weekend Matt's mom turned 50! She was a bit anxious about having such a big birthday, so we wanted to make sure sure felt extra special and lots of love. With everyones help we planned for Matt's two brothers to make the trip up from Florida with their families.

Josh and Katie drove in late Thursday night and stayed with us until the rest of the family could get here on Friday for the surprise...

Surprise!!! The gang is all here!!!
Friday night Matt played in an All Star softball game, so we all loaded up and headed to the ball fields to have a cookout and watch some ball!

Matt's team won by one run!
Here is Jake and his All Star daddy!

I love this picture of my boys together:)!
Jake and his cousin Rebekah had a great time running around and getting dirty together!

Then on Saturday we all got together again for the real birthday dinner celebration!
Everyone gathered at our home for a chicken, steak, and veggie shish ka bobs! They were sooooo good! We also had cheese potatoes, fruit salad, and rolls.
Rebekah and Sarah Kate enjoying the birthday party!
Matt set up a kiddie pool and the sprinkler for the kids to play in while the grown ups played...you guessed it...CORNHOLE!

Cousin Abby
Jimmy and Kelly hanging out!

Very happy grandparents!
It was so fun for everyone to be together!
Make a wish!!!
We hope your birthday was extra special! We enjoyed celebrating YOU!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Baby Doctor Day!

Today I had to go to the doctor for my regular check up on our sweet Brooklyn!
These two waited sooo patiently because our appointment took a bit longer than expected.

Our doctor was called in for an emergency situation on another patient which backed things up a little while. Thank goodness for apple juice and fruit snacks!

Brooklyn is looking great! Everything is measuring exactly as it should be. We heard her heart beat, which is always my favorite part. We were not scheduled for an ultrasound, but there was just a few things that the doctor wanted to double check. I have to go back next week for one more test but, we were so excited to get a chance to peek at her again today!

This is her profile pic from today and here is a picture of her legs and feet!

I know her legs are nice and strong because I feel her moving all the time! What a great feeling!
We are so thankful for the blessing of our sweet baby girl!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

There Is A Lump In My Throat

Well, summer is officially winding down with just a few days left. I think this has been one of the best for me so far! There has been lots of relaxing, tons of play, and time with Matt and Jake which is always my favorite.
But it has really hit me...our life is about to change! We are about to go from a bit more of a slow paced life to life in FULL swing and I mean FULL! I will be back to teaching, Matt will be extremely busy with real estate and coaching and the worst part is Jake will be back in school too. Leaving him every day just kills me. It is SO hard for me. Yes, we get in our routine and we just do it, but it is still hard. I LOVE my time with him and don't take a minute of it for granted. I am thankful that I do have my summers to give him LOTS of love and even when I am teaching, I have a really great schedule. I enjoy teaching and know that God has called me to be a teacher for this season of my life. I have even seen God working as He has moved me to a new grade and team. I was hesitant at first, but know that it will be a great year! I have already seen some special blessings come my way!
Please pray for me as I gear up for another school year. I know Jake will be fine (maybe after a few days of tears) and I will be too (I will most definitely shed a few tears) and everything WILL be ok!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Sandy Toes From Surfside Beach

This past week our family packed up and headed down to Surfside Beach for our 22nd year of fun in the sun! Of course our family has tripled in size since then! Ha! We packed 19 people in 2 condos, but somehow we manage to make it all work!
We had all sorts of fun. Walks to the pier, jumping waves in the ocean, building sand castles, and laying out by the pool!

Here is just a peek from our 2010 beach vacation...
The three of us enjoyed some summer fun together! It is hard to belive that Brooklyn will be 7 months old when we go back next year!

By the end of the week, Jake was a pro at running on the beach and swimming in the ocean!
Every afternoon when nap time rolled around he was exhausted from all the beach fun!

Filling buckets for our sandcastles!

Jake and Daddy hanging out together on the beach.

Jake LOVED the pool. He will now jump in by himself and swim under the water. I cannot turn my back for a second!
Of course there was always a cousin around to play with!

Getting a pic of all the cousins together was not an easy task! Ha!
Popsicles on the beach! Really messy but really fun!
You had to eat them super fast before they melted!

Miss "A" had a blast finding all sorts of "treasures" on the beach!

Watching the fishermen catch baby sharks off the pier.
Where there are babies...there are mammas! Yikes!

This was my dad's sand creation this year!

And this year was extra special because while we were there Matt celebrated his 29th birthday!

We had a pizza party followed by some birthday cake and a baseball game on the beach!

My pretty sisters hanging out in the sun!

More of the fam...
My mom and her girls...
We did get a quick pic of my parents with all of us kids together...

It is always so fun to be together! Great memories are always made!

The countdown is already on again for next year!