Monday, June 28, 2010

A Little Of This and A Little Of That

For the past few days I have been taking care of one sick little boy...
He started out Friday morning with a slight fever and by Friday night it went all the way up to 105! We took him to the doctor and she checked him over and decided that it was just a virus and that it would run its course. His fever finally came down and with lots of rest he is feeling better, but is still not 100%. I am missing my fun loving, always into something little man! We were supposed to go to our class at Romp and Roll this morning, but decided it would be best to once again, stay home and get better!
In Baby News...I also went to the doctor last week for my 16 week check up! My favorite part about going is getting to hear the baby's heartbeat. It makes me feel so good when I hear it pounding steady and strong! The doctor said that everything is looking super! We set up an ultrasound for July 20th to find out if we are going to be having a boy or a girl! We have been thinking about how we want to find out. We really like the idea of having some sort of reveal party, but oh the suspense just kills me! I will probably just want to know right then. I just won't be able to wait!

My favorite holiday is coming up this weekend! I LOVE July 4th! We always look forward to all the fun festivities our little town of Harrisburg puts on! The parade, the festival, and of course the fireworks never let us down. I am also looking forward to hosting a little red, white, and blue luncheon for a few of our new friends in our neighborhood this Thursday.

I hope Jake feels better soon and that we can all stay healthy to CELEBRATE!!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

A Few Good Men

Yesterday Jake and I had a fun time celebrating a few special men, especially Matt! We wanted to spoil him rotten on his special day. He definitely deserves it! He works very hard for our family and absolutely loves Jake to pieces and Jake adores him back. I was trying to think of something we could do that would be a little different, but still mean a we didn't give him all his gifts at once, but sort of sent him on a treasure hunt.
At the end of the day he had received his gifts after reading the "clues".
Now he can do a little shopping, play some golf, and eat his favorite cookies, snickerdoodles:)!
My parents are out of town, so we will get to celebrate my dad next weekend, but we did have a nice dinner with Matt's parents at Sonny's BBQ, where all dads ate for FREE!!!
We are so lucky to have all these fathers in our lives! They are very special to us and we are so grateful for each of them! We love them all so very much!

Happy Father's Day

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Beat The Heat!

Things have really been heating up around here. I am a summer time girl, but there definitely has to be water close by! Jake is a boy after my own heart...he LOVES the water! We spend our days at the neighborhood pool or in the backyard running through the sprinkler...

Sometimes we have some good buddies to play with...

Or we head to the pool with cousins and friends...

And an ice cold juice box helps in the heat a little too...

Happy Hot Summer Days!

Monday, June 14, 2010

The Zoo Crew

One of the "adventures" that I wanted to do this summer was to take Jake to the zoo. He loves being outside and loves animals, so I thought this would be the perfect trip. We all had the best time together and Jake enjoyed every minute!

We decided to head to the Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia, SC because we heard that it was the best one for a quick trip with kids. We got there right when it opened trying to beat the heat a little.

Mommy and Jake looking at the elephants! How cool! Most of the animals were very active in the exhibits that we saw which made it really neat.

These monkeys were hilarious! There were 4 of them swinging from tree to tree, but they were SO LOUD!

And this, believe it or not, BABY giraffe would walk right up to you and wait for you to feed it. I thought he was about to eat Jake at one point or maybe he was just going in for a wet, slobbery kiss! Gross!
They also had a little petting zoo that was fun. We saw all sorts of baby animals and Matt and Jake even fed the goats!

As it was getting warmer outside, we decided to head inside to look at some more animals. We saw all sorts of water animals, reptiles, and we even saw the penguins getting fed their fish lunch!
After we had finished looking at everything, we found some picnic shelters and ate the picnic lunch we packed. We found the perfect picnic sight because it was in the woods, which made it shady and cool!
Jake enjoying his jelly sandwich and oranges!

I know it isn't perfect, but it is was the only way to get a family picture!
And before we were even out of the parking lot...

He ran around so hard, he just couldn't hold his eyes open anymore!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Blessing Big and Small

I really don't have to say it again, but I will...I LOVE SUMMERTIME! I love all the extra time I get to spend with Matt and Jake. It has been so nice getting to stay up a little later and sleeping in a little bit longer. We are so used to our lives being on the go that it is nice to wake up and have nothing on the calendar but the park and the pool!

Even when we have moments like this...

I am in complete LOVE with this little rascal!!!
For several months Matt and I had been praying that God would bless us with another sweet baby to love. We knew that God had a plan and that we would just wait on His timing. Well, we found out not to long ago that we will be adding another baby to our family in December!
We are thrilled!
I am 13 weeks and feeling pretty good, but this guy has been my really good friend for the past few weeks...

I wasn't really sick with Jake, but this one is a little different. It hasn't been awful, but I am hoping I am on the tail end of it! We thank the Lord every day for the sweet little blessing He has given to us. We are definitely feeling blessed beyond!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sun Kissed With Beach Bliss

School is officially OUT for the summer. My students finished up last Monday and we worked until Thursday. We decided to celebrate the start of summer vacation by heading where the BEACH! Matt, Jake, and I invited my sister Allison and my nephew Riley to join in on the fun and come with us. The more the merrier! We headed to North Myrtle Beach to a place called Crescent Beach. We had a BLAST!
The boys had fun digging in the sand and jumping all the waves!

Allison and Riley...two beach bums!

Mommy and Jake having fun on the beach!

Jake's favorite part was getting rinsed off in the shower. He kept saying "more, more"!!!

One afternoon we laid the little boys down for a nap and Matt volunteered to nap with them so that Al and I could lay out a little and soak up some sun!

Jake LOVED the water, but it took him a while to enjoy the sand. He did not like his feet getting dirty or when they would sink down a little from the water!

We all had a GREAT time and it was the perfect place to kick off and celebrate summer!