Monday, April 26, 2010

Blogging Blues

So lately I just haven't had much to say. We haven't done anything super special. We have pretty much just been doing life. We are still unpacking boxes, hanging up pictures and slowly getting settled into our new house. Some things around here will just have to wait a few more weeks until summer vacation gets here. I feel like I am running on low lately. I didn't get much of a break over our spring break and I am definitely feeling it.
While I have been doing some things on the inside, Matt and Jake have been busy on the outside. I told Matt that our yard still looked like winter, so he has tried to make it look a little bit more lively and Jake was right there to assist:)!

We have noticed that the time of year for yard sales is upon us. We have been out the last two Saturday mornings hunting for treasures. I have found a couple of things I was looking for. Our neighborhood had their big sale this past weekend and I know of some good ones coming up. Matt is not a morning person, but last Saturday we were all up early so he decided to come with me. I won't say that he will completely give up sleeping in on Saturdays, but he definitely caught the yard sale bug!
Jake loves puzzles and books. You can always find these at yard sales. I was also looking for some Baby Einstein and Praise Baby DVDs and found them at a GREAT price too!
And then over the past two weeks both of my boys got the stomach bug. First Jake went down and then Matt. So far I am good. Hopefully I missed out:). Maybe my immunity is strong because I am around kids all the time?!?!? Oh I hope so:)
The other night Matt and I were discussing dinner plans. It was getting a little later in the evening and we knew Jake was probably starving. All of a sudden we noticed that it was a little quiet. My sweet little Jake got into my markers and decided to decorate himself...
Thankfully they were washable and got only on him! He is a mess:)
Only 4 more weeks of school! I am looking so forward to a slower pace and no alarm clock!
I am almost there!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Where Did The Time Go?

Today my sweet little boy is 18 months old! He has changed so much over the last few months... from a baby to a big boy.
Let me tell you...he wants to play all the time...trucks, baseball, football, basketball, bubbles and whatever else looks like fun. He is all boy! A whole new world has opened up to him since we moved into this house. He can't get enough of all the kids in the neighborhood. It has already been told to us that any one's garage is free game. Jake has definitely made himself at home digging through all the new toys everyone has!
He doesn't stop for much. He keeps me on my toes! I love spending every minute I can with him. Some of my favorite things are... when he wants to read books, which is anytime we are inside playing or getting ready for bed. I love his sweet smell when he gets out of the bath and only wants to cuddle with mommy and read books or watch his only Baby Einstein movie over and over:). I love when he tries to makes his animal sounds! To cute! I love when he wants me to kiss his booboos, even if they have been healed for weeks.
I love his warm, red cheeks when he has been playing hard outside. I love watching him learn new things just by watching Matt or I.
Uncle Tim showed him how to blow dandelions the other day.
He loves to find them in the yard and blow them!

You are so precious to me, Jake. I am so thankful that I am your mommy. Your big hugs and wet kisses make my heart melt. I will love you forever and always!

Monday, April 12, 2010

There's No Place Like Home...

Today was my first day back to school after a busy spring break. We have moved and are slowly but surely getting settled in. moving a big job! I can't believe how much stuff we have accumulated over the past few years! The moving truck came Tuesday and with the help of my brother Tim, we completed several trips of loading and unloading.

Jake loved seeing the big truck in his driveway:)
Our first night in the house was Tuesday night. We are still busy unloading boxes but are loving the extra room we now have. The other super thing about this house is all the kids in the neighborhood. Because last week was so beautiful lots of the neighbors were out so we got to meet lots of people! Jake is always asking to go "outside".
There has been a few house issues that Matt has had to fix. He has been busy cutting grass, trimming bushes, fixing leaky roofs, and lots of other home issues!
We did manage to enjoy an evening with our good friends Garrett, Morgan, and Jay. Of course the boys had a blast on the little playground within walking distance from our house!
We did take a break later on in the week to celebrate this little guys 1st birthday!
Our little nephew Hudson is turning 1, so we had a delicious cookout with our family!
We also had a little belated celebration for me!

Here is just some of the gang enjoying a spring evening...
Jake was loving the beanbag toss...getting ready to play corn hole with daddy this summer:)

These two had fun too playing in the sand. The messier the better:)

Now I think I need a break to recover from my spring break:)!

Let the countdown until summer begin!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Weekend

I am so excited because I am officially on Spring Break this week! I am not going to get much of a break I guess because we have been busy doing a bunch of stuff at our new house as well as packing up our town home. We are almost ready to move in...the blinds have been hung, the walls have been painted, and our new carpet comes in the morning. Between Matt having a kidney stone earlier in the week and Jake having a fever of almost 105, we have not stopped at all. Whew...I think we will enjoy our home so much when we are finally settled in.
This weekend, however, we were able to get out and have a little Easter fun. Saturday we went to an Easter egg hunt that was put on by a church down the road.
We had loads of fun because it was all free! Can't beat that!
They had a petting zoo which Jake loved.
Matt and Jake fed the goats...

Loved the bunny...

Played games and ate lots of food...

Daddy helped Jake hunt for the eggs...

We found a bunch and they were all filled with treats!
This morning we headed to church to celebrate our Risen Savior.
We had a great time of worship and celebration!
After church was over we headed over to my sisters house for Easter brunch.
Everything was delicious!

Our little family.

Jake and I.

Love this picture of my two handsome boys:)

Of course we had to snap a picture of these two trouble makers! Absolutely precious!