Monday, February 23, 2009

Dear Grandpa and Grandma...

Dear Grandpa and Grandma,
You asked to see some pictures of me so I am posting these few my mommy took of me today. As you can see I am getting so BIG! I miss seeing you all of the time! I am looking forward to the day that you can bring me doughnuts with sprinkles and come to watch me play baseball! I just showed mommy today that I am getting my two bottom teeth so I will have no trouble with the doughnuts. Maybe I can see you both soon. I love you! You are so very special to me!

Say Cheese!
Marley and me!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Wedding Shower Weekend

This weekend was full of wedding fun for my best friend Marcy. She is getting married in just 2 short weeks! Friday night we had a great time throwing a bachelorette party for her. We all met up at my favorite place, the Olive Garden (or the "OG" as Matt and I say). We then headed back to her apartment so she could open up her lovely gifts!

We have all been friends for such a long time! What a special group of girls!
Angela, Marcy, Summer and me.
More girly fun!

Marcy and I have a very special friendship. We have been best friend for 9 years! We have been through so much together and I am so happy for her and Eric. We have made SO many memories! Some of my favorites are from our days in the college ministry, baking bread for our college English Lit class (ha ha ha), meeting up to take H.A.B.I.T in the SAC, our countless conversations on the phone, going through breakups and makeups, and more breakups and makeups, encouraging one another, praying for one another and loving each other through it all. But of course this post goes without one of the best memories of all...yes, the famous trip to Chicago! Yes, we camped out all night (in the ghetto) for you to have a chance to win Charlotte Idol and when that call came, I think we both wet our pants! We were off to Chicago for American Idol. Taxi rides, scary old hotels, Statue of Liberty boy, and calling the camera man the wrong name...loads of fun. I am cracking up just thinking of it all!

Saturday night the fun continued as I helped to host another shower with some other friends of ours. We had a little dessert shower and this time Eric could come too.
Everything looked very pretty, especially once we got the chocolate fountain working:)!

Here is Matt going through the line.
We had a fun weekend and we can't wait till the big day!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Fabulous 4 Months

Today Jake is 4 months old! I had a little fun with him this afternoon after church taking some pictures. He was a good sport for a while and then got quite tired of the camera!

Happy 4 month birthday to ME!
This is the best shot I got of his sign.
He was more interested in eating the paper then holding it up!

No smile for this pic, but I love how his little arm is resting on the chair.
Such a big boy!

There's the smile I love!
He is ALWAYS full of them!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine Fun!

This weekend has been full of Valentine fun! Of course my class at school had a small party yesterday to celebrate. The kids had a great time passing out all of their valentines to each other. When I left school yesterday I was loaded down with treats, treats and more treats! I was definitely spoiled yesterday with all the goodies!
This year I have two very special Valentines. Matt and I don't usually do anything big for Valentine's day. Because we are so busy all the time, I usually just like to hang out together and just relax. Well, this morning I woke up to a delicious pancake breakfast with eggs, bacon, oranges and juice! Matt even made the pancakes "valentiny" and turned them pink! Let me tell you, it was delicious! Matt makes the BEST pancakes ever! He knows they are my absolute favorite!
My sister Allison came over last night and spent the night with me while Matt was coaching for the school. We worked on a few valentines ourselves. We mixed up some good 'ol rice krispie treats and molded them into the shape of Hershey kisses, wrapped them in tin foil and wrote a little valentine message on their flag! We put a few in a bag for Matt and then made some for my nephews as well! They turned out so cute!
This is my other sweet valentine. Mrs. Stacey and Jake were busy making a valentine for me this week! Jake gave me a sweet, sweet picture of him just a grinning from ear to ear! Mrs. Stacey bought him a bib the reads "heartbreaker". So cute!
Jake's first Valentine's Day!
Today is also a special day because it is my sister Jenny's birthday! We all got together tonight to help her celebrate her special day! I was in charge of dessert, so I made a strawberry cake with rainbow chip frosting! YUMMY! Allison and I decided that it would also be fun to make some chocolate covered strawberries in honor of V-day! They were delicious too!

I hope you all had a extra special day with your Valentines!

Monday, February 9, 2009

From Snowy Days to Sunny Days!

I LOVE the weekends. My favorite kind of weekend is one that we have nothing to do! I enjoy just relaxing and hanging out with Matt and Jake. Of course, that doesn't always happen, but this past weekend that was just the way it was! We had a beautiful weekend full of gorgeous weather. Because Jake was born in October, he hasn't really been outside much. We decided it would be fun (and good exercise) to load him up and take him to the park. We have a really nice park not to far from us. It was pretty crowded as everyone had the same idea as us! I think Jake is going to LOVE being outside!

Here is Matt and Jake down by the lake.
Jake and I having a little fun together!

We put Jake in the swing to see what he would think of it. He was a little small, but it won't be long and he is going to have a blast in it! I can't wait for summertime!

We did get a small smile out of him even though he wasn't so sure about things:)It was hard to believe that we had a snow day this past Wednesday and we were out playing at the park just 3 days later! Gotta love it!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Friday Night Fondue

Last night I hosted a fondue party for the girls in my Sunday school class. We all had such a great time! I think we all ate till our hearts (and stomachs) were content! We are blessed to be a part of such a great class! We have made lots of sweet friends and it seems like every week more and more people are visiting and joining in!
I had some fun decorating the house a little so everything would look a little "valentiny".

This was my table. We had lots to dip! Brownies, pound cake, pretzels, marshmallows, strawberries and bananas. We had white chocolate, milk chocolate and semi-sweet chocolate. Yummy!
Christen (right), came over a little early and helped me get things started. Erica (left) helped when she got here too!

Megan and Kristen digging in!
This is Laura and I. She is our Sunday school teacher's wife. She shared a little devotional on respecting our husbands. She pulled some of her stuff out of the book "For Women Only". I have read this book and it is SO good. If you haven't read it, you absolutely need to! I think we all learned or at least were reminded of some things!

Here is the gang! We were missing a few the girls (one was busy having a baby:)! You all are the best and I can't wait for the beach!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Snow Showers of Blessings!

Stop and breathe...That's what I have had to do lately. This week has just been one of those weeks. One of those weeks that I have been stressed out with all that there is to do. As soon as I woke up Monday morning, I just had to pray and give my week to the Lord. I asked the Lord to help me get everything done. Let me tell you He answered my prayer! Thank you Lord for caring even about the smallest things! Monday afternoon I got a call from Matt letting me know he would be home early that night from practice (which NEVER happens) and he would be able to help me run a few errands. Then another surprise blessing came when I got a phone call around 4:45 yesterday morning letting me know that school was closed for a snow day! What?!?! I looked out the window and I couldn't believe my eyes! Yeah! Another day to get things done! Of course even though life is crazy busy right now, Jake and I made time to hang out and play yesterday. He is getting so good at reaching for his toys!

What a big boy!
Still trying to figure this one out!
Of course we spent this past Sunday watching the Superbowl. We went over to Matt's parents house with a bunch of friends and cheered the Steelers to a victory!
Here we are all decked out in our Steelers gear. Mrs. Stacey bought Jake his Steelers hat for Valentine's Day!

Jake and Daddy ready for the big game!