Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Oh, how the years go by...

A few months ago Matt and I heard about a website that you could go to where you would download a picture of yourself and it would show you what you would look like during several different decades. I think the website was We laughed so hard at what it made us look like. Here is what Matt would look like if he was back in 1960.

Oh my goodness...every time I see this pic, I just about wet my pants! is what I would look like if I were back in the 1960's!
Check out those glasses and that hair! Ha ha!
We had so much fun looking through the different years! They were all pretty funny.
My how the styles have changed!
Go have some fun and yearbook yourself!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sweet Wedding Showers

This weekend I helped give my best friend Marcy a bridal shower! She is getting married in just a few weeks! I can't believe it! We had a delicious brunch and she opened lots of presents!

The glowing bride to be and me!
The Happy Couple:)
Eric, her fiance', came up to the shower at the very end to help load up all the gifts!

This is my sweet friend, Kristy. She came to help celebrate Marcy and Eric.
Jake was the only boy there until Eric arrived:)
This is Marcy's sister, Katie. She did so much to make Marcy's day special!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

"Snow" Much Fun!

The boys are downstairs catching a quick nap so I thought I would do a little blogging about our snow day. I think they must be worn out from all the playing they did in the snow today! Matt got up early this morning and headed over to my parents house to find someone to go sledding with him. Jake and I stayed back at the house and kept warm. Both him and I fell back asleep and enjoyed staying in our p.j's as long as we could today! When Matt got home we took Jake out for just a minute so he could see the snow. We got him all bundled up and took a few quick pics...

Matt and Jake getting ready to head out in the snow:)

Grammy bought Jake a winter hat and a pair of gloves. They sure did come in handy today!

Jake and I in the snow. I could cuddle this sweet boy all day!
Jake's big blue eyes!
Once we got inside and got warm again, we were both happy!
We had a great day together enjoying the winter weather!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Winter Weather Watching!!

The weather report is calling for a snowfall here starting tonight and lasting until tomorrow morning. They are calling for 2-4 inches of snow! Guess what that means for school??? Hopefully a SNOW DAY! I have already set my mind on the fact that there will be no school:)! I have a really good feeling about it. I think it is really coming. Yeah! I would LOVE another day at home with Jake! I think I will just stay in my p.j's all day and have a lazy day around the house!
I did have the day off today because of the MLK holiday. It was great day to get a few things done, but I mostly enjoyed my time with Jake. We took him today to get his 3 month old pictures done. I think we got some good shots! We pick them up in a few weeks. I can't wait to see how they turn out:)
I think it is starting to midnight they said it should be snow! We will see!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Time Flies When You're Having So Much FUN!

Today is a special day! Jake is officially 3 months! He is growing so fast and doing new things each and every day! He has started reaching for toys and is cooing all the time! He is always smiling (except when I take to long making his bottle:)He is a such big boy. He weighed over 15lbs. at the doctor last week!
Here are some pics I took today of my big boy! He likes to sit in his saucer...sometimes!
In the Bumbo. He does pretty good in this seat.

Jake loves his mommy:)

He LOVES Marley! Marley goes with us just about everywhere.
He loves to reach for him too!

Thanks for letting me brag a little!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

A New Routine And A Goodbye

This week was a pretty busy week around our house. I started officially back to work this week. I had a very hard time, but I made it through. I know many people were praying for me and I felt it! So many of the teachers at school stopped me to let me know that they were thinking and praying for me! It meant so much to know! I tried to stay on top of things this week so most of the days I was able to leave work right when school got out! I couldn't get to Jake fast enough though!
For the most part our new routine work out well. Jake is WELL taken care of by Ms. Stacey! She is wonderful. What a blessing it is to have her keep Jake. I couldn't ask for anything better. It is just him and her all day. She is so kind and thoughtful and would do anything for him. They read stories, went for walks, played toys and had fun together! We are still learning what our new routine will be exactly, but I try to have everything ready to go the night before so everyone can get out the door in the mornings without any trouble. I think we did alright...even on the days both Matt and I had to be at the school. Now those are early mornings:)! I even cooked a few meals on Sunday for the week ahead. All I had to do was pull them out of the freezer the night we wanted them. That was super nice and easy! I am going to try to do it again this weekend. Matt is gone coaching every evening so it was nice to have a dinner already made.
We did have to take Jake to the doctor this week. He caught a little cold and is just not feeling 100%. There was nothing much they could do for him, so I think we will just take it easy around here this weekend!
Tuesday night I had to say goodbye to a very special friend. Brittany and I have been friends since college and she is leaving in just a few days to serve the Lord on the mission field. I am so proud of her, but will miss her so much! I have been so blessed to see so many of my friends continue on for the Lord! Almost all of them have been or our currently serving the Lord through foreign missions! A few of us girls met up together to say goodbye. She will be gone for 2 years. We have made lots of fun memories together!
She is a great friend and would do anything for you!
The Lord is going to do great things through her!
A few close friends!
Heather, Angela, Jake and I, Brittany, Summer and Carter
Like I said earlier I am going to try to take it easy this weekend. Tonight the Panthers are playing in the playoffs and we were invited to watch the game with some friends. We might go over for a little while. It is also the weekend for TRIPLES! Matt is going to go. I wonder what kind of damage he is going to do this time! I will keep you posted!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Better Late Than Never

I guess you could consider this my "New Year's Post". I read several blogs on all the fun that took place on New Year's Eve. Matt and I are not big late night people, even on New Year's. We were invited over to out neighbor's house for a small get together. We stopped by for a little while, but called it an early night. I guess when you have a newborn, you sleep when you can...even if that means going to bed at 9:00 on New Year's Eve night!
When I think back on our 2008, it was a year that required us to completely rely on the Lord. At times it was very hard and we questioned, but ultimately He blessed us beyond what we ever thought. Even when things seemed hard and not to make sense, He was there. He provided us with a great town home when we were in need, He provided for us through Matt's job when we thought there was going to be no way, He gave us good health, great friends and of course the biggest blessing that I have ever received, becoming a mommy! I love my sweet Baby Jake! I am so thankful for my precious growing family!
I always think about new year's resolution and what I want in the coming year. Each year I want to fall more in love with the Lord and walk closer with Him. I don't want to be the same person that I was last year. I want to go deeper. I want to have a better prayer life. I want to cover my husband and my son everyday in prayer like never before. I want to hide God's Word in my heart. I want to meditate on it throughout the day. I want it to spill off my lips. I want to be a better friend, daughter, wife and mom. I want to be open to whatever the Lord has for me!
Wow! I am excited and ready to go! It is going to be hard. Life is about to get really crazy for me! I know there will be times that I get tripped up, but I will get up and start again! Ready...Set...Go!!