Monday, July 28, 2008

A Visit From Our Florida Family!

This week we were able to spend some fun time together with Matt's two brothers and their families from Florida. Jimmy, Kelly, Lily and our newest niece Abby came to spend the whole week with us and Josh, Katie and Rebekah came up as a surprise for the weekend. It was great to see everyone!

Lily loves the water, like any Florida girl. We had fun swimming together in our pool throughout the week! Josh, Katie and Rebekah stayed with us for the weekend. They were our first guests in our new home!
Everyone had fun playing a little Guitar Hero! Matt had never played before. Let's just say he was no competition for his brothers:)
Josh and Jimmy being serious while playing Guitar Hero.
Yesterday after church we had everyone over to our house for a cookout to celebrate both Matt and Lily's birthdays! This side of the family is full of August birthdays! We grilled out hamburgers and hot dogs and ate strawberry cake for dessert!
Josh and Katie at the party!
Matt with his mom and dad.
As we were singing "Happy Birthday" to Matt and Lily, she got a little shy. It didn't take long for her though to dig into her piece of cake:)!
We finished out the week together with a family dinner at Monterey Mexican restaurant. I think we all ate until we just couldn't eat any more.
We enjoyed our time all together as a family. It is always a real treat when we are all together!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Food, Fun and Friendship!

I just got back from hanging out with one of my best friends ever! Haley and I have known each other for several years. We met in college. We had the same major and loved working out together every day before class. I am so thankful the Lord brought us together. We are complete opposites and sometimes we just laugh at how we could even be friends!

Haley has been a special part of my life. She was a bridesmaid in my wedding. We don't get to see each other to often now that we are both working and our paths don't cross much, but when we do we always just pick right back up and enjoy catching up over a bite to eat at out favorite Japanese restaurant!

I am so thankful for her friendship. She is such a blessing and I appreciate everything she is to me!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Super Yard Sale Saturday!!!

Yesterday afternoon my sister Jenny called me to see if I wanted to meet her this morning for yard sales. I used to love to go every weekend, but now I just go on occasion or when I see that a neighborhood is having a big sale. I have come across some great deals, especially when it comes to decorating my house. I am all about getting a good deal! My sister has really taken a liking to yard sales and goes quite often. Pretty much all of her decorations in her house either came from Goodwill or a yard sale. I have to tell you that she has done a very nice job and her house looks fantastic! I was pretty excited about meeting up with her even though we were meeting at 6:30am! The early bird gets the treasure and some treasures we did find! Let me tell you that Jenny once again found some great finds for her house. I know that she will be busy arranging all of her goodies throughout it today! My other sister Kelly came too. I think she did the best by finding a Vera Bradley pocketbook and wallet for only $10.00! What! We couldn't believe it! We didn't want to act over excited when we found it. We didn't want the lady to change her mind. We calmly purchased it and waited until we got to the car to let it all out:). I didn't do to bad with my purchases either. My best find was a really sweet baby quilt from Pottery Barn Kids. She was asking $15.00 for it but I got it for $10.00! Yeah!

I am a little sleepy now from all the early shopping, but am off to straighten up my house. Have a great Saturday!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Just Another Week

This week has been kind of a nice week for me. I worked a little but got off early every day! This gave me time to get some things done around the house. Nothing to fun though. Just a little cleaning and more unpacking:). We are settled in for the most part but still have some things we really don't know what to do with still around. Ugh! My goal this weekend is to get it all put away. Right now it is all in the baby's room and I would like to start thinking about getting his room ready. I am excited to report that I am now 28 weeks along and feeling terrific! I have a doctors appointment tomorrow for a check up and my glucose test. Oh, have I heard great things about this:)!!

Matt and I just got back from the Christian bookstore. I have to tell you that I am very excited about what I got. I got 2 books and both are written by my favorite authors. I have been wanting to start a new Bible study for my quiet time for a while now. Who do you think I chose? A Beth Moore, of course! Love her! I have done several of her studies but have never done "A Heart Like His". This is a study based on the life of David. I am so excited to dig into this new study. I also got a book written by Priscilla Shirer. What an awesome women of God she is! This book is called "And We Are Changed". I have heard her speak several times and have also participated in one of her Bible studies. She is the daughter of the well known speaker, Tony Evans. She is phenomenal! I will have to keep you all posted on what I am learning! I am excited about seeing what God has in store for me! Do you have a favorite Christian woman speaker/author? I would love to know so I can perhaps broaden my horizons and try some others out!

Have a great night!


Saturday, July 12, 2008

Sand Creations 2008

"Kung-Fu Panda" ~by my dad

Each year my family has loads of fun watching my dad create these sand creations. My brother in law, Shane has now jumped in on the action along with my brother, Steven. Check out what was created this year!

"Sponge Bob Square Pants" ~by Shane
A "Sea Horse" ~by my dad
"Carolina Panther" ~by Steven and Brittany

This creation got the most conversation going on the beach. Notice the score. This did not go over well with Matt or several people we have met who come down each year from Pittsburgh:)

Surfside Beach 2008

We just got back from my most favorite place in the whole wide world, Surfside Beach! This was our 18th year going to Surfside Beach with my family. We rent a condo which is right on the beach. For the past few years we have had to rent two condos because our family continues to grow! Next year will be no exception with the addition of our little boy! This year we had a total of 15 of us that went!

The weather was pretty good all week. I am definitely a beach bum so I like it very hot and very sunny. That was the case for most of the days. We did have one day of rain and a few pop up showers. All in all I can't complain!

Here is some of the gang hanging out under one of the tents. When it got a little hot, the shade cooled everyone off, well a little anyway:)! This is a picture of all my sisters along with my brother's girlfriend. We all stopped for a quick pose before hitting the ocean, laying out in the sun or taking a refreshing dip in the pool!
The beginning of the week was a little hard for my nephew Riley. Coming from a family who all love the water, it took him a little while to feel comfortable in the ocean. He wanted to hold your hand the whole time and you better not even think of letting him go even though we were only in ankle deep! By the end of the week with some practice and a little coaxing from his Uncle Matt, he ended up loving the ocean! The bigger the waves the better!

My grandparents have come with us each year which makes the trip even more special. We have made so many special memories together such as walks to the Surfside pier every day, multiple games of Skipbo, large family dinners, several trips to the Yum Yum shop, morning after morning of peanut doughnuts from Dunkin Doughnuts and spending hours on the beach laughing at all the inexperienced beach goers who chase their umbrellas down the beach when the slightest of wind picks up:)

Riley loved playing in the sand and spending time in the pool. He also found lots of enjoyment digging with his shovel and burying your feet!
Corban is already a beach bum! He would hit the beach as soon as he could in the morning and swim with anyone he could get to go in the ocean or pool with him. He also thought it was pretty cool when Uncle Matt found a really big shark tooth in the sand.
Corban even turned into a mermaid with the help of his dad, his aunts, his uncles and papa!
The game of choice this week to play on the beach was botchie ball. Every day multiple competitions were held. Everyone had loads of fun but I think my brother Steven walked away with the most wins!
When Saturday rolls back around we are all very sad. Now that we are all just a little sun kissed, a little salty from all the swimming and have sand just about everywhere, we can begin to count down the days until we all return next year for Surfside Beach 2009!

Friday, July 4, 2008

4th Of July Celebration!!

The 4th of July celebration in our community is one of my most favorite events! This is my third year being a part of all the fun! The events began last night and are all held right down the street from us in a near by park. It is so nice that it is so close to us!

We actually had my brother, his girlfriend and my sister over for a cookout before we went to the festival. We, well actually Matt, made delicious chicken and steak shish kabobs for us for dinner. We all ate until we were full and then headed to the park.

We all walked around for a while before stopping at the homemade ice cream stand. Matt LOVES homemade ice cream so it was a real treat.

One of the best things about going to the festival is that we see so many of our friends and people we know. It is fun running into everyone and catching up.

We all hung out for a while and waited until the fireworks started at 10:00. We all had a great time but knew we had to get up early for the big parade!!!

Allison and Kelly, my sisters, spent the night with us so they could be in the parade. We had to meet everyone at 7:00 in the morning to get everything ready. The parade is always such a big deal and loads of fun!

Matt works for Re/Max Excel in our community. They were a big sponsor in this years festivities. This was our float for the parade. They actually had a balloon basket on the float that would shoot flames up into the air! I thought it was pretty neat. We had boxes of candy to throw out to the crowd. It was so much fun! I had never been in a parade before!

At the end of the route we were all very hot and tired. We headed back to the house for a quick nap and then headed back to the park for some more fun with our friends Donnie and Courtney and their little guy Michael Dean. We hung out a while and then took a much deserved dip in the pool! How refreshing that was!

I think we are headed back to the park tonight for one more round of fireworks! We have had a great time celebrating July 4th, 2008!